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Birthday Greetings to the following who will
celebrate during the month of June:
Congratulations to the following couples
1 Max Bracchi, Kaitlyn Kozlowski, Linda Rogers who will celebrate wedding anniversaries in
3 Rick Heiden, Walter Hempel, Mike Crawford 1 Marge & Ed Brighindi, Rob & Stacy Boroski 4 Joan & Joe Bloemen, Debbie & Ray Oppel, 7 Nancy & Emil Faber, Sheila & Bob Moseley 10 Barbara & Jim Connery, Sarah & AJ Bordos 24 Patty & Win Oppel, Eleanor & Richard Warren 27 Sandra Chandler, Ruth Stewart, Earl Folsom Thanks, again, to The Belfry workers who faithfully prepare your issue for the mail. Last month’s workers were: Fran DeLand, Joan
& Joe Bloemen, Karen Hongo, Tom Nickse,

…the family of Russell McLean, step-son of
Don Henschel. Thank you for your generous gift of time.
Charlotte McLean, who entered into rest on May 11, 2008. If you can spare an hour or so, come and join our loyal workers Our thoughts and prayers are with the families during this time of in the library. The Summer Belfry will be mailed on June
26th. We hope to see you there.
HUNTINGTON CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH - BELFRY $15 per child. Questions? See John or contact Kirsten Keith (929-4225). VBS Helpers Needed:
Have you always wanted to be a “Lifeguard”? Then surf on over and help out with VBS. We will need teachers and helpers. There will be - Summer Sunday School begins in library fun for all ages. Please contact Kirsten Keith (929-4225) to join in Children’s Sunday Dress Rehearsal
September 14 - Rally Sunday - 1st day of Sunday School This will allow us to do a quick run through in the sanctuary. Children’s Sunday will be celebrated on June 8th and it is always such a special event in our church. Not only is each class responsible for the writing and presentation of some portion of the service, but the 7th graders are presented with copies of the New Revised Standard Bible, the children are presented with a Participation Certificate and a pin/wreath/bar based on their attendance, and the Sunday School volunteers are recognized for their service. As an HUNTINGTON CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH
added bonus, it is also Robert Wilson Sunday. This year we are thrilled to offer VBS for children age 5 to 4th Please join us on June 8th as we end another successful year of grade at our wonderful church. The theme will be “Beach Party” and our children learning and growing in their faith. If you have any will run Monday, June 23rd thru Thursday, June 26th from 5:30 – questions or concerns, please contact Kirsten Keith (929-4225). 7:30 p.m. Dinner will be served nightly with a “beachy” theme. Please tell some friends and pick up an application in the alcove. Cost will be HUNTINGTON CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH - BELFRY Robert Wilson Sunday
Join us in Fellowship Hall after worship on Sunday, June 8th for On Sunday, September 7th the Christian Education Committee will the twenty-seventh ice cream social celebrating Robert Wilson hold an all-church BBQ to be held on church grounds and kick off the new church year. Keep an eye out for more information in our As many of you know, each year, Gertrude Wilson generously donates an ice cream snack after service on Children’s Sunday. This tradition began in loving memory of Gertrude’s husband, Robert, who loved ice cream and children. Prior to Robert’s passing, Gertrude and Robert There will be a short meeting for all members welcomed our entire congregation in June 1973 and 1974 of the Huntington Congregational Church to worship together on their farm and then have a picnic immediately following the worship service on afterwards. Members even had the opportunity to learn how to for the purpose to discuss and vote on proposals Summer Sunday School
The theme for this year’s Summer Sunday School program is Fruits of the Spirit. Class will be held in the church library every 4TH GRADE REMINDER
Sunday from June 22nd through August 24th, with the exception of COMMUNION TRAINING
July 6th, and is open to 4 year olds through 4th grade with older Communion Training class will be held Sunday, June 1st after worship service to all 4th graders. We are looking for teachers to teach this exciting program. Communion Training class is a requirement prior to Please see the sign up in the alcove and/or speak to Kirsten Keith at If you have not taken this class and are interested, please see Rev. Collins or call the church office at 929-1223. 2008/2009 Sunday School Teachers
Please see Kirsten Keith, Mim Ferris or Christie Bailey to sign up to teach our amazing children. Teaching is a blessing to you and our children. Sign ups are also in the alcove, get those great classes Graduate Recognition Sunday is scheduled
for June 22nd during the morning worship

We would like to hear from graduates of high school, vocational ~ MARK YOUR CALENDARS ~
school, and colleges (both under-graduate and graduate degrees). HUNTINGTON CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH - BELFRY These adults & young adults will be recognized at the worship service. We will need the names for the Graduate Sunday
bulletin and the summer issue of The Belfry.
