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Pole position for newcomers
INTERNORGA 2014 features promising
new presentations in the Newcomers’ Area

Hamburg, 14 January 2014
– The Newcomers’ Area at INTERNORGA has become a real
springboard for companies that want to develop new target groups and fields of business in the
hospitality and catering industries. It is once more attracting a large number of companies in 2014,
with their innovative products and unconventional concepts, to ensure an inspiring mix of
offerings – with food and beverage innovations, new service concepts, and revitalised classics.
Such as napkins in compressed tablet form that unfold in water, an energising drink for workaholics
and partygoers, spaetzle which can be squeezed directly into boiling water through small holes in
the pack, stylish drinking straws made of paper in retro look, and first-aid eye drops for emergency
Exhibitors at INTERNORGA 2014 include:
Napkin – compressed napkin tablets
Just add water to these little tablets, and they will unfold to present a refreshing cloth or practical serviette.
Napkin is an Italian manufacturer which stands for innovation in small spaces, opening up completely new
style opportunities for restaurants and wellness areas.
Frizle – high-convenience spaetzle, from the pack straight into boiling water
Frizle gives even non-Swabians an effortless way to enjoy perfect spaetzle. The simple packaging is
designed with holes at one end, so it can act as a spaetzle squeezer. Anybody can achieve the original
flavour experience with ease, to enjoy authentic organic quality.
Papa John’s – pizza made in USA
Papa John’s has been in the market for 25 years now, with its philosophy of better ingredients for better
pizzas. That is the success recipe for its 4,200 restaurants in 35 countries. Now the American pizza expert
presents its first-class quality concept for the ideal pizza to the European market – at INTERNORGA 2014.

Nutrigon – “vitalizer” for workaholics and partygoers
For people with an intensive lifestyle, who work long and hard, but who also like partying, “Kreutzbergs
Regenerativum” from Nutrigon is a useful helper, taken in beverage form. It is inspired by traditional Asian
medicine, with natural plant ingredients, moderate caffeine content, and functional active agents that support
the natural functions of the body and energize the mind.
Greenmood – sustainability with style
Greenmood takes a stand against throwaway plastic drinking straws, with a range of colourful, individual
straws made of paper. Greenmood is the eco-friendly alternative, marketing stylish drinking straws in retro-

Elbler – organic cider fresh from the dike
Elbler brings the taste of cider to North Germany and beyond. This natural fresh-fruity drink is made 100% of
apples from the “Altes Land” fruit growing area by the Elbe, and has an alcohol content of only 2.5% or 5%.
That makes Elbler a good alternative to beer or wine.

GongGong Beverages – coconut water, a trend drink
GongGong Beverages markets the trend drink Real Coconut Water, which is not only a refreshing and
effective thirst quencher, but also an isotonic drink rich in valuable nutrients for the body.

easyPEP – shift planning the easy way
easyPEP has found a solution to avoid long lists, discussions with employees, and disastrous
misunderstandings. The online system makes it easy and efficient for users to set up a shift plan and involve
their employees in the planning process. Ideal for restaurant enterprises with a lot of staff and flexible
operations planning, saving the planners a lot of time and energy.
Hanview – high-class bathroom accessories
Hanview is a Chinese specialist in first-class hotel comfort products, and has for 25 years been an
established partner of leading premium hotels in Asia, the US, the Middle East and Europe. The company’s
presentation at INTERNORGA features a selection from its varied and innovative range of individual branded
bathroom accessories, with soap dispensers, care products and room comfort products, made of 100%
recyclable materials.
Kidzbox – the children’s menu box that is real fun
The potential of marketing activities aimed at children has been demonstrated by the big fast food chains.
Kidzbox is a children’s menu box for child-friendly restaurants, franchise chains, etc., adapting this
successful concept for smaller restaurant operators. With contents such as Chupa Chups lollipops, fun
glasses and toys such as Playmais modelling material, the Kidzbox is packed with stuff that appeals to

Ess:kult food factory GmbH – cuisine creations
Ess:Kult is dedicated to individual flavour and shared enjoyment of the art of good eating. This Westphalian
company stands for the production of fresh food using sous-vide and cook & chill methods, and for individual
recipes created from the finest regional ingredients.
Ibelsa – all neat and tidy
That is the look of ibelsa-rooms, a cloud-based management software system. Use of cloud technology
avoids cost of installation and maintenance, and for connecting up other systems such as cash registers,
channel managers and locking systems.
Cederroth – first aid for the eyes
Real craft trades inevitably involve risks in the rush of everyday activities – an accident can happen so
easily, in a snack bar, a bakery or a 5-star restaurant. The first-aid products from Cederroth ensure optimum
treatment of injuries, and give a wide range of products for the sensitive area of eyes.

Pyro-Partner – add fire to any party!
Making the setting for your event really exciting, creating extraordinary moments – that is the passion of
Pyro-Partner. These professionals for safe and successful firework displays have everything it takes to
create a stunning high for any party.

Gastros Inductwarm – functionality, energy efficiency and attractive design
Those are the attributes which enabled the innovative induction system from Gastros Inductwarm to win the
INTERNORGA Future Award 2013. Inductwarm is back again in 2014 to present the induction based system
which keeps dishes of all kinds at the right temperature.

INTERNORGA has been the leading European trade fair for hotels, restaurants, institutional catering, bakery
and confectionery ever since 1921. It is held in March every year, with more than 1,200 exhibitors from
Germany and abroad displaying their innovations, trends and complete solutions for the whole of the out-of-
home market. In addition to the exhibitors’ presentations, there is a big programme of supporting events,
international conferences, award presentations, and innovative side-event concepts. INTERNORGA is
traditionally held at the Hamburg Fair site, at the heart of Hamburg. Admission is subject to proof of trade
visitor status. The admission charge is EUR 29.50 (or EUR 38 for a 2-day ticket); concessionary rate for
trainees in the trade EUR 16. More information on INTERNORGA 2014 available at:
Bianca Gellert, Tel.: +49 40/3569 2093, Fax: +49 40/3569 2449, e-mail:
Contact Lottmann PR:
Andrea Lottmann, Tel.: +49 40/4327 1907, Fax: +49 40/4327 1956, e-mail:



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