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What is a Stroke or a Transient
‘sharp’ as they used to be, or might find it hard to re- be given with another tablet to prevent this. member names or events. Just like with physical prob- Ischaemic Attack?
Two other medications used in particular lems, the more you try to exercise your mind the more cases are Clopidogrel (Plavix) and Warfarin. A stroke or a transient ischemic attack (TIA) happens when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted and Depression can be quite common after a stroke, and part of the brain stops functioning. The effects of a occasionally people can find it hard to hide their emo- stroke can vary depending on the precise area of the tions, perhaps getting tearful watching the news. This Because you have had a stroke, you should have a review brain affected, but the same principles apply to most can be particularly difficult for men. If you think you of your health once a year and we would ask you to con- tact the surgery for yourself at this time. are affected please discuss it with your Doctor. The two most important aspects of care are firstly to We would like you to make two appointments; the first minimise the impact of any damage that has been one should be with a Healthcare Assistant to have a done, and secondly to reduce the chance of a further Most stroke patients have some of the identified risk factors for arteriosclerosis, which is the degeneration of diabetic needing insulin injections, it is best this test is done fasting, that is hav- blood vessels which causes most strokes. By reducing these risk factors we can substantially reduce the risk Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists are the experts in this field, and they will see all but the most Stopping smoking. If you smoke, it is vital that
mild stroke patients while they are in hospital. It is you stop. We have many ways to help, and would be happy to discuss these with you. with one of our specially trained nurses to discuss the results of the blood tests, and to have a general check-up, you keep trying to use the affected part Controlling blood pressure. Once a person has
had a stroke, we do like to keep the blood pres- If you are on tablets for high blood pressure, we would sure as low as possible, and most patients need advise you to have this checked every six months, and our Healthcare Assistants will be pleased to do this for Lowering cholesterol. You should be on a low
you, and you also should have a ’flu jab’ every autumn. fat diet, as this will help with weight control as ing for someone who has had a stroke, encourage above 5, and many patients will be given them to do things for themselves, even if it takes a We do appreciate how worrying it can be to have a Thinning the blood. The most
stroke. But with regular follow up, with both ourselves It is also important that you maintain your general and yourself playing our respective parts, we can make health by physical exercise and a good diet, and you ing clots is to give a small dose of aspi- sure that existing problems are minimised and that your should be very careful not to put on weight. Some- chance of a further stroke is substantially reduced. times after a stroke people can find they are not as with indigestion with aspirin in the past it may


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