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Vol. 1 No. 3
Isra University Hospitals: selfless effort
for quality services
Isra University Hospital, Hyderabad Health Facilities:
started operations in 1997, as an Isra University Hospital (IUH) prides in Semi-Private Ward: Two patients share
integrated, healthcare delivery component providing the most modern facilities for the same room with attached common of Isra University. It is a private teaching healthcare of patients. The facilities bathroom. One attendant is allowed with institution committed to providing quality provided include well-equipped clinics, each patient. and satisfying healthcare in all fields of diagnostic equipment, pathology Private Ward: Isolated single room with
medicine and surgery at affordable price laboratory, day-care surgery, optical shop, attached bathroom is provided along with through services of experienced and pharmacy, and computerized record a bed for attendant. A separate wardrobe keeping. IUH is furnished with four is also available in this room.
of-the-art equipment and paraphernalia
that are among the best in the region.
Quality care at subsidized rates is
available to all the patients who choose to
come to Isra University Welfare Hospital
(IUWH). Isra Patient Welfare Fund, an
independent setup operated by well-
wishers of Isra, further subsidizes the
needy patients. Besides this, 50 beds of the
300 in the IUWH are reserved as
absolutely free beds. A patient admitted to
these beds, does not pay any thing from
pre-admission till discharge. All he
investigations, medication and surgical
procedures involved during the treatment operation theaters that are equipped with Reception: All the information regarding
are absolutely free to him or her.
state-of-art-the surgical and monitoring the appointments, billing, patient record The Hospital has received recognition facilities and supported by a superb filing, OT reservation, admission and
from Pakistan Medical and Dental recovery room facility equipped with discharge is handled by the information
Council (PMDC) for undergraduate high-tech monitoring, central suction and desk.
teaching and house job training. The oxygen delivery services. Recently Emergency Area: This area is fully
Hospital is also recognized by the College cardiac bypass facility was launched in the equipped with minor O.T, advanced
of Physicians & Surgeons (CPSP) for Hospital.
resuscitation trolley with defibrillator, t r a i n i n g f o r F e l l o w s h i p s a n d In-Patient Department: A total of 300 monitors for criticial patients, isolated
Memberships in various disciplines.
private air-conditioned rooms, general suction machine and central oxygen and The center is manned by the following:
wards and special care beds in ICU, CCU plaster room. It provides 24 hour Ghulamqadir Kazi, Chancellor Isra and NICU are available. University, Abdul Ghani Kazi, Director General Ward: There are separate male Cardiac Care Unit (CCU): Four rooms
Isra University Hospital.
and female wards. Each ward is divided fully equipped with routine as well as into blocks that accommodate four to six Isra Islamic Foundation Projects
Educational Programs
Health Welfare Programs
Isra Quran Academy
Isra University, Hyderabad; Isra Isra University Hospital, Isra University Isra Quran Fahmi Program, Isra Ta’leemul Postgraduate Institute of Ophthalmology, Welfare Hospital, Hyderabad Karachi; Isra School of Nursing, Isra Isra Blindness Control Program School of Paramedics, Isra Schools Isra General Medical & Surgical Camps, Support ProgramNetwork: Hyderabad & Nasarpur.
Who is Who in the Foundation
Prof. Dr. Ghulam Husain seismic risk and development of seismic Editorial
Siddiqi, Secretary General of design criteria for buildings, and extreme Isra Islamic Foundation (IIF) value analysis for development of design is a civil engineer with more wind speed over a region. He is winner of than 40 years of experience in engineering "meritorious technical paper" award and practice, teaching and supervising theses "noteworthy contribution to civil at the under-graduate and post-graduate engineering" award from ASCE. His more that does not want to be static so we do levels, and research and development not than 20 technical papers have been not only look at the past but also at the only in Pakistan, but also in the United published in international journals. He is States, Libya and Saudi Arabia. He held fellow of Institute of Engineers, Pakistan, senior teaching positions in NED member of ASCE and ACI and founder will be presented the future projects of Fateh University, Libya and King Saud in several projects on distress evaluation University, Riyadh. He taught engineering and rehabilitation of concrete structures. at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas. Besides IIF, he was involved in several He is specialized in the field of other social welfare, healthcare and computational methods for analysis and educational organizations in various design of regular, institutional and sports capacities on voluntary basis. Presently, structures in reinforced concrete, masonry he is holding the position of controller of and steel; forensic engineering and examination and director research, retrofitting of structures; seismic design of extension and advisory services in Isra buildings; and analysis and design of University and also is a member of the transmission towers. He has expertise in board of director of the Foundation.
building design criteria, and evaluation of enhancing the faculty and student participation at the national and international forum.
