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Packing for your trip to Africa can be an intimidating task. To help you out, Heart
for Africa has prepared a recommended packing list. Please use this list to help
you pack for your trip.
• Neck pil ow • Earplugs • Warm socks • Sleep Aids/ ALL needed Medication • Books/journal/Magazines • CD player, headphones, playing cards, etc. • Any must haves, example: medicines, contact lenses. CLOTHES:
• In al cases, modesty is the best policy • Warm jacket or fleece • Rain jacket/poncho • Underwear/socks (may want long socks) • Shirts (no tube tops/spaghetti straps or crop tops) – short sleeves are • Comfortable footwear (sneakers for gardening, sandals for casual o Capri or long pants – no shorts please o One modest dress or long skirt for church o A wrap: a piece of cloth that you can wrap around your body o Long pants or knee length shorts are acceptable o Col ared shirt for church TOILETRIES:
• Toothbrush/toothpaste • Pocket-size tissues • Brush/comb • Deodorant • Shaving supplies • Washcloths • Toilet paper mini-pack • Shampoo and soaps OTHER IMPORTANT ITEMS:
• Bible • Journal • Pen and Sharpie to write name on water bottle • Music instruments/songs/CDs • Backpack or fanny-pack to keep with you during the day • Gardening/work gloves • Hat/cap - sun wil be strong regardless of temperature • Sunglasses • Hand sanitizer • Anti-bacterial/disinfectant wipes • Electric voltage converter/plug adapters • Digital camera, *(Polaroid cameras are great so you can immediately • Extra memory cards for digital camera • Extra camera batteries • Flashlight • Watch and/or Alarm clock • Lip balm • Sunscreen • Bug repel ant with Deet • Basic first aid items and over the counter medications (i.e. band-aids, antibiotic cream, Airborne, Zicam, Hal s, • Vitamin C, decongestant, Imodium, Dulcolax) • Prescription medication in original bottles • Snacks (i.e. cereal bars, power bars, etc.) • Stain stick for clothing • Travel size laundry detergent for hand washing • Items to play with children: Bubbles, beach bal s, stickers PACKING TIPS
Don’t forget to pack the two most important things…your plane
ticket or e-ticket information and your passport! Please remember
that your passport needs at least FOUR blank pages - and must be
valid for six months after your return date.
• Make copies of your passport and keep a copy in a separate place in
your luggage or on your person along with I.D.
• Pack your carry-on with al of your “must have” items: medicines, an
extra change of clothes, important documents, etc. If your luggage is
delayed for any reason it wil be important to have these with you.
• Take older clothes to work in and bring extra casual clothing to change
into for the evening. Many people shower and change prior to dinner after
a long day of work.
• Pack toiletries in zip top bags to avoid leakage.
• All medications, including vitamins, must be in their original container.
• Leave al expensive jewelry at home.
• Remember to leave room for souvenirs and gifts that you wil be bringing
back with you. You may consider packing bubble wrap for breakables
traveling back in your suitcase, as it wil not be available in Africa.
• Space bags are great for packing. These can usual y be found at Bed,
Bath, & Beyond.
• You wil have the option of leaving your used work clothes (those without holes or excessive stains) and shoes to be given away. You wil not be asked to wash them prior to your departure – they wil be washed after you leave. • Your luggage can be donated. • Pack valuable items (cameras etc. in carry on to avoid possibility of theft) • Bring South Africa Rand in smal bills. • Use TSA luggage locks while flying. • Bring power bars, snacks because you wil be given the opportunity to • You may want to bring Frisbees, jump ropes, bubbles, songs, games, Bible stories/Books, and soccer bal s with pumps.


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