TEL: 0208 740 8408
FAX: 0208 354 0589
MOBILE: 07774 280118
Please ensure that you take time to peruse this Inventory Report upon receipt.
Please ensure that if there is anything that you disagree with or would like to
highlight, please do so via email to (or by post).
This communication will be kept on our system & will be taken into
consideration at the time of Check Out. Please note that any
amendments/additions that you wish to make must be notified to Unbiased
Inventories within 14 (fourteen days) from receipt of Report.
All items are considered to be in a good, usable condition unless noted otherwise.
Electrical appliances are tested for power only. Items not tested are noted as
such on the Inventory Report.
Smoke alarms, fire extinguishers etc are not tested.
Burglar alarms & panic buttons are not tested. Alarm sensor eyes are not notatedon our reports as a security precaution & no records of alarm codes kept.
The person preparing this Inventory is not an expert in The Fire & SafetyRegulations with regard to soft furnishings, nor in Gas, Electrical & similarservices. It is the responsibility of the Instructing Principal to arrange for theseservices to be inspected by personnel qualified in these fields & have the relevantcertification issued.
It is also to be noted that no attempt has been made to place monetary value onthe property or its contents – the Inventory principally lists items & their visualcondition only (which is taken to be in good condition unless stated otherwise),at the time of instruction.
Pictures, fixtures & fittings – please have permission for these to be added inwriting (either in the lease or as a separate letter). If permission is not grantedthen there will be dilapidation charges to be incurred at the end Blu Tack – please do not use. A greasy residue is left on the wall when theposters/post cards are removed necessitating in the wall to be repainted – therewill be a dilapidation charge to be incurred INVENTORY CHECK OUT NOTES
Please then consult your Inventory & the Check In Report (Schedule ofCondition).
The tenant has an obligation to leave the property as found with fair wear & tearaccepted.
The Inventory Clerk who compiled the Inventory should be instructed to gothrough the Inventory at the time of Check Out & access any dilapidation chargeto be incurred by the Tenant The same Inventory Clerk should be instructed to go through the Check In Report
(Schedule of Condition), & note areas that require further cleaning - NB. The
Check In Report (Schedule of Condition), will override a standard Assured
Shorthold Tenancy Agreement with regard to cleaning works to be carried out.
Check List –
Wipe down walls, paintworkRemove picture hooks, fill pin holes (discuss with Landlord first)Clean windows (if clean for tenancy)Clean net curtains (if clean for tenancy)Dry clean curtains, blinds (if clean for tenancy)Dry clean loose furnishing covers (if clean for tenancy)Shampoo carpets (if shampooed for tenancy)Sweep & mop hard/wood flooringDescale sanitary wareLaunder linen (if laundered or otherwise leave clean)Mow lawnsSweep pathsWeed flower beds, cut back overgrown plants It is vital that items are returned to the locations as indicated on the
Report. Failure to do this will incur additional charges. All
stored/boxed items must also be unpacked & washed (if dusty) before being
If the property was professionally cleaned for the tenancy, the same cleanersshould be used to carry out an end of tenancy clean ENTRANCE
Exterior –
1 mahogany door (white tape marks,grubby, fills)1 brass 14 (tarnished, 2 screws missing)4 reinforced glass panels (grubby)2 assorted brass mortice lock covers(tarnished)1 brass Yale lock (heavily worn,tarnished) Interior –
Reverse of reinforced glass panels (1white plastic box & loose cables) 1 off white panted door (discoloured,patchy, painted over defects, 2redundant hooks, frame uneven, cablestraced, cracking to panelling)4 reinforced glass panels (mismatched,paintmarked)2 assorted brass mortice lock covers(tarnished)1 brass Yale lock (key pitted)1 letter box opening1 white security bar 1 mahogany plaque4 double brass gown hooks 1 high level off white cupboard door(streaky)1 brass knob 1 fuse box
1 electricity meter

1 overhead off white cupboard door1 brass knob 1 gas meter
1 under off white cupboard door1 brass handle 1 double ornate off white painted heartshape rack 1 brushed brass ceiling rose1 glass helmet shade (white marks tobase) Painted whitePainted white picture railPainted pinky beige (light mid level &low level usage marks, scuffs, fingersoiled) PAINTWORK
