Week 48: Saturday 23rd November - Friday 29th November 2013
Kylie changes her ways this week on Shortland Street.Invited out for a night of clubbing by her friends, Kylie turns them down for a date night with Nate instead. Nate assures her she has made the right decision, saying she is more sophisticated than her flatmates. However Dallas notices that Kylie is slowly chnaging herself to fit in with her new boyfriend's lifestyle, and she is even dressing differently for him. Just how far will Kylie go to impress Nate? HITCH MONDAY 25TH NOVEMBER, 8.30PM
Alex "Hitch" Hitchens (Will Smith) is a legendary and deliberately anonymous New York City 'date doctor' who, for a fee, has helped countless men woo the women of their dreams. While coaching Albert, a meek accountant who is smitten with a glamorous celebrity, Allegra Cole, Hitch finally meets his match in of the gorgeous Sara Melas (Eva Mendes), a gossip columnist who follows The ultimate professional bachelor, Hitch suddenly finds himself falling deliriously in love with Sarah, a reporter whose biggest scoop could very well be the unmasking of Manhattan's most famous date THE AMAZING RACE TUESDAY 26TH NOVEMBER, 7.30PM
Having travelled more than 30,000 miles across five continents and nine countries, the four remaining teams embark on the final leg of The Amazing Race. With one million dollars up for grabs, each duo will push themselves harder than ever before as they The teams will face the most difficult challenges of the competition, starting with bog snorkeling in Belfast, where one team will face an instant elimination. The final three teams will then race to Washington, D.C. in a dramatic final sprint through the US capital. Who will take the crown? Tune in to find out. THE WALKING DEAD TUESDAY 26TH NOVEMBER, 9.30PM
Tension is still high for the group. this week something new unfolds at a camp outside the prison; the addition of new members may threaten peace and change things forever. ANGER MANAGEMENT WEDNESDAY 27TH NOVEMBER, 10.55PM
The irrepressible Charlie Sheen is back in brand new episodes of Anger Management! Charlie Goodson (Sheen) is a non-traditional therapist specialising in anger management. He thrives in his chaotic lifestyle, all the while battling his own crazy, anger issues. In tonight’s episode, Charlie faces an ethical dilemma when he begins dating a former patient. The issue is complicated further when other therapists, including Charlie's arch-enemy Dr. Lesley Moore, OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE CLEANERS THURSDAY 28TH NOVEMBER, 9.30PM
More than half a million Brits wash their bed linen just three times a year. Yet there is a group of Britons who wage a constant war on dirt and disorder. In Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, chronic cleaners are carefully matched with someone whose home is in dire need of a major 'spring clean'. Together these duos with contrasting compulsions explore how Mark can spend an hour a day just getting the pleats in his curtains to hang symmetrically. He is teamed with extreme hoarder Julie Arkwright. How will Mark cope with Julie’s overflowing house?


La construcción de identidades, sujetos e instituciones en el mundo de las artes

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