Please call the office (929-1223) by June 8th if you are/know of a Harlee & John Tuttle Bob & Ruth Johnston The Huntington Congregational Church is sending volunteers to help Habitat for Humanity on May 31st. If you are interested
in spending a few hours on Saturday helping out someone less fortunate, please join us. No experience needed, just desire to A sign up sheet is available in the alcove. Please contact Tom Interim Minister
Rev. John W. Collins
Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes have been viewed as the only choice for elderly people who need around- Unfortunately, neither institution can guarantee the type of consistent, compassionate, one-on-one attention elderly loved ones deserve. Before making such a critical decision, there is an alternate of which you should be aware. One that can be much better for the overall well being and comfort of your loved HUNTINGTON CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH - BELFRY In 1990, Companions and Homemakers have been providing live-in companion services for seniors throughout Connecticut. The latest delivery of supplies to the Umbrella included They provide 24 hour a day or whatever you need in homes socks, watches, toiletries and personal products. Also donated with continuous monitoring and coordination of daily activities. were kitchen wipes, dishwashing soap, plastic food bags, paper They help maintain safe and comfortable home environment that allows your loved one to remain independent for as long as Circle IV, which collects supplies for Umbrella, appreciates the support of parishioners who leave donations in the Live in companions assist with daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and simple household chores, personal care, such as bathing, dressing, maintaining medication schedules, telephone calls, errands and recreational activities. Caregivers are thoroughly screened with employee bonding Shelton Food Bank
and liability insurance, workers compensation, payroll payment of taxes in accordance with IRS regulations and 24/7 emergency Please check the Parish Nurse bulletin board in Fellowship Hall for more information and description of services and fees Please leave items in the “well” in the alcove. HELP NEEDED!
Donna Bacchiocchi is asking for volunteers to help water the outside plants during the spring & summer season. If you can help, WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP NEWS
The collection of Campbell products UPC codes amounted to Sue Lindley for Barbara Parrelli, Clerk 490 from participants of the church. Campbell labels were trimmed by members of Circle IV. The group will continue the NURSERY: Enrollment low - advertising. Open House March 29th.
collection of labels which may be left in the containers on the Considering full day in future. Pay raises discussed. Holding Camp Week in fellowship box in the alcove. The labels benefit the Elon Home for Children which is sponsored by the UCC. DIACONATE: Assisted on Confirmation Sunday, May 11. Working on a
WOMAN'S FELLOWSHIP: Mother’s Day flowers given to all women on
As part of their ancient spiritual practice, the Navaho nation Sunday, May 11. Church World Service kits delivered. Fair work underway. of Native Americans had a ritual chant that was used to celebrate Linda Sember seeking 2 co-chairs for Fair. the gift of life and the world. They would say: STEWARDSHIP: Beginning fall campaign. Pledge totals listed in Belfry.
SEARCH: Arrangements to hear person in neutral pulpit. Profiles
BEAUTY TO MY LEFT…BEAUTY TO MY RIGHT… continuing to come in. Long process – probably until at least the end of this MUSIC: June 1st - Music Sunday and Choir Recognition. Decision to use
classroom for Choir room. Choir to take summer off and begin Sept. 14th.
