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Specific diet is a concept applicable in essential nutritional substances and/ or The products included in specific nourishment programs must be insertet in a hypocaloric and hypoglucidic food project (modulo) varied according to different needs. The instruction of each modulo is given.
The products have been chosen for their sweet taste. We have selected three choices : Modulo 1 Modulo 2 Modulo 3
The proteic products present in each box fulfill the full lipolytic module. Offering three different varieties allows the patients to diversify the flavours switching high biological utility and satisfy the amino acidic requirements.
specific micronutritionalmanagement to supply the micronourishments that are needed for the treatment of eachphysiological condition.
Nowadays we sometimes have a co-existence of obesity and nutritional deficiency This new formulation is interesting news fordoctors and… It makes it easier for doctors prescribing this diet for the first time, who don’t havefamiliarity with this program It helps doctors familiar with the program to prescribe only one box. In the box patients find two products for each day for a treatment spanning two weeks.
It allows the doctor to enrich and better the service provided, giving a more complete overall picture, helping keep patient’s ideal weight and improving overall nutritionalbalance thus preventing other diseases. The doctor will not only be able to check the patient’s weight problem but will be ableto ensure correct nutritional values It provides an alternative for the patients who are free to choose from the differentflavours. (The flavours have been chosen taking into account the most appreciated) It makes the program easier and less complicated for the patients Benefits will multiply and patients will be totally satisfied. Patients that do not have weight problems but are nutritionally out of balance can find a solution to their problem in this diet Must be followed under the supervision
of a physician
In case of family predisposition for
It’s a good rule to plan a diet able to limit weight and supply the body with nutritional elements for the prevention and/or treatment of the first step of the Some examples of physiological
„ Increased nutritional requirements of Critical moments for the
micro-macronutritional supplements specific for bettering synthesis of plastic structures of the organism, of neuromediators or hormones.
„ Protein diet together with carbohydrate balance contributes, variable according toneed, to increase lipolysis because of the positive feedback of glucagone and GH. „ micronutritional integration guarantees correct intake of potassium and manyvitamins which are useful during weightloss. „ (Probiotics, Potassium, multivitaminic- Accumulation of adipose tissue regionally distributed originate and are positioned according to hormonal influence. Most frequently affected regions are gluteus thigh and trochanteric area in women and the abdomen in men.
CelluliteDegenerative Lipodistrophy involving adipose tissue and epidermisRelated to phenomena of venous and blood microstasis.
Localised adipose and cellulite are two separate entities which often co-exist Lipolytic diet
Reduction of cellulite
Reduction of localised adipose
Procyanidolic oligomers
controlling blood viscosity and inflammation of blood vessels, and the proteic diet at low carbohydratecontent, allow control over weight, allow correct functioning of the cardiovascular system Cardiovascular diseases are the most important cause of death, disease and invalidity in the italianpopulation.
The most important risk factors are: hypertension, dislipidemy, hyperglycemia, smoking, obesity, sedentarityand stress.
Often obesity or simply being, especially if positioned in the abdomen, can determine the appearance of other risk factors (see diagram) this is the reason for keeping to the correct weight Risk factors
Risk factor
Diminuzione della
Decrease of peripheric
Risk factor
sensibilità all’insulina
glucose elimination
Lipolytic diet
Localised adipose reduction
Risk Factor
Optimizes receptorial activity of the membrane Antioxydant
Antiradical activity
proteinic diet together with vitaminic-mineral supplements specific for the growth period allow control of weightrespecting physiological mechanismof the development of the body.
(Probiotics, Multivitaminic multimineral, In Europe 1 child in 5 in schooling age (14 million) is overweight. And thisnumber grows of 400000 each yearItaly is one of the most affected nations : more than 30% of children between 7 and 11 years of age are overweight and 10% are obese.
In adolescents between 13 and 17 years of age, the percentage of overweightadolescents is of 22%, obesity of 5%.
Lipolytic diet
Reduction of weight
(except module 1)
•anti-infiammatory function•Prevention of cardiovascular • Strenghthening neuronal membranes(increasing learning potential) „ Maintenance of lean mass, guaranteed by the proteic intake and the supplementationof potassium, magnesium and branchedaminoacids ensured by appropriate nutritional complements make this kit able tosatisfy requirements of intense and/or prolongued physical activity.
