Introducing HealthClips® Diabetes
A patient education digital video resource
HealthClips® is a growing video library of actionable learning tools that support and encourage behavior change. It can be used on your website, video-on-demand TV system, or other patient channel, intranet, kiosk, or waiting room TV.
HealthClips® features short videos, averaging 3 minutes each. These videos are the building blocks for your digital interactive learning environment. When you add them to your website, for example, your patients and the general community can view and learn how to effectively manage their diabetes. Here are some of the benefi ts of HealthClips®: Comprehensive—covers over 135 diabetes topics in all key
subject areas from pre-diabetes to specifi cs of self-care.
Engaging—features real people and settings with award-
winning animation and graphics.
Instructional—viewers can see patients like themselves
modeling important self-management skills.
Effective—the narrow focus and brevity of each clip
promotes high retention of information.
Versatile—can be used in a variety of settings to deliver
consistent educational messages anywhere, anytime.
Authoritative—produced by the leading publisher of
diabetes patient education videos.
Concise—each clip covers one learning point, so viewers
With video exploding on the web, HealthClips®
can go right to the answer for their specifi c question.
will draw and keep patients on your website.
Ways to use HealthClips®
• Web delivery• Video on-demand systems• CCTV systems• In-facility intranet• Reception areas• Kiosks To see a demo and to learn more
about HealthClips®, call 800-432-8433
or visit www.healthclips.com

See back for titles
HealthClips Diabetes—over 135 clips now available
About Diabetes
Advanced Carbohydrate Counting
Preventing Long-Term Complications
Physical Activity
Skin and Foot Care
Gestational Diabetes
Problem Solving
• How Illness Affects Blood Glucose Levels • A1c Value and Long-Term Complications RECENTLY RELEASED
Oral Medications
• Strategies for Traveling with Diabetes • Managing Your Medications on the Road Emotions
Managing Type 2 Diabetes—
Creating a Plan
• Lifestyle Changes for Better Management Healthy Food Choices
• Combinations: Avandaryl, Duetact• Combinations: Prandimet Dining Out
Other HealthClips topics available
• Choosing Healthy at Fast Food Restaurants visit www.healthclips.com for full list
• Bromocriptine, Juvisync and Colesevelam Shopping and Cooking
• Fill Your Cart with Fruits and Vegetables • More About Byetta, Bydureon and Victoza Basic Carbohydrate Counting
All clips now closed captioned
• Preparing and Injecting Insulin: Single Dose • Preparing and Injecting Insulin: Mixed Dose Transcripts Included
Each clip is supported by a transcript (PDF Lifestyle Changes
format) that can be viewed on screen or printed by you or your patients for future reference. All transcripts can be branded with your company • Carbohydrate Counting When Dining Out Available in Spanish
milner-fenwick inc. | 119 lakefront drive | hunt valley, md 21030
phone 800-432-8433 | fax 410-252-6316 | www.milner-fenwick.com

Source: http://www.healthclips.com/healthClipsDiabetesBrochure.pdf

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