Pollen coats the world in springtime and despite the allergy discomfort it can bring, it is absolutely crucial to life on our MISSION: Olive Odell Blanket Appeal under way. Sunday School
planet. Each tiny pollen grain is a miracle to contemplate, contributed. Committee volunteering for May 31st Habitat for Humanity. perfectly unique to its plant species and able to transform a NOMINATING: 1 opening on Christian Ed – 2010; 1 for Nominating -
flower into seed bearing fruit…a delicious Macintosh apple, for instance, that becomes food for our nourishment and pleasure. BUSINESS: New lock bar installed on church front door. Tree on Bishop
The Pollen Path of the Navaho therefore, is symbolic of life itself property cut down. Clean-up has been rescheduled. May car wash canceled and the ritual indicates that you are on this path when you are due to weather – to host in June. Letters requesting oil quotes sent out. able to deeply appreciate the beauty around you. CHRISTIAN ED: Pancake breakfast successful. June 8th Children’s
Jesus makes it clear that our experience of God is meant to be Sunday; also Robert Wilson Sunday. Summer Sunday School 6/15 to 8/24. joyous. To rise from our bed each day intentionally looking for VBS 6/23 - 6/26, Mon thru Thurs - $15 per child-5:30p.m. to 7:30p.m. the beauty all around us is certainly a way to feel the joy of being INTERIM MINISTER: Discussion regarding safety of choir loft had been
alive. The Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh actually hangs a raised and John thought to have the whole sanctuary looked at by a small tree branch over his bed to remind him upon waking to structural engineer. Thanked Deacons for help with Confirmation Sunday. begin the day looking for beauty. And being reminded is what Karen Boroski was also a big help. Five people volunteered to be on Membership committee. John to speak to people about what can be done to Our lives are often filled with an overload of stress and support both Spooner House and Silver Lake. Laity Sunday 5/18 with Robin Hartel preaching. Thanked everyone for great support shown to him and his busyness. To remember the beautiful chant from the Navahos is a family after the passing of his father. Felt the support of the whole wonderful way to remind ourselves that beauty and joy are right in front of us if only we will pay attention. So hang a branch or do what you need to do to remember to pay attention, to look From Our Interim Minister…
deeply for the wonder right here, right now. Put yourself on the I have said these things to you so that my joy may be in you, and HISTORY PAGE
HUNTINGTON CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH - BELFRY Here is a wonderful newspaper account of a Memorial Day service which took place in our sanctuary in the late 1890’s. Honor to the Dead
According to previous announcement, the soldier dead, whose last resting place was found in the quiet churchyard of the quiet village of Huntington Centre, and who lie beneath FDA posts press releases and other notices of recalls and market withdrawals for the involve firms involved as a service to consumers, the media, and other green mounds in that “City of the dead”, were remembered by interested parties. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company. their comrades and friends yesterday, as shown by appropriate exercises and the decoration of their graves with flowers. At Actavis Totowa (formerly known as Amide Pharmaceutical, Inc.)
2:30 pm Kellogg Post, G. A. R., o f Birmingham, accompanied recalls all lots of Bertek and UDL Laboratories Digitek® (digoxin
tablets, USP) as precaution

by the Sons of Veterans and a number of citizens, arrived in Huntington by carryalls and teams to take part in the memorial Contact: Stericycle customer service 1-800-276-6166 exercises which had been arranged for that hour. After being FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Morristown, NJ – April 25, 2009 – formed in line, the veterans and the “Sons” in full uniform, Actavis Totowa LLC, a United States manufacturing division of the marched into the Congregational church and were assigned international generic pharmaceutical company, Actavis Group, is seats in the main body of the edifice. Large numbers of the initiating a Class I nationwide recall of Digitek® (dioxin tablets, USP,
people of that village and vicinity were in attendance and all strengths) for oral use. The products are distributed by Mylan nearly every seat of the church was occupied. Pharmaceuticals Inc., under a “Bertek” label and by UDL Laboratories, The church is located opposite the green which plot of land is of considerable size, well covered with a thick verdure, The voluntary all-lot recall is due to the possibility that tablets with thoroughly protected by a substantial fence, all of which double the appropriate thickness may have been commercially released. reflects credit upon the community in whose care it rests. The These tablets may contain twice the approved level of active ingredient interior of the church is somewhat quaint in its style, having a high gallery over the entrance, in which the choir formerly Digitek® is used to treat heart failure and abnormal heart rhythms. The
raised their voices in songs of praise, but which now seems to existence of double strength tablets poses a risk of digitalis toxicity in have been abandoned by that body for a more convenient place patients with renal failure. Digitalis toxicity can cause nausea, vomiting, near the preacher’s desk. Willing hands had prepared profuse dizziness, low blood pressure, cardiac instability and bradycardia. Death and handsome floral offerings for the occasion. Back of the can also result from excessive Digitalis intake. Several reports of pulpit was festooned the American flag, and on either side a illnesses and injuries have been received. triangle of apple blossoms. The altar and tables in front were Actavis manufactures the products for Mylan and the products are laden with wreaths, bouquets, and a cross, from which was distributed by Mylan and UDL under the Bertek and UDL labels. Any customer inquiries related to this action should be addressed to
Stericycle customer service at 1-888-276-6166 with representatives
HUNTINGTON CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH - BELFRY available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Additional
The SHYG will end the year preparing the June Spooner House meal information about the voluntary recall can also be found at
and participating in Habitat for Humanity. The group will celebrate the .
end of school and our seniors at a pool party. Good luck seniors! Retailers who have this product are urged to return the product to
their place of purchase. If consumers have medical questions, they
Sue Lindley & Laura Salvio, Conference Delegates should contact their health care providers.
