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What are negative ions? The ions are the atoms that have lost or acquired electrical charge. Are generated naturally from the breakdown of molecules caused by the action of sunlight, radiation, winds and tides. Those who have acquired electrical charge are called negative ions, while those who have lost this position are called positive ions. Negative ions are also called “good ions” because of their beneficial effects on mood, energy, libido and well-being of people. Manufacturers of natural negative ions are waterfalls, mountains, beaches or thunderstorms. These atoms can help to improve the quality of sleep, appetite and speeds up the steps of physical recovery. The analyzed air near waterfalls, beaches, mountains or after a storm has concentrations of hundreds of thousands of negative ions per cubic centimeter. More than 5,000 scientific research has shown that high amounts of negative ions have beneficial effects, and that, on the contrary, an excess of positive ions in the air produces negative effects on health. A group of Russian researchers were among the first to believe in the benefits of treatment with negative ions for those who suffer from asthma, bronchitis and respiratory problems. The research results confirm that the negatively charged ions have positive effects on all living organisms: plants, for example, grow healthier and faster than humans and are more attentive and more relaxing. • They act on the ability to absorb and utilize oxygen. The negative ions, in the blood flow, accelerate the release of oxygen to cells and tissues. • They accelerate the oxidation of serotonin (hydroxytryptamine). It is shown that the beneficial effects on mood are reflected, on the perception of pain and sexuality. • The ionizer are often used as an alternative to antidepressants, such as Prozac. Negative ions therapy The ions are particles with electric charge, either positive or negative, that are located in the air. These particles are formed in nature as a result of many factors: for example, the action of the waves crashing on the coast creates a high number of negatively charged ions, and this could be the reason why we feel a sense of well being when we find ourselves at the sea. In contrast, exposure to electrical devices, and other sources of positive ions can be harmful to the organism. Currently we do not know the percentage of the population sensitive to the ionization of the air. The latest research has shown that the positively charged ions are harmful to health. The unfavorable interaction between humans and positive ions has always existed. Ancient folk beliefs attributed evil effects to certain seasonal winds, the scientists now know that these are the effects of positive ions. Although the negative ions are produced in nature, most people live in areas where the presence of these ions is very poor. An effective remedy for those who want to neutralize exposure to positive ions is a negative ion generator. The ionized air helps fight allergies. Research suggests that some allergens such as dust and pollen, have a positive electrical charge and negative ions in the respiratory tissues will counteract the allergic action. Other beneficial effects are also on the respiratory system. Doctors report that, despite the varying responses, usually negative ions produce positive effects and that many patients with respiratory allergies have found a real improvement. Different patients have confirmed a considerable relief from allergies after the therapy based on negative ions. The ionized air has been used in the following cases: • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease References 1. Gualtierotti R, Solimene U, Tonoli D. Ionized air respiratory rehabilitation technics. Minerva Medica 1977;68:3383–9. 2. Jones DP, O’Connor SA, Collins JV, et al. Effect of long-term ionized air treatment on patients with bronchial asthma. Thorax 1976; 31(4):428–32. 3. JG Llaurado, A Sances, JH Battocletti. Biologic and Clinical Effects of Low-Frequency Magnetic and Electric Fields Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas, 1974. 4. CC Thomas, 1973 [review].2. Fred Soyka and Alan Edmonds. The Ion Effect. Bantam, 1977 [review]. 5. Jonathan V Wright, MD, corrispondenza personale. Sources of reference on negative ions: Soyka, Fred, “THE ION EFFECT” E.P.Dutton & Co., Inc., New York, l977. Illustrates the effects of negative ions on the human body. A book dedicated entirely to the effects of the ions. Zamm, Alfred V., “WHY YOUR HOUSE MAY ENDANGER YOUR HEALTH “, Simon and Shuster, l980, Chapter 4. Studies on the effects of negative ions. Michael J. Norden, MD , “BEYOND PROZAC”. Regan Books, Harper Collins Publishers, l995, Chapter 8. Information on the effects of positive ions and negative effects on the body and mood


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