Travelling Hours following Breast augmentation
How safe is it? A 10 years prospective study
Background: Safety, early recovery and minimal complications are some of the most
important contributing factors to the decision for aesthetic surgery. In our quest for
the most well tolerated breast augmentation(BA) technique in order for the patient to
be able to travel hours following surgery we introduced a combination of two
protocols related to a bloodless and quick surgical technique, and to a non-nausea
and vomiting anaesthesia.
Methods and Material: 1425 patient had a primary BA from September 2003 to
September 2013. We review the files of all of them in order to identify patients who
travelled the first 24 hours after the procedures. All patients all these years had been
provided with a form to evaluate: the exact time they travel immediately after the
operation, the type of transport, the exact duration of travelling, the postoperative
nausea and vomiting the first five days, the postoperative pain in a scale from 0 to 10,
the level of satisfaction, the surgical time was recorded.
Surgical technique:
All the operations were performed under general anesthesia
The dissection was performed using a unipolar foot-switching needlepoint
electrocautery forceps in the coagulation mode.
No drains, bandages, or straps were used
Anaesthetic Protocol
Intra operative medications: Propofol, Fentanyl, Remifentanyl, For antiemetic
protection were administered Ondansetron and Metoclopramide and Dexamethasone.
We identified 282 patients who travelled in less than 24 hours after the operation. All
patients travel safe to their home town. The mean time of travelling after the end of
the operation was 10.5 hours. The mean time of travelling was 5 hours. The mean
surgical time was 43 minutes (65-22min). The reports for nausea and vomiting were
in only 5 patients. The mean postoperative pain score was 4. 95% stated that they
were very pleased with their recovery and their results. The mean age of the patients
was 25 years old (35-18). 148 patients traveled by air, 143 by car, 22 by train and 5 by
boat. The longest flight was 5 hours and shortest flight was 20 minutes. No infection,
bleeding or Deep Venous Thrombosis were observed.
Conclusions: We believe that the atraumatic and quick surgical technique in
combination with an anaesthetic protocol which reduces the post-op vomiting and
nausea and a standard antithrombotic protocol are the most important factors to allow
a patient to travel safely back to their home, within hours following breast
Background If we can applied first a surgical technique which is bloodless and quick with no need for tubes and tight compression of the breast so we can reduce postoperative hematoma to zero and reduce the post op pain and ……….an anaesthetic protocol reducing the postoperative nausea and vomiting to almost zero……. Methods and Materials Surgical technique Anaesthetic protocol Induction with propofol. Pain control with Fentanyl and Remifentanyl Antiemetic Ontrasetron and Metoclopramide Patients with high risk for vomiting (eg. non smokers, history of dizziness) we use Dexamethasone Postoperative-prophylactic dose of Ondansetron 4-6 hours.


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