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Patent Pending
It’s All Natural
It’s Easy to Understand
And it works - GUARANTEED

Every product that claims to slow or stop hair loss does so by
attempting to do only one thing:
Increase blood flow to the scalp.
• Minoxidil based products – vaso dilation • Vibrating hair brush – scalp massage • Laser comb – skin stimulation Mag-Gro increases blood flow to the scalp by using a three-step process: • Compression of skin and hair follicles • Physical scalp massage & stimulation • Rotating magnetic field enhances blood flow Mag-Gro can increase blood flow better, faster and cheaper than any other product in use today. But Mag-Gro may do more then stop hair loss. Mag-Gro can also create a healthier scalp and better-looking hair in three additional ways: 1. Generate full size hair in bald areas 2. Increase hair oil for more softness and shine 3. Put color back into gray hair and prevent gray hair from forming Mag-Gro uses an all-natural process to achieve these results: no chemicals on your scalp and no hormones in your body. MAG-GRO MAKES SENSE

Mag-Gro is a massaging tool that stimulates blood flow in three ways:
1. Compression of the individual hair follicles by the specially
designed little fingers;
2. Massaging action of the roller while the user presses down
gently on the scalp
3. Four magnets are embedded in the roller. The poles are
opposing which draws blood back and forth through the capillaries.
Mag-Gro may help your scalp’s natural hair growth process in 4 ways:
• Increased blood flow through existing capillaries and/or • Stimulation of new capillary growth • Increased circulation and/or distribution of hair oil from the • Impact on the hair’s melanocyte cells which increases melanin into the hair shaft. This will decrease or eliminate existing gray hair and stop new gray hair from forming.
Mag-Gro should be used on a regular basis in order to maintain a
healthy head of hair. Just as you brush your teeth to make them look
better and last longer, so should you use Mag-Gro to make your scalp
and hair look and feel better

DIRECTIONS: Insert one or two fingers in each end of the roller. Place
the roller on your scalp. Gently guide the Roller back and forth over
the scalp.
The back and forth motion will cause the specially designed fingers to
press down on the scalp and the individual hair follicles. This tends to
stimulate activity in the hair follicle. You should begin to feel blood
flowing and a general tingling sensation in the scalp.
Press down gently as you roll Mag-Gro over the scalp. Do not allow the
roller to skid across the skin. In time you will be able to press down
more firmly.
Roll Mag-Gro over the entire scalp including the back of the head, the
sides of the head, the top, temples and even the forehead. Stimulate
the entire scalp.
The opposing magnets create a magnetic field around Mag-Gro. This
rotating magnetic field will further enhance blood flow to the hair
After rolling your scalp for 30-45 seconds the skin will appear pink and
a tingling sensation can be felt. This is an indication that blood is
returning to your scalp.
Try to use Mag-Gro at least once a day. Use it in the shower. Use it
during a commercial on TV. Keep one Mag-Gro in your desk at work,
or in your gym bag.
Use Mag-Gro as often as you like but let your scalp’s sensitivity be
your guide. The first time user should be careful not to over stimulate
the scalp or abrade the skin. At the same time, the more blood that
gets to the follicle, the better it is for your scalp and hair.
Make Mag-Gro part of your normal health maintenance routine:

• Wash your face, • Brush your teeth, and For a more detailed explanation please go to WARNING: Move Mag-Gro slowly and deliberately across the scalp.
DO NOT use a rapid motion. Press down on the roller only to tolerance.
Allow Mag-Gro to roll across the scalp. DO NOT cause the roller to
scrap or skid across the skin.
It is not possible to damage the scalp or cause discomfort unless you
press down too hard on the roller.
If you feel discomfort at any time,
STOP what you are doing immediately.
Wait a minute or two before continuing to use Mag-Gro. When you
continue, press down on the scalp with less force.
DO NOT have unrealistic expectations. Mag-Gro is an all-natural
process. If you are bald, Mag-Gro will not give you a full head of hair
overnight. Mag-Gro will, however, do more in the long run to improve
the condition of your hair and scalp then any other product on the
market today.

If Mag-Gro is used as directed at least once daily for 90
days, you are guaranteed to experience a healthier scalp and better
looking hair or you can request a full refund by calling
1 877 ROLL SCALP (765-5722)


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