Short Stories Anthology:
nthology of nine previously published and nine new stories. 2013. On Kindle, Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes and Noble. !
Short Stories:
The Shrine Tree
kive Magazine - Farewell, November 2013 oluted Tales, Vol.8 #7 August 2013 oluted Tales, Vol.8 #7 August 2013 kive Magazine - Erotica, December 2012 eyond Centauri Issue 22 October 2008 dnight in Hell Issue 1.2 August 2007 he Scruffy Dog Review Summer 2007 Issue 8 imson Highway July 2007 Editor: Cheryl kive Magazine June 2007 Guest Editor: he Wheel Winter 2006, Editor: Joan he Weather Man Best of the Skive Short Story Prize 2006 Anthology, Editor: Matthew Ward Website:
yrica eZine Spring 2006 Editor: Sharon Partington:
Honourable Mention in the Mainstream/Literary Short Story Category, 73rd Writer's Digest Competition ou Are Going Away Best of the Skive Short Story Prize 2005 Anthology, Editor: Matthew Ward Poems:
yrica eZine Winter 2006 Editor: Sharon gdrasil July 2005 Editor: Klaus Gerken gdrasil July 2005, Editor: Klaus Gerken verland Issue 176 Spring 2004, Poetry !
(2007) Communicating with Animals: A Beginner's Guide to Interspecies
Telepathic Communication. Author: Karen Bayly. Publisher: www.
1-0-1publishing.co.uk !
Ghostblogger (2007) US Birds and Women’s Health for Nature’s Secret’s
Popular Press
“It's time to lavish praise on the whitegoods in your life” in Heckler. Published: October 29, 2007. Author: Karen Bayly. Publisher: Sydney Morning Herald. “Hello Cocky!” Published 1999. Australian Association of Bush Regenerators Newsletter March 63:10-11. Author: Karen Bayly. “The Australian Bird Study Association.” Published: 1999. Australian Wildlife 36(2):32-35. Authors: Bayly, K. L., Boddington, S., Cam, A., Cam, G., Farrell, J., Fry, G., Geering, D., and Lane, S. G. “Greenies not gloom spreaders” in Letters to the Editor. Published: January 27, 1996. Author: Karen Bayly. Publisher: Sydney Morning Herald. “How Do You Love?” in Single Life. Published: Issue 63, August, 1994. Author: Karen Bayly (writing under the pseudonym “Sharon Stedman”). Publisher: Powson Pty Ltd. “Washing Day Blues” in What Worries Me. Published: March 1, 1993. Author: Karen Bayly. Publisher: Sydney Morning Herald. !
Academic Press
Bayly, K.L., Evans, C. S. and Taylor, A. (2006) Measuring social structure: A comparison of eight dominance indices. Behavioural Processes 73: 1-12. Bayly, K.L. and Evans, C. S. (2003) Dynamic changes in alarm call structure: a strategy for reducing conspicuousness to avian predators? Behaviour 140(3):353-369. Bayly, K. L. and Blumstein, D. T. (2001) Pied Currawongs and the decline of native birds. Emu 101(3): 199-204. Bayly, K. L. (1999) Observations of behaviour of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos Cacatua galerita in suburban Sydney, Corella 23(1):11-15. !
Macquarie University
• Doctor of Philosophy awarded 26 April 2005. Area of Research: Behavioural Ecology/Zoology. Thesis titled “Determinants of male mating success in stable social groups: an observational study with fowl, Gallus gallus”. • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from Macquarie • Certificate in Professional Screenwriting. Australian College of Journalism / Open Colleges. 2013. Tutor: Harvey Shore. • Feature writing for magazines and newspapers - Stage 1. Australian Writers' Centre 2010. Tutor: Valerie Khoo. • Writing Skills - Australian Progressive Business College. 1990.

Source: http://www.karenbayly.com/CVs/KarenBayly_Publications.pdf


  FACULTY ARTISTS Jason Carson, Middle School Choir Choir Director, Foster High School; Launched choir program at Pin Oak Middle School (2003); Bachelor of Music degree, Baylor University and Master of Music in Choral Conducting, Louisiana State University; Member of the Texas Music Educators Association, Texas Choral Directors Association, American Choral Directors Association, Mus


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