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Carmine Abate, VIVERE PER ADDIZIONE - Mondadori, February 2010
The story is told over the course of seventeen separate short stories full of life and poetry, each of
which is as full and as compact as a novel. Abate recounts his small-town childhood, invoking the
flavors of “arbëreshe” cuisine, the magic of ancient rhapsodies. He also comes to grip with topics
such as the rise of a deeply European civic sense and encounters with new immigrants in a Calabria
where empty nurseries are converted into Migrant Centers. This is a book where the nostalgia of
those who’ve left meets the nostalgia of those who’ve stayed, a book that traces the difficult path
toward an identity.
Carmine Abate was born in 1954 in Carfizzi, in an arbëreshe community – i.e. in a community of
Italian-Albanians – in Calabria. He emigrated to Germany as a young man. He currently lives in
Trentino, where he works as a teacher. Among his publications are a book of poetry Terre di andata
(1996) and a number of novels-- Il ballo tondo (1991), La moto di Scanderbeg (1999), Tra due mari
(2002), La festa del ritorno (2004), Il mosaico del tempo grande (2006) and Gli anni veloci (2008).
His books have won numerous literary prizes and have been translated into many languages.

Olivia Agostini, LA RUGGINE NEL SANGUE - Piemme Freeway, April 2010
Francis and Lavinia, both 16 year-olds, have been chosen to star in a film remake of Shakespeare’s
Romeo and Juliet. The two teenagers grow close to each other during the months of filming. They
are profoundly moved by the intensity of the story and by the roles they play in the film. This is a
very moving story culminating in Francis and Lavinia’s shocking choice to follow literally in the
footsteps of the two legendary lovers of Verona and make their love immortal.
Olivia Agostini was born on the 29th of September, 1983. She grew up writing short stories, poems
and composing songs. In the world of music, she goes by the name of September 29th. She
translates books from English. This is her first novel.
Click here to read the interview with the author.

Valeria Corciolani, LACRIME DI COCCODRILLO - Mondadori, March 2010
Betti has never disappeared like this before. Of the three, she’s the career executive, she’s the one
who’s always on call, if anything Guia and Lucia have to work to keep her chatter within bounds.
And so of course her friends are worried. Particularly when they find out that Betti has fallen head
over heels for the mysterious Raul, the man they call the turd, “a real, honest-to-God bastard”. They
are quite right to worry: they have no clue that Betti is about to involve them in the terrible mess
she’s found herself in…
Valeria Corciolani was born in Chiavari, where she lives with her husband and children. She is an
illustrator and graphic artist. Together with a musician, she organizes special courses to interest kids
in art and creativity. Lacrime di coccodrillo is her first novel.

Sandrone Dazieri, LA BELLEZZA È UN MALINTESO - Mondadori, March 2010

Sandrone Dazieri at the top of the bestseller list !
The Gorilla's back and he's a different, more mature version of his former self. Now he's forced out
into the open again, together with his Partner, to solve the mystery of a suicide for which he feels
responsible. Why did that man kill himself? Who was the girl who hugged him and made him
happy in the last few moments of his life before he died? What is the link between the woman and a
bloody robbery two years ago during which a work of art by Damien Hirst disappeared? The work
was a skeleton with a seemingly meaningless name--The Beauty is a Misunderstanding? Beauty is a
misunderstanding and an ever-spiraling puzzle of interconnected meanings hidden to those who
cannot see reality through the prism of passion and without a piercing sense of the pain underlying
daily life. This is the discovery of a forgotten crime that no one cares about. It is the story of the
hunt for a fragile girl dressed in black who keeps a secret that seems to kill everyone it touches.
Sandrone Dazieri published his first noir novel, Attenti al Gorilla (Giallo Mondadori), in 1999,
followed by La cura del Gorilla (Einaudi), Gorilla Blues, Il karma del Gorilla and È stato un
(Mondadori). He has also published a YA novel, some screenplays and comic book scripts,
and a number of short stories. http://www.sandronedazieri.it

