Trip Date(s):
6 Months out
Check that your passport has at least 6 months remaining on it from Get passport
Your general doctor can do a travel appt. However, you can also check online for required shots and lifespans of shots. Hep A shot is a Check shots
3-part series. Must have 2 shots in the series to be covered.
Work on packing list
Send in application/deposit/copy of passport for

3 Months out
Target Date:
Last shots, get prescription for malaria pills and a general antibiotic (like Cipro) in case of sickness on trip. Malaria pills available in daily Schedule travel appt with doctor
doses or once-a-week doses. Either is fine; whatever your preference. This is a live virus so the Health Dept is where you need an appt to Get Yellow Fever shot, if applicable
Only certain countries (like Mosambique) need visas. You will be Get visa, if applicable
given directions if this is necessary.
This is more important than anything else you do. Send regular updates throughout the weeks. Ask if your support will commit to praying until 2 weeks after the trip. Oftentimes, it is after the trip that the attack comes (to take back increase in gifting, authority, health, Send email to request prayer intercessors
As soon as prices drop, Pastor Mark books airfare. Be ready for this. It is usually 2/3 of the trip price and needs to be put on a credit card immediately. He also gets travel insurance. This is very important to Get flight itinerary
have in case of emergencies, lost luggage, etc.
You will have an opportunity to share what you have learned, your testimony, new things in the Lord, etc. You are encouraged to step out and speak. Many people have said that they do not like public speaking and have stepped out. The Lord meets them and powerful things have occurred!! Do not under-estimate what the Lord can do Be asking the Lord for things to speak on
Phones are not necessary; however you may feel safer or more in touch with family back home if you have one to use for emergencies. There are several phone options: (1) SIM card that is activated for the appropriate countries and a global phone. Check with your mobile provider regarding international plans (2) www.mobal.com has a very reasonable phone that you can buy for either $49 or $69. (Note: the $49 phone cannot be used in the US) You keep the phone and only pay when using it. Incoming calls are much cheaper than outgoing; however, the cell number is a U.K. number. Incoming texts are free; Decision regarding phone
outgoing texts are around 80 cents. (3) International phone cards. Pay remaining balance for trip
4 Weeks Out
Target Date:
Receive itinerary and prayer guide from Mark
This is great to send out to your prayer team!Some seats are better than others so call the airline and change them Check seats on flights
These are LONG flights and they can often result in enough miles for a free ticket. Make sure that your mileage plan number is on your Sign up for airline mileage plan
3 Weeks Out
Target Date:
If carrying credit card for emergencies, call your credit card company and let them know the dates of travel and ALL countries that you will be in (including plane layovers!) If you do not do this, your card may Security for credit card
2 Weeks Out
Target Date:
Stop newspaper, mail, etc
This should be done ahead of time so you can see if you are missing Start laying out packing
1 Week Out
Target Date:
Check airport/Homeland Security website
(tsa.gov) for carry-on restrictions

Charge any electronics (Ipod, cell phone, camera)
Target Date:
Send updates to financial/prayer partners
Buy small thank you gifts for those who support

Source: http://harvestim.org/_docs/him_members/travel-checklist2012.pdf

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