„ (Probiotic, Multivitaminic-multimineral, An athlete’s diet must be able to provide for the organism’s Constant training requires the following intakes: -Carbohydrates: main energy source especially in case of sports requiring intense but short lastingphysical activity- Fats (including unsaturated): energetic substrate used up especially during moderate intensity but long lasting.
- Proteins (high biological value): necessary to repair microlesions and increase or maintain the muscles.
Water and electrolytes: help maintain hydration andhydro-saline balance.
Minerals and vitamins: intake of vitamins and oligo-elements è is important to maintain unaltered cellulare and physiological function (important also for antioxydant activity) Proteic integration
glucido-proteic complex
multimineral complex
„ Micronutritional intake of phytoestrogens and the lipolytic stimulus induced by the proteic diet, keep the correct lean mass and help to reduce undesired effects of menopause.*(in the case of men the presence of phytosterols in substitution of phytoestrogens help regulate prostaticfunction) „ (Probiotics, Multivitaminic-multimineral, Menopause and andropause represent a critical time in the life of an individualThere is an upset of the hormonal balance during this time Phytoestrogens
• neurovegetative Distonia (heat rash, mood changes) Phytosterols
• Lowering psycho-physical performance• Prostatic hypertrophy Lipolytic diet
Reduction of localised adiposity
intake involved in the process di ossification represent a complementary dietary treatment withspecial attention to osteoporoticphenomena.
Maintenance of the skeletal mass is ensured by a series of reabsorption prosesses and tissue formation, regulated by the calciumtropic hormones (PTH e calcitonina) and sexual (estrogens, androgens) and influenced by various factors that present a different intensityAs age increases. The speed at which bone tissue is lost is influenced by age and, in womenAlso by menopause.
Lipolytic diet
Reduction of weight
Vitamin D
Preservation of the mineral part of the bone tissue antioxydants , together with a toningprotein diet, gives a real help in protecting skin tissue fromenvironmental aggression and maintenance and/or renewal of skin. „ (Probiotic, mulivitaminic complex and Loss of skin tone and oxydative stress are the main enemies of our skin Lipolytic diet
Reduction of localised adipose
Vitamins of group B, Zinc,
β-carotene and vitamin E
Represent the specific nutritional elementsInvolved in protecting skin tissue.
„ The toning action of the protein intake and the antiooxydant effect of the micronutrizional complementation, renew the plasticity of tissues and contrast the process of ageing.
„ (Probiotics, multivitaminic complex and When physico-chemical agents of the environment are added to the ageing processIt is necessary to reinforce our defenses Lipolytic diet
Reduction of localised adipose tissue
Borage oil, Zinc, Selenium, manganese
Poliphenols, seaweed extract
(inductor of antistess protein
Represent the specific nutritional elements The diet program of correct balance Rich in soia proteins (lisine/arginine <1) Oligoelements which take part in theinsulinemica regulation Antioxydant activity, protects from thrombosis The re-balancing of glucids and lipids is a powerful means of prevention of
metabolic syndrome which is usually a starter of
serious metabolic and cardiovascular disorders
Treatment with Metabolisme must be associated with a diet inspired by the typical diet of Crete Permealine is a new solution to the absence of digestive and intestinal comfort Rich in frutto-oligosaccharydes Which encourage bifidobacteria present in the Intestinale flora (important for protection of the Mucous membrane of the colon Rich in arginine e glutamine which improve intestinal funcion Help maintain the integrity of the mucous membrane And help cell renewal of the intestine Re-balance of intestin is vital to dietary tollerance
The permeabilité program must be associate to a diet inspired by typical diet of the People of Crete, diversifiedand well balanced preferring white meats, mushrooms, peas etc.
Program to regulate the physiological function of behaviour Intake of lactoalbumine,protein source rich in triptophane, precursor of the neurotransmittor “of tranquillity”: serotonin The use of 5HT is recommended associated with a diet poor of neutralAminoacids (valine, isoleucine, leucine) tipical of vegetarian diets Revitalising Program recommended for people with a Fills proteic- energetic deficit
Reinforces antioxidant defences
Stimulates psycho-physical activity
Program which encourages formation of bone tissue and limits bone loss Neutralize acidity
Stimulate osteoblasts
Limit effects of lack of
Antioxydant factors
Stimulation of bone texture
Eat alkalising foods such as: legumes, vegetables Mineralisation of bone
Limit: NaCl, alcool, cafè, tabacco Vit A


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