Painted whitePainted off white (large painted overdefects to skirtings, tops rough, angleswell chipped, door frames chipped tolow level) Mid beige loop carpet (greyed, draughtmarked to edges, 2 6" spot cleanedareas infront of cupboard, 1 bleach spotoutside reception, some brownsmudges) BATHROOM
1 off white painted door (large paintedover defects)1 brass handle1 brass bolt (tarnished)1 double chrome gown hook 2 overhead moulded glass panels(grubby, paintmarked) 1 wall mounted self adhesive greymetal man hook 1 chrome medicine cabinet1 translucent glass door1 chrome knob3 interior chrome shelves 2 chrome brackets1 demi lune translucent glass light1 metal bobble chain 1 translucent glass framed mirroredpanel2 chrome studs 2 chrome brackets1 glass shelf with raised gallery 1 white pedestal wash hand basin(mastic rough, cracked behind wasteoutlet)2 chrome taps (loose)1 chrome plug (attached) 1 off white painted bath panel (studcaps incomplete) 1 white bath (seal mould stained &rough)2 chrome taps1 chrome plug (detached) 1 wall mounted Newteam 1500XTthermostatic shower (name panelprotruding) 1 white rail1 white plastic shower curtain 1 white framed window with moulded& clear glass (filler marked, flaking)Assorted brass window furniture(paintmarked)1 white tiled sill with plastic edge trim 1 white wood Venetian blind withwhite banding (strings & bandingsoiled) 1 bow fronted chrome shelf unit2 slatted shelves2 chrome rails 1 chrome heated towel railincorporating off white painted radiator(well rust marked, taped with red tape) 1 translucent glass ceiling light withwhite demi lune shade (soiled) 8" textured white ceramic tiles (somegrout grubby)1" bright turquoise mosaic tilesPainted white (seams badly lifting, 1pin hole, 1 screw, paper coming awayespecially by WC, old surface defects) PAINTWORK
Painted white (large painted overdefects) 12" green metallic mosaic effect vinyltiles Fridge –6 assorted glass shelves with whitetrims2 salad boxesAssorted door compartments1 egg tray 1 wall mounted rack1 Tefal Turboprop steam iron (casingcracked, not tested) 1 brushed steel rack12 small S shaped chrome hooks 1 brushed steel Smeg hob4 burners (light usage)2 pan stands 1 brushed steel Smeg oven (not securein housing, door dropping)2 wire shelves 2 grill pans1 grill pan rack2 assorted grill pan handles 1 deep circular stainless steel sink1 chrome mixer tap 1 off white framed window (old surfacedefects)Assorted brass window furniture(tarnished, aged)1 cream tiled sill 1 beech Venetian blind with beigecanvas banding 1 brushed steel cling film kitchen rollholder 1 4" chrome holder1 14" chrome slatted holder 1 Neff dishwasher2 crockery racks1 cutlery basket 1 grey Hotpoint Aquarius 1100Millennium addition washing machine 1 open grey metal rack for a microwaveoven1 round grey rack 1 Marks & Spencers white jug kettle &base (soiled) 1 brushed steel Russell Hobbs kettle &base 1 chrome & red Disney toaster (well inuse) 4 blue/white fish Chinese soup bowls(1 chipped) 2 conical cocktail (1 chipped)1 flat cocktail 1 14" wood1 12" white nylon (well scored) 1 beech knife block3 black handled knives 3 light wood & black roll up place mats 2 12" Tupperware boxes & blue lids 1 dual handled chrome pan (in use)1 glass lid 1 green Britannia 1 kg Halon fireextinguisher 1 wall mounted black bracket1 fire extinguisher 1 grey metal ceiling track3 spot lights with Perspex baffles Instructions –
1 boiler1 microwave oven1 grill1 shower1 fridge freezer1 dishwasher1 cooker1 vacuum cleaner1 washing machine Medium beechMedium beech with frosted glass door2 glass shelvesMedium beech roll top door (slightlyaskew)Brushed steel handles2 underneath unit lights (appear notworking) WORKTOPS
4" textured white ceramic tiles (somegrout grubby)Painted beige (seems slightly opening,1 picture hook, 2 screws, pictureshading, 2 nails over window, patchy,slightly discoloured, 2 pinholes, wellfinger soiled by light switch, verypatchy, greasy, pink marks under lightswitch) PAINTWORK
Painted white (4" water ingress to LHSof sink) 12" beige tiles with black inset vinyltiles (scuffed, worn, aged) BEDROOM 1 (Double)
