A Service of
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
Outpatient Rehab Services
What You Should Know
Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System’s (SCVHHS)
Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic is located at 2400 Moorpark
Avenue in Suite 100. The purpose of our outpatient clinic is to
provide care specific to our patients’ rehabilitation needs,
including equipment evaluation, social services, and education.
Your Family Doctor
A family doctor is important in your overall physical health, even
though you may see a Physiatrist (rehabilitation doctor) regularly.
Your family doctor should treat all of your general medicine con-
ditions and illnesses.
Directions and Transportation
Clinic Schedule and Information
What to Expect
What to Bring
Prescription Refill Policy
For More Information…
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic
2400 Moorpark Ave, San Jose
From 880/17 Southbound:
Take the West San Carlos Street exit
off of I-880 and follow the exit sign toward West San Carlos.
Proceed to South Bascom Avenue and turn right. Then turn right
again on Moorpark Avenue.
From 880/17 Northbound: Take the Hamilton exit off of I-880.
Go left and then right on to Hamilton Avenue. Turn left on South
Bascom Avenue. Turn Left on Moorpark Avenue.
From 280 Southbound: Take the Winchester Boulevard exit off of
I-280. Make an immediate left turn on Moorpark Avenue.
From 280 Northbound: Take the Bascom/Leigh exit off of I-280.
Turn left on South Bascom Avenue, then turn right on Moorpark
If you use medical transport, please arrange an open-ended visit.
We will be happy to call to have you picked up. You must provide
your own transportation to and from the clinic. Limited parking
is provided in the lower level parking lot for patients who have a
disability license plate or handicapped placard.
Clinic Schedule and Information
1. Rehabilitation clinics are held several times each week.
Call the clinic at (408) 885-5920 or (800) 314-4611, between8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, to scheduleappointments.
2. Usually the entire clinic process will take between one and two hours. However, if x-rays, lab tests and/or specialprocedures are necessary, or if a particularly difficult problemexists, this time could be extended. It is advisable to bringyour lunch or have money to purchase food in the nearbycafe.
3. In general, to get the best selection of appointment dates and times, please make your appointments at least two months inadvance. Specific times are set aside for each patient. If youare unable to keep an appointment, please call the clinic toreschedule. If you are scheduled for more than one appoint-ment on the same day (for example PM&R and Urology), it isvery important to keep these appointments since it is difficultto reschedule them all on the same day. If you must cancel,please notify each of these clinics well in advance.
4. The Rehabilitation Clinic is available only by advance appointment. If an emergency arises, seek immediate care inthe Emergency Room of your nearest hospital. In this event,please inform the Emergency Room personnel that you are anongoing rehabilitation patient at Santa Clara Valley MedicalCenter.
What to Expect
1. Resource persons available to you will include a Board Certified Rehabilitation Physician, Urologist, or NursePractitioner. They will spend some time with you to reviewyour present status, make recommendations, and help youwith any problems you would like to discuss.
2. Prescriptions may be written for medications, supplies, 3. Referrals may be made for psychological, social, or sexual counseling as well as home nursing services, therapies, orvocational rehabilitation counseling.
4. You will be given a return appointment as needed at this time.
Please do not leave the clinic until you have received youridentification card from the discharge personnel, renewedprescriptions, and/or any paperwork you have requested.
Note: Please have your pharmacy fax the clinic 5-7 working daysin advance to refill supplies and prescriptions. Fax: (408) 885-4728 We hope that you will take advantage of what our clinic has to offer. Our goal is to provide you with a pleasant satisfying experience.
What to Bring
1. Your hospital and/or clinic identification card is required for outpatient services, pharmacy, central supply, lab, x-ray, etc.
Make sure your identification card is up to date. All patientsneed to register at the front registration desk at the beginningof each visit.
2. Your current Medi-Cal card or insurance information is 3. Please bring your medicine bottles or a list of medications and supplies for which you will need prescriptions. Also,the doctor will need the names and dosages for all the othermedications you are taking.
4. Any adaptive equipment which needs adjustment or replace- ment, or for which you need training to use, such as splints,braces, corsets, etc. will need to be brought to your appoint-ment for the doctor to assess your current needs.
5. Any mobility equipment which needs repair or replacement such as your wheelchair, cushion, braces, etc. should also bebrought with you.
6. Bring any forms (and duplicates) you need completed by the physician for insurance, disability, or referrals to otheragencies.
7. Please have a list of questions that you would like answered, information you want, and problems that you want to talkabout.
Prescription Refill Policy
1. One week before you run out of medication, call your phar- macy and tell them you need a refill.
2. Your pharmacy will fax your refill request to the Rehab Clinic.
3. Please do not call the Rehab Clinic directly! 4. The Rehab Clinic will process the refill request from Special Clinics
Spasticity Clinic
Patients with difficult-to-manage spasticity are seen in this clinic.
Treatment can include stretching programs, adjustment in med-
ications, nerve blocks, botulinum toxin injections, serial casting,
and evaluation for intrathecal baclofen pump. Other needs such as
wheelchairs and equipment issues can be evaluated. It is held
twice a month and is staffed by physicians, a physical therapist,
and an occupational therapist.
Upper Extremity/Tendon Transfer Clinic
People with tetraplegia, with weak or absent muscles in the arm or
hand, may benefit from surgery that transfers tendons from
stronger muscles in order to improve strength and dexterity.
Acceptable candidates will be required to participate in an intense
rehabilitation program to optimize the functional outcome. A
hand surgeon, a rehabilitation physician, and an occupational
therapist specializing in SCI staff the clinic.
Women with Disabilities Clinic
This clinic deals with issues specific to women with disabilities.
Two “universally” accessible examination tables are available. Staff
are knowledgeable about women’s health care and disability-spe-
cific issues. A physiatrist, nurse practitioner, and medical assistant
staff the clinic.
For More Information
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center - Outpatient Services
General Phone: 408-885-5920
Toll Free: 800-314-4611
Fax: 408-885-4728
Clinic hours are: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday
Mailing Address:
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic
2400 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 100
San Jose, CA 95128
The Rehabilitation Research Center
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
751 South Bascom Avenue
San Jose, CA 95128
Phone: 408-793-6433 or 800-352-1956Fax: 408-793-6434 Partial funding by grants from theNational Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR),Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS),U.S. Department of Education. Updated 08.03 C10

Source: http://jwright.best.vwh.net/pdf/outpt-03.pdf

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