Maria Gabriella Genisi, LA CIRCONFERENZA DELLE ARANCE - Sonzogno, May 2010
-“After Montalbano’s orange groves, here come the oranges of commissario Lolita. Brusque,
sunny, ironic, sensual. A true, unbridled force of nature.”
(Gaetano Cappelli) -
Bari has a new police commissioner, Lolita Lo Bosco, nicknamed Lolì. Right from her first day on
the job, Lolì has to deal with wagging tongues and influential adversaries who would like nothing
better than to bring her career to a screeching halt. To make things even worse, she is handed a case
that threatens her private life—Stefano Benedetto Morelli, a 40 year-old social-climbing dentist, is
accused of rape. One look is enough to spark memories of a stormy, shared past.
Maria Gabriella Genisi was born in 1965 in Bari. This book, La circonferenza delle arance, is the
first in a series featuring Commissaria Lolì. Manni published Come quando fuori piove (2006) and
Fino a quando le stelle (2007), Edizioni La Fenice published Il pesce rosso non abita più qui
(2009). With four friends, she organizes il Libro Possibile, a prestigious Literary Festival in
Polignano a mare (near Bari).
Antonio Franchini, SIGNORE DELLE LACRIME - Marsilio, May 2010
In Signore delle lacrime Antonio Franchini melds a travel diary of his trip to India with the daily
happenings of life in the West, the Hindu pantheon of gods with the materialism of our world,
subverting the usual roles of East and West, the exotic and the family life, story and memory, Indian
food and the cuisine of Emilia-Romagna, fiction and bits of autobiography. It is a light, frothy
meditation on death and what appears to be the summing up of a life every middle-aged man goes
through, as he voices notions, impressions, snatches of prose, the thrill of memories or
premonitions, the images of places riddled with every size and shape of lies and yet at the same
time partaking of holiness in every nook and cranny.
Antonio Franchini was born in Naples in 1958. His first published book was Camerat in 1991. He
published Quando scriviamo da giovani in 1996. Marsilio published Quando vi ucciderete,
(1996), Acqua, sudore, ghiaccio (1998), L’abusivo (2001 - chosen by La Repubblica as
one of the 'ten best books of Italian literature of the decade») and Cronaca della fine (2003). In
2006 Mondadori published Gladiatori.

Lia Levi, LA SPOSA GENTILE - e/o, February 2010
Amid the celebrations of the turn of the last century, Amos, a young Jewish banker living in a small
town, makes a promise: one day he will become rich and he will found a solid patriarchal family.
Life, however, will deal him a different hand of cards. His unbridled passion for Teresa, a Christian
peasant woman, leads him to run away with his pregnant lover. Scandal ensues in the Jewish
community. Amos and his gentile wife live rejected by all, ‘foreigners’ in their own country. But
Teresa doesn’t want the man she loves to suffer because of her, and thus embraces his religion.
Lia Levi lives in Rome. She is the founder and managing editor of “Shalom”, a magazine serving
the Jewish community. She is a scriptwriter, journalist and writer of novels for adults and children.
Click here for press reviews.
Valerio Massimo Manfredi, IDI DI MARZO - Mondadori, November 2008
More than 350,000 copies sold in Italy alone
Rome, 44 BC: the story of the last week of Julius Caesar. A thrilling account of one of the most
famous murders in history. A breathtaking novel by one of the international masters of the historical
novel who reveals all the mysteries, uncertainties and contradictions of a murder that was hardly
unexpected but which - still - remains largely inexplicable.
Valerio Massimo Manfredi is professor of classical archaeology. He has carried out a number of
expeditions and excavations in many sites throughout the Mediterranean, and has taught in Italian
and international universities. He has published works of fiction which have been translated
worldwide. He has written and hosted documentaries on the ancient world which have been
broadcast by the major TV networks, and has written films and TV series. He lives with his family
in the countryside near Bologna.
Rights sold to: Spain - Random House Mondadori; Usa/Canada - MacMillan; Greece - Psichogios;
Brazil - Rocco; Portugal - Porto Editora; Israel – Kinneret Zmora; France - Plon
Mariangela Mianiti, NON SONO (PIÙ) UNA SIGNORA - Sonzogno, May 2010

Prunella is the embodiment of the very rich, very spoiled Milanese matron, married to a man who
doubles as an ATM. The 40 year old Prunetta is terrified of aging. The very idea makes her
pampered skin crawl. She’s used to endless rounds of parties, opening nights at the theater and
openings of art shows, every possible form of beauty treatment, from massages to Restylane and
Botox, and weeks at the spa. As if aging weren’t enough, here comes the Recession…
Mariangela Mianiti commutes between Milano and Switzerland. She writes for “La Repubblica”
and “Vanity Fair”. She has won two prestigious journalism awards (Cronista dell’anno, 2003;
Premio Maria Grazia Cutuli, 2005) and has published two books of investigative journalism (Una
notte da entraineuse
and La vita Viagra. Uomini, pillole, sesso e relazioni).