Isra University and Isra University Hospital achieved some of the Phaconit: a technique
Fractured Nose Rectified
performed by an Indian Doctor
At Isra University Hospital Dr. Amar hospital with broken nose which got various institutions. In this Newsletter Agarwal the world renowned eye surgeon crushed in a tragic accident. In the hospital demonstrated a new technique “Phaconit” he was treated by a general practitioner used for cataract surgery. He completed and he was discharged after regaining consciousness. However, the stitches would not abate which looked strange on his face. He was brought to Isra University and Dr. Wasiullah Khan, an ENT specialist cleaner on a truck. He recovered rapidly two days later. He went on to continue his job. On the occasion the doctor said that in the procedure in ten minutes. It was such cases one should be very careful and followed by a seminar on the technique. s h o u l d i m m e d i a t e l y r e f e r s u c h The seminar generated great interest complicated cases to experienced plastic among the participants and there was a surgeons.
prolonged healthy discussion on the new technique. Dr. Agarwal also told the secrets of the technique to the audience. Dr. Agarwal is author of fifteen books on For correspondence
various topics related to ophthalmology.
By Dr. Abdul Ghani Kazi
Director, Isra University Hospital
Caffeine is commonly present in tea, cold ulcer or fibrocystic disease should limit loose motion, excessive sweating and drink, chocolate and coffee. Taken in himself to two cups of instant coffee or panic attack.
small amounts, caffeine can in fact be four cups of tea or two cans of cola drink in Harmless as it might seem, caffeine in tea, beneficial. It increases intellectual a day. Same recommendation applies to coffee, cola drinks and chocolate can be performance and concentration at times of females, who are pregnant, breast feeding quite addicting. If one abruptly cuts back tiredness. A cup of tea, as a first thing in the and taking oral contraceptive pills. on intake of caffeine, one may experience morning or after a big meal, can improve alertness. One to three milligrams of However, if you consume more than three fatigue, and difficulty in concentrating. caffeine per kilogram of body weight, in milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of However, such symptoms last for two to twenty four hours, is reported to increase body weight in any form within two hours, five days only and can be avoided by vigilance and clarity of mind. Caffeine most likely you will end up having gradually cutting back 25 percent of the also seems to enhance the effect of pain palpitation, griping pain in the tummy, Caffeine Contents
hours can lead to hypertension, increased heart rate, gastric ulcers in general and female in particular. It is also suggested that tea or coffee, kept warm for several hours increase the level of cholesterol in the body, while the freshly prepared tea or A person already suffering from irregular heart beat, high blood pressure, gastric NANOPROBE: a novel technology of analysis
Prof. Fayyaz Ahmed Kazi
Project Director, Isra Schools
Nanoprobe can detect and analyse light shows vibration energies, which are Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).
chemicals, explosives, drugs and more unique to each compound allowing
at a theoretical single-molecule level, scientists to identify the substance. With Normally Surface-Enhanced Raman
making it far more selective and the SERS Nanoprobe, the laser light on Scattering analysis of samples on a surface
a c c u r a t e t h a n c o n v e n t i o n a l impinging upon the silver nanoparticles requires modification or treatment of the
(in the form of an extremely thin coating sample. This may consist of physically over the tip of an optical fibre) creates removing the sample and diluting it in a Nanoprobe is an optical fibre which is rapid oscillations of the electrons which liquid containing silver nanoparticles; tapered to a tip measuring 100 nanometers produce an enormous electromagnetic however, this practice is unnecessary with with an extremely thin coating of field that contributes to increase the the ORNL Nanoprobe.
nanoparticles of silver, which induce the Raman Scattering signal.
Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering “The significance of this work is that we could lead to increasing interest in SERS (SERS) effect.
are now able to perform direct analysis of as an ultrasensitive detection tool, samples - even dry samples - with no allowing direct analysis of samples for a Normally, when a sample is illuminated preparation of the surface” said Tuan Vo- wide variety of applications, ranging from by a laser beam there is a small reflection Dinh, who leads a team that developed the environmental monitoring to intracellular of light, known as Raman Scattering. The Alumni Corner
Graduates of Computer &
Graduates of Management
Graduate Achievement
Management Sciences
U n i v e r s i t y a p p e a r e d i n F C P S - I e x a m i n a t i o n a n d w e r e d e c l a r e d successful. Out of these four students got Graduates of Computer &
Management Sciences-BCS-
Graduates of Bachelor of
Medical Technology (MT)
D r . S a j j a d K a z i g o t admission in the first Health Care Management Program Note: Isra University wants to bring its alumni closer to the University by
developing site for regular updates of addresses and other relevant information. Kindly give your registration number. If you have any suggestions or comments, Karachi. He is the youngest among twenty please feel free to contact Dr. Sajida on We wish you a very bright future. Please keep us updated with your email and address.
Faculty Participation at International & National Level
labour” organized by Liaquat University Reproductive Health Conference in International Conference on Research of Medical & Health Sciences (LUMHS) Lahore. Dr. Javed Iqbal Memon, “Psychosocial Risk Factors of Suicidal A s s i s t a n t P r o f e s s o r , Attempt” in an International Congress on Department of Medicine Psychology in China.
Reproductive Health Conference in “Burden of Asthma” organized by Lahore. University News
Workshop on
Sexual Issues: Institutionalization into
Existing Services in Isra University Hospital
A three day workshop on sexual health Sikander said. In the session themes and was held at Isra University Hospital. This Concepts of Sexual Health (the protocol on vaginal discharge was workshop was based on a series of exploration of values behind the desire to discussed and the gaps in the protocol presentations, participatory discussions, act or not to act) and control, behaviors, were identified. In monitoring and group exercise, and demonstrations thoughts, feelings, expression of thoughts, aimed at introducing participants to the safe behaviors, concept of comfort, institutionalization of sexual health holistic concept of sexual health. The enjoyment and respect were discussed. He services into the scope of work of Isra objective of the seminar was to increase also talked on the model of empowerment University were discussed.
awareness, knowledge and skills needed in which he stressed upon the need of to implement sexual health in clinical confidence. He explained that confidence Dr. Humera briefly discussed the multiple services within existing health services. b u i l d i n g d e p e n d s o n t h e s o c i a l issues and concepts within sexual health This workshop explored the pertinent constrictions of an individual. The barriers and expressed her satisfaction with the concepts, attitudes, and themes that are to sexual health were discussed in this way the workshop redefined sexual health essential to understanding of the multiple context.
as a holistic concept rather than just the dimensions of sexual health. Dr. Sikander, health advisor at Aahang (NGO) in Session two mainly focused on the Infections (STIs).
Karachi, working on the issue of sexual development of communication and health of women and adolescents since counseling skills. The female participants At the end, Dr. Sikander recommended 1995 facilitated the sessions. were shown the movie on taking a pelvic that doctors should integrate sexual examination. history into their patient records. Isra In the first session the facilitator stressed University should open a separate clinic that the doctor has to be comfortable with Third session on guideline development for (STIs). One of the participants from his/her own sexuality and sensuality if was divided into two sections: Regional this workshop should sit there at least once he/she wants to effectively communicate Training Institute for family planning & a week. Isra University will advertise this with his/her patient. Exercises on self- S e x u a l l y Tr a n s m i t t e d I n f e c t i o n s clinic and offer free consultation services. esteem, body image, sexual development, (RTIs/STIs) and monitoring and and gender equality contributed to the evaluation. This session was linked to the development of self-comfort, Dr. themes and techniques of taking a sexual Seminar on
Research Methods & Ethics in Animal Experimentation
The issues of flexible training and added that the researcher at this stage most disciplines.