The meeting was held at the Middletown Congregational UCC This recall is being conducted with the knowledge of the Food and Drug Church and was very well attended by approximately 500 people. The theme of the day was Destination Imagination: New Wineskins for a New Day – You can’t put the Spirit in a box as it will blow out the sides, Any adverse reactions experienced with the use of this product, and/or quality so we need to be flexible and have imagination in our areas of worship. problems should also be reported to the FDA’s MedWatch Program by phone The morning was opened with singing and music, there was the at 1-800-FDA-1088, by Fax at 1-800-FDA-0718, by mail at MedWatch, FDA, installation of new officers, a guest minister spoke, and the Living 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20852-9787, or on the MedWatch website at . Waters Award was given to Dr. John Ramos, Sr. who is the Superintendent of Education in Bridgeport and also a close friend of John’s. He and his family were most gracious in their acceptance of the After the service there were several morning workshops to attend and Sue and Laura chose to attend one entitled Bluegrass, Blowtorches and Bell Choir – Special Worship Sundays given by the Assoc. Pastor at Monroe Congregational and a Lay Reader. They talked about many types SENIOR HIGH YOUTH GROUP NEWS
of different services, including Laity Sunday as we are holding on May 18th. It was quite interesting to hear the various types of services some The SHYG has had another busy, productive and fun end of year. churches hold and we will bring these ideas to the Deacons for further The group prepared and provided the church service on May 4, 2008. Everyone participated and Amy Ricker, a senior member, delivered an After an outdoor box lunch where we met and chatted with an interesting ex-pastor who is in charge of the UCC Cornerstone Fund for Eight members of the SHYG participated in the 30 Hour Famine. Investment Funds, we then went to our afternoon workshops. These participants collected over $1,600 which will be used to feed
Sue attended one entitled Healthy Endowments, Healthy children in Africa and also to teach them to grow their food. These Congregations – the worship leader was Charlie Kuchenbrod, Assoc. African children are the orphans of AIDS and wars that consume Conf. Minister for Endowment Ministries. He went over many facets of Africa. Our SHYG did a great job! Thank you to the parents who endowment giving and had a great deal of information which Sue will supervised during famine weekend: Ruth Pesevento, Cindy Kane, Patti pass along to Bob Sember and his team for review. and Leon Leung, Carl Salvio, Rita and Pat Boland, Diane Wilkes and John attended the workshop on Disaster Responses by CT Conference Jackie and Fred Rottjer. You helped to make it all possible. Thank you Churches. This included information preparedness for local emergencies as well as work trips to national disaster sites such as New Orleans and to John, who provided spiritual exercises for the hungry group and to Kirsten Keith and the Christian Ed Committee who provided the Laura attended the workshop entitled The Crisis in Healthcare – Its wonderful breakfast after the Famine. And, of course, thank you to all Impact on the Medical Profession and Small Businesses! in the HCC congregation who support our youth. HUNTINGTON CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH - BELFRY This fall we will plan to attend the 141st Annual meeting Part 2 – 2008 Confirmands
October 17 and 18 at Central High School in Bridgeport when the theme will be Encouraging Generosity: the spiritual and financial development Rebecca Adler, Kathryn Bailey, Mykala Heiden, Heidi Keirstead,
our churches, our members and our missions. This will be more of a Thomas Mingrone, Alexander Oppel, Alex Russell, Ariel Toth
business oriented meeting and again anyone from the congregation is Our thanks to Rev. Collins for his time and effort in helping to invited to join us in attending this meeting. prepare these young adults for their Confirmation and to ~ THANK YOU ~
Diaconate for their preparation of the lovely reception “I would like to express my deep gratitude for the outpouring of support and caring that I received during the past few weeks since my Dad’s death. Through your love and generosity I have truly felt God’s grace holding me up in this difficult time. This is a wonderful church family and I am truly blessed to be part of it. THANK YOU! Stewardship Report
If you are up to date on your pledges, THANK YOU! If you are behind on your pledge, please bring it up-to-date as soon as possible. A service of Confirmation was held during the morning worship service on Pentecost Sunday, May 11, 2008.


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Congratulations on your pregnancy

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PREGNANCY Thank you for choosing and trusting in the doctors of OB/GYN Health Partners to care for you throughout your pregnancy and your delivery. Please be assured that our goal is a healthy and safe delivery for both mother and baby. We please ask you not to hinder our medical decision process by asking us to review or read a birth plan. OB/GYN Health Partners d

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