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Thanks must go to the committee for volunteering Justine Gould: Assistant Secretary / Fundraising Tracey Harris: Coach’s/Manager’s Coordinator WELCOME TO WINTER
We would like to welcome all the players, parents, coaches and umpires back for another season. A special welcome to all the new players, coaches, Also holding a position but not on the committee: I’m sure we will be in for a very successful and exciting winter. Let's hope the weather is kind to If anyone is interested in joining our committee, we throughout the year do not hesitate to contact our 10 committee members for 16 teams and nearly Secretary, Beth Boys 0438 397 408 or one of our Any extra help would be greatly appreciated. AGM 2012
It was very disappointing to see so few of our Our working bee was held on Sunday 5th February. club’s members attend the AGM held in February. Many jobs were completed including painting the Our club is continually growing and without the canteen and weeding and tidying the grounds support of the members and their families, the club will struggle to function effectively. The AGM had Many thanks to: Daryl and Sammy Chown, Dave, to be delayed by 15 minutes before a quorum of Karen and Melissa Stewart, Shelley Kennedy, Georgia, Melissa and Rick Baldock, Lee, Scott and allow the meeting to begin. A club with the member Ryan Francis, Tracey and Teagan Harris, Justine base the size of ours should have many more than this number choosing to attend the meeting and Many thanks to the few that did attend the AGM and show an interest in Hallett Cove Netball Club. WINTER TEAMS
SUMMER 2011/12
This season we have 16 teams playing with This summer season we had 10 teams playing at SAUCNA, 1 Open team on Wednesday nights and Congratulations to three premiership teams & one runner up team. Melissa Baldock 17 & Under T2 Premiers 15 & U T3 –D6: Melinda Thomas/Carol Lemm Special congratulations must also go to Yasmin Winterburn (13 & U T3) who was awarded the Each week during the summer season the umpires in the 13 & Under grade vote for the player who demonstrates skill, good sportsmanship, team Yasmin won the award, being the 13 & Under player to receive the highest number of votes for Well done Yasmin. The Hallett Cove Netball Club is very proud of your achievement. Congratulations must also go to the 17 & Under Thank you to all those who offered their services Team 2 who were awarded the Maurice Clifton as a coach or team manager for the 2012 Winter Trophy. The Maurice Clifton Trophy is awarded to Season. Our club, like most sporting clubs, relies the team scoring the highest average score in the heavily on the contributions made by volunteers. minor round and is open to all teams participating Your time, support and effort is greatly Many thanks to all players, coaches, managers, scorers and parents for supporting your teams Special thanks must also go to the umpires during SPECTATOR / PLAYER CONDUCT
summer: Katrina Hogan, Hayley Boys, Beth Boys, Bethany Woodstock, Debbie Morton, Georgia SAUCNA Code of Behaviour
 Never argue with the umpire's decision  Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials or Thank you to those who have offered to umpire for other players, deliberately contacting, or provoking an opponent is not accepted or Hallett Cove Netball Club is fortunate to have several experienced and badged umpires as well  Work hard for yourself and your team. Your as a few junior umpires who have taken the brave step in learning to umpire this year. Without this  Be a good sport. Cheer all good play by both dedicated group, we would be unable to offer  Your captain can approach the umpire during This year, SAUCNA are introducing the ‘Orange the breaks or at the completion of the match inexperienced umpires the opportunity to learn and improve in a safe environment, under the guidance  Encourage your team to play by the rules of an experienced mentor umpire. We ask that you show patience and respect to these umpires who  Do not argue with the umpire or team officials are in the program, at our home courts, other  Act as a role model. Lead by example and be suburban courts and at the association courts. appreciation they deserve. No Umpire = No Game If anybody requires any information regarding umpiring or rule clarification, please speak to Hayley Boys. CANTEEN DUTY
One person from each home team will be required As we did last year, we will be giving each family a book of 10 raffle tickets to sell at a cost of $2 per ticket. The raffle is organised by the Australian If you are rostered to be in the canteen for a 12:30 Central Credit Union to help clubs with their match you need to be available in the canteen If you are rostered to be in the canteen for a 2:00 Each club receives 100% of their ticket sales. match you need to be available in the canteen This is our major fundraiser for the year & we need support from all players to make this a success. If you are rostered to be in the canteen for a 3:30 Any lost or destroyed raffle tickets will need to be match you need to be available in the canteen paid for as our club is accountable for all tickets. Depending on the number of home matches, you If you wish to sell more raffle books please see may not be required to remain in the canteen for the full duration. It is essential that everyone does their bit to help when it is their turn, do not assume Tickets & money must be returned by Tuesday 29th Each Saturday the club organise a sausage sizzle at the home courts. Volunteers are required each week to cook the BBQ. This is done early in the ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS
afternoon, prior to the majority of home matches The club is selling entertainment books for a cost of $65. By purchasing one of these books you will Please let Daryl Chown know if you are able to The Entertainment™ Book is your guide to the best restaurants, family restaurants, informal dining and takeaway, hotel accommodation, attractions, BUNNINGS BBQ FUNDRAISER
sports and leisure activities. with 25% to 50% off, On Sunday 1st April; our club had a very successful Please contact Justine Gould on 8321 9078 to A huge thank you to everyone who helped on the day: Daryl & Samantha Chown, Georgia Baldock, Paula Laforgia, Nick & Emily Gostling, Lisa & Isabella Lewin, Jo & Madi Davies, Mark & Amber McNamara, Tanya & Tayla Christopher, Dave & Hannah Tschirpig, Debbie Morton, Jules Moyle, SAUCNA REPRESENTATIVE TEAMS FOR 2012
Lizzie McCormack, Ken, Liz, Julia & Alannah We encourage any player interested in trialling for Green, Shelly Kennedy, Kylie & Bonnie Jansz, the SAUCNA representative teams to do so. This Andrea Mean, Karen & Melissa Stewart, Tania & is a great experience, which will involve attending Emily Sowter, Simone & Heidi Brewster, Lisa & Tahlia Haren, Justine Gould, Donna & Jarna Bevins, Jodie & Tylah Creedy, Alicia & Kaylah If you are chosen you will be involved in the Male, Beth & Hayley Boys, Dave, Hannah & CANA Nationals, which this year will be held in Brisbane They will be held from 28th September to Your time and support is greatly appreciated 6th October. This is a fantastic experience. TRAINING NIGHTS
16th June (17&U,21&U,Open) with a $10 fee. Any parent wishing to have a cup of tea, coffee or Milo at training for only 50c (training only price) The dates for trials (13&U, 15&U) are: Dates for trials (17&U, 21&U, Open) are from 6 Jul. REMINDER TO ALL PLAYERS
all players must remove all jewellery
Sponsorship is a very important part of every club and we are very pleased to have several sponsors www.hallettcovenetballclub.org.au
continuing again this year. We are always looking Philip Boys updates this site regularly with our club’s important information and wil provide a link If you know of anyone that could be interested in to each team’s results on the SAUCNA website any capacity please let Daryl 0418 849 133 know, Anyone requiring to contact the club by e-mail, our SPONSORS
Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/HallettCoveNetballClub Cove Print
The Cove Tavern
Nickname: Yazzi
Favourite Playing Position: GA, GS
Favourite ANZ Championship Player:
Netball Achievements:
Dean Lawrence Award 2011/2012
Netball Ambitions:
To be a professional netballer
18 August
Hobbies Other than Netball:
Jujitsu & Trampoline
01 September Grand Final
08 September Presentation Night
28 September CANA Nationals

Source: http://hallettcovenetballclub.org.au/documents/Newsletters/NewsletterApril12.pdf

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