working at all stages of doctor's and needs to keep in mind that the proposal He stressed upon the audience that they teacher's career are important and are should be relevant to the research, should avoid empty/senseless generalities developing more rapidly. Keeping this in academic and social background and in and use specific language as far as view Isra University organized a seminar concordance with policy issues. A possible.
in October 2004. The theme of one day research proposal is like selling seminar was “writing research proposal something, he concluded. Addressing the Dr. A. G Arejo spoke on “ethics in human and ethical issues”. It was attended by participants he said that a good proposal and animal experimentation” in which he doctors, postgraduate and undergraduate needs to be: students. Professor Dr. M. Iqbal Bhanger, laboratory and ethical approaches to its use. In his presentation he informed that Analytical Chemistry and Dr. A. G. Arejo the Animal Welfare Act was first approved Jam were the speakers. The first paper “art of writing a good research proposal” was Ÿ In compliance with the guidelines delivered by Prof. Iqbal Bhanger. He Ÿ Written for the appropriate audience stimulate debate and ensured participants explained that conceptual innovation, Ÿ A reflection of competency and to gain a clear understanding of the need to methodological rigor, rich substantive Professionalism develop projects and practical solutions to content, attracting reader's attention are Ÿ Suitable for conducting research in the increase the self efficacy. the merits of a good research proposal. He University News
Valediction dinner at Isra
Isra Student: a life long learner
On 14 October 2004 a Farewell Party was arranged by female students of Fourth Year MBBS (4F Batch) in the honour of their senior Batch (3F Batch).
Final Year MBBS Students
Fourth Year MBBS Students
Participated in Fourth Annual
Participated Fifth Chandka
Chancellor, directors, as well as all the Congress of Pakistan Society of
Medical College (CMC)
Hepatology Held on 3-4 September
Symposium 2004
under the supervision of Dr. Sadik Memon under the supervision of Dr. Sadiq Memon of Pakistan Society of Hepatology at Hotel lecture on “HEPATIC HYDROTHORA” Pearl Continental, Karachi. Many national Asadullah Kazi (Vice Chancellor) and Dr. Abdul Ghani Kazi (Director Isra Hospital) chronic HCV infected patients”. Sarfaraz admired the efforts put in by the students M e m o n p r e s e n t a t i o n r e c e i v e d All the students were awarded certificates meal. At the end participants were given members of organizing committee appreciated the student participation.
Faculty Research Publications
Workshops were held on different aspects fibrosis: a study of 250 cases” by Dr. Usha at the Isra University to strengthen skills Isaac, Associate Professor, Pathology of its faculty and foster the development. Department published in Medical Channel.
Isra University organized a workshop on “ R e s e a r c h M e t h o d o l o g y ” . D r . A Research Paper on “Attrition in medical Laeequzzaman from Karachi was the college: Experience at Ziauddin Medical University in Pakistan” by Dr. Sajida Agha, Assistant Professor, Medical Mr. Kashif Mumtaz, Executive Vice Education Department published in P r e s i d e n t , J C I g a v e l e c t u r e o n “Developing Leader Qualities.” Journal of Education for Health: Change in Learning & Practice, England. Mr. Syed Aftab Ahmed, Australian Immigration Network and IT consultant, A Research Paper on “The role of small delivered lecture on “Australia: the land of and medium enterprises in uplifting opportunities.” Pakistan economy” By Miss Sobia Shah, lecturer, Department of management Mr. Abdul Ghani Saund of Ghulam Ishaq sciences published in research journal Khan Institute of Science & Technology, Grassroots, Pakistan Study Centre, spoke on “Four Color Theory.” CONGRATULATIONS
E n g i n e e r, B D M C o m m u n i c a t i o n , most wasted of all days is that on which Karachi, spoke on “Network Security.” Nicolas-Sebastien Chanfort
b y H i g h e r E d u c a t i o n Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.