1 off white painted door (frame wellchipped, 1 pin, 1 self adhesive pad,hook broken)1 chrome handle1 chrome lock 1 medium wood wardrobe2 brushed steel handles1 wood melamine shelf1 chrome rail 1 white framed window (well scuffedto low level, paint badly flaking, verypatchy, condensation marked)Assorted brass window furniture (aged,paintmarked) 1 blue roller blind (cord slightly frayed,cord detached, not closely examined) 1 yellow & oyster check double bedbase1 matching mattress (clean)2 cream drawersYellow finger handles 1 medium wood chest of drawers3 drawers3 brushed steel handles 1 sage green glazed ceramic table lamp1 cream shade 1 medium wood chest of drawers4 drawers4 brushed steel handles 1 white ceiling rose1 white conical shade (slightly grubby) Painted mustard yellow (overpainted onpicture rail & skirtings, 2 screws, 4 pinholes, 3 picture hooks, 6 pins, light midlevel & low level scuffing to entrance,seams slightly opening over bed,greyed & usage marked to LHS & toeither side of recess, touched up &seams badly lifting/opening & crunchyunder to LHS of radiator, 12" scuffover sockets)Painted off white picture rail PAINTWORK
Painted off white (painted over defects,skirtings rough to top, overpainted,cables traced, 1" chip) Mid beige loop carpet (5" pink linestain, slightly draught marked to edges,slightly lifting – cut short at entrance) BEDROOM 2 (Double)
1 off white painted door (well chipped)1 chrome handle1 chrome lock1 double brass gown hook (loose) 2 overhead off white cupboard doors2 off white plastic knobs 2 underneath off white cupboard doors2 off white plastic knobs 1 chrome ironing board1 blue metallic cover (slightly illfitting) 1 Panasonic 1350 hoover (scuffed)Assorted attachments 2 overhead off white cupboard door2 off white plastic knobs 2 underneath off white cupboard doors(interior base smudged, old fitmentholes, interior wall not painted)2 off white plastic knobs (LHS loose) 1 long white melamine shelf1 chrome rail4 white melamine shelves1 white metal basket4 beech drawers 1 off white cupboard door1 off white plastic knob 1 underneath off white cupboard door1 off white plastic knob 1 white melamine shelf1 chrome rail5 small white melamine shelves 1 white painted mantelpieceWhite painted fire surround with squareflower headGloss black painted fireplace (drawermissing) 1 gas tap? (cut)
2 overhead off white cupboard doors2 off white plastic knobs 2 underneath off white cupboard doors(interior not painted, old fitment holes)2 off white plastic knobs 1 RHS white framed window(discoloured, heavily flaking, chipped,grubby to high level)Assorted brass window furniture 1 LHS white framed window(discoloured, heavily flaking, chippedincluding 2" deep, grubby to high level)Assorted brass window furniture 1 white painted sill (cracked, flaking,LHS grubby) 3 below sill length lined oatmealdamask curtains (few rings) 1 long off white cord (knotted together)2 tassels 1 yellow & oyster check king size bedbase1 matching mattress (clean)2 cream drawersYellow finger handles 1 distressed cream & gilt ceiling rose1 matching 3-arm leaf lantern withcrystal drops (bulbs mismatched) Painted pinky beige (3 painted overscrews, slightly patchy, odd light scuffsto entrance from 5' down, finger soiledby light switch) PAINTWORK
Mid beige loop carpet (slightly lifting –cut short at entrance) RECEPTION
1 off white painted door (framechipped, slightly discoloured)1 handle1 brass keyhole cover 1 white framed bay window (framesflaking, patchy, RHS pane badlycracked)Assorted brass window furniture(tarnished)3 white painted sills 1 pair of below sill length lined oatmealwith grey climbing leaf pattern curtains 1 pale beige/cream waffle chenille 2-seater angle arm sofa 1 dark wood square side table withtranslucent glass panel 1 matching dark wood coffee table withtranslucent glass panel 1 white painted mantelpieceWhite painted slips with fluting &garlandsBeige marble conglomerate inner slipsBeige marble conglomerate hearth1 brass surround (tarnished) 1 matt black portcullis fire basket withbrass urn shaped finalsAssorted coals 1 black ceiling rose1 5-arm black lantern (bulbsmismatched) 1 BT white Freestyle 1025 telephonebase1 handset 1 white Freestyle 1025 telephonecharger1 handset 1 grey metal lamp frame1 egg shaped white paper shade Painted pinky beige (seams slightlyopening at high level, painted overdefects, 4 painted over screws, patchyappearance) PAINTWORK
Painted white (patchy, cables traced,finish rough, skirtings chipped at lowlevel) Painted white (open/flaking to RHS ofbay) Mid beige loop carpet (frayed & liftingto entrance)



Acupuncture reduces crying in infants with infantile colic: a randomised, controlled, blind clinical study Kajsa Landgren, Nina Kvorning and Inger Hallström Acupunct Med doi: 10.1136/aim.2010.002394Updated information and services can be found at: References This article cites 52 articles, 10 of which can be accessed free at: Open Access This paper is freely available online under

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