University News
Pictorial News
Mr & Mrs. Dr. Agarwal visit Isra University Hospital Prof. Saleh Memon, Ex-Chancellor Isra University receiving shield at 12th ophthalmology conference Academic Affairs Committee clinical side Dr. Asadullah Kazi, Vice chancellor visits Dr. A.G. Arejo & Prof. Iqbal Bhanger delivering lectures in a seminar on research methodology University News
News & Views
Admission 2004 at Isra
I s r a U n i v e r s i t y w a s s Ms. Shafaq Fatima, member of Isra
awarded four star rank by news editorial board got married with Management Sciences programs started
C h a r t e r I n s p e c t i o n &
on August 01, 2004 with issuance of prospectus and application forms. Evaluation Committee,
Government of Sindh.
s A baby girl Omaima was born to Dr. were boys.
Employee News
s Mr. Muhammad Ali’s daughter selection of 185 candidates in Ms. Shazia Aman, Ms. Rizwana Almas, M r. H u s s a i n S h a i k h , L e c t u r e r s , Number of Postgraduates
Health Quotes
It is not work that kills men; it is worry. Henry Ward Beecher
Diagnostic Services: These services Faculty and Staff: Highly qualified and
Comprise advanced X-ray, ultrasound and experienced professorial staff of Isra FCPS
a clinical laboratory equipped to U n i v e r s i t y s u p e r v i s e s c l i n i c a l Clinical Pathology Lab: This lab General Nursing & Paramedical Staff:
supports centrifuge machine, electrolyte In general, scarcity of qualified nursing
analyzer, incubator, water bath, electric and paramedical staff is felt all over the oven, vita lab micro (MERCK), Country. Presently, the Hospital employs refrigerator, TMX blood cell analyzer, nurses trained by other institutions. m i c r o t o m e e r m a , r e f r a c t o m e t e r, However, the Hospital has launched Isra micropipettes, glass ware, chemicals and School of Nursing on the Campus that trains the nurses in accordance with the Blood Bank: All types of blood groups are guidelines of Pakistan Nursing Council. It
available round the clock in the bank.
is expected that within one year the School Operation Theater (OT) Services: will be in a position to raise objectively
There are six OT rooms. All rooms are oriented work force to serve the Hospital.
provided with central medical gas supply Library: Hospital Library stocks
and connected to lecture room through textbooks, reference works, and closed circuit TV (CCTV). Most nationally and internationally published Editorial Board
sophisticated equipment for anesthesia scientific journals to meet the needs of and monitoring including life saving students and faculty. machine for cardiac arrest and crash Continuous Medical Education (CME):
trolley is available to deal with any A seminar room connected to all the operating rooms via closed circuit television to provide un-interrupted Project co-ordinators
Optical Shop: It stocks frames and available for the purpose.
Resources: The resource center has state-
Medical Store: The store stocks a wide of-the art audio-visual equipment
range of surgical supplies and drugs. The including overhead, slide and multimedia shop is open round the clock to cater for projectors. It also has high-color scanners, any emergency requirements. Composed by
Canteen and Catering Service: Canteen cameras and photographic equipment to
has capacity of 100 persons at a time. It maintain record of the patient history for provides 24-hour service on subsidized teaching purpose.



EXPLORATORY EVALUATION OF NOVEL, NON-HORMONAL MALE CONTRACEPTIVE DRUG PROTOTYPES ACTING IN VAS DEFERENS Nnaemeka I.B. Amobiab and I. Christopher H. Smith; King's Collegea, London SE1 1UL. Joanna Cocker, Melanie Wood and Ruth Turl; Royal Veterinary College, Hatfield Campus, AL9 7TA John Guillebaud; Elliot-Smith Clinic b, Churchill Hospital, Headington,

Analysis certificate

CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS SILLIKER JR LABORATORIES, ULC. #12-3871 NORTH FRASER WAY 3650 HAMMONDS PLAINS ROAD UNIT #14, Suite 168WWW.SILLIKER.COM EMAIL: JRLABS@EASTLINK.CA Customer #: Date Received: Sample #: Sample Description: 10 Gr. Of Pure Cellankton Marine Phytoplankton in Powder form Temp on Receipt: RT Date Analysis Started: 02/26/2009 Comment: Detection Compo

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