Sebastiano Nata, IL VALORE DEI GIORNI - Feltrinelli, February 2010
Marco and Domenico are brothers, but they couldn’t be more different. Marco is organized,
efficient, methodical and has successfully climbed the career ladder in a multinational corporation.
Domenico is messy, exuberant, an over-the-top personality who lives a happy small-town life in
Porto San Giorgio, where he runs a door shop, and where he has fallen in love with Teresa, a
woman who is much younger than him. Marco is convinced that Teresa is a gold-digger, but he’s
too taken up with work to truly worry about his brother. But this time, work must be put on the back
burner, because death has made a sudden appearance. Now Marco cannot ignore the crisis and is
forced to take a new look at his own life and at the choices he’s made.
Sebastiano Nata
was born in 1955. He is an executive in a large multinational corporation and has
published Il dipendente, La resistenza del nuotatore, Mentre ero via with Feltrinelli. Click here to
read the review.
Translation rights: Feltrinelli
Claudio Paglieri, LA CACCIATRICE DI TESTE - Piemme, June 2010
An old fisherman from Camogli has apparently committed suicide, but Commissario Marco Luciani
suspects that it’s not an open-and-shut case. The Commissario must unravel a long list of unsolved
crimes, all of which arise from an ancient, headless bronze statue fished out of the sea forty years
ago. The head was never found.
Claudio Paglieri, born in Genoa in 1965, is a journalist and writer. Commissario Marco Luciani
appears in two other novels written by Paglieri, both published by Piemme—Domenica nera, which
won the Bancarella Sport Prize, and Il vicolo delle cause perse (both translated into German/Aufbau
Verlag). www.claudiopaglieri.com

Gabriele Romagnoli, NAVI IN BOTTIGLIA - Garzanti, February 2010
The new edition of a cult book of surprising mini-tales. Expect the unexpected.
Life goes on its dreary, weary way, repetitive and utterly predictable, often boring—it’s enough to
make you want to throw everything overboard and plunge into adventure. And yet—life also holds
little surprises that jolt us off our destined path. In these very short yet powerful micro-tales,
Gabriele Romagnoli manages to set off sparkling time bombs.
Gabriele Romagnoli, Bologna 1960, is a journalist and writer. He was “La Stampa”’s
correspondent to the United States. He currently writes op-ed pieces for “La Repubblica” and writes
for “Vanity Fair” and “GQ”. He has also written a number of screenplays for television. Among his
most recent publications are Solo i treni hanno la strada segnata (Mondadori).

Amedeo Romeo, NON PIANGERE COGLIONE - Isbn, March 2010
Andrea Morini is fascinated by motherhood but he is at the same time terrified of becoming a
father. He is so attracted to pregnant women’s bodies that a mere whiff of stretch mark removal
cream is enough to plunge him into a world of eroticism. When he meets Lena, who is in her 37th
week of pregnancy, he is so taken aback at the thought of her impending motherhood that he finds
he wants to become a mother himself. Non piangere coglione is the story of one man’s entertaining
and poetic quest for happiness.
Amedeo Romeo was born in Milan in 1970. He is a writer and a theatre director, he translates
books from English and has written children’s books and YA books. Non piangere coglione is his
first novel. Translation rights: Isbn
Piernicola Silvis, GLI ANNI NASCOSTI - Cairo Editore, March 2010
A politician with a long and exemplary career at the topmost levels of government hides a secret
with the power to redesign the political map. A shadowy group is planning an Argentina-style
golpe. An agent of the Secret Service holds the destiny of a country in his hands. And while the
Berlin Wall falls, taking down with it the Iron Curtain, in Italy the First Republic wanes in a sea of
scandal. Are these events pure coincidence or are they related in heretofore unsuspected ways?
Piernicola Silvis, Foggia 1954, is the Director of the State Police. His first novel was Un assassino
(Fazi 2006, which won the Franco Fedeli Prize and was translated into German and
Spanish), followed by L’ultimo indizio (Fazi 2008), a novelized version of the police action that led
to the capture of Cosa Nostra’s number two man Giuseppe Madonia in September 1992. In 2009 he
wrote Il conto, which was included in the Casi freddi anthology edited by Mauro Zola (Cairo).
Beppe Tosco, NON C’È PIÙ BENZINA - Mondadori, March 2010
Welcome to the future in this ‘wired and surreal’ novel, where the future is so absurd it looks like
our present. Air passengers must travel naked in airports to avoid hijackings (so much for body
scanners) and wait for days at a time for planes to fill up. This hilarious novel was written by
someone who understands the comic arts, and is a biting, smart and humorous social satire.
Beppe Tosco is a television writer. In 2005 he published Finché matrimonio non ci separi with
Carlo Aluffi and Vittorio Collini (Mondadori).
Non Fiction

STORIA - Einaudi Stile libero, December 2009

Characters that never lived, battles that were never fought and books that were never written have
had as much an impact on humanity as people and events that really existed. The letters of Prester
John go hand in hand with the myth of the Holy Grail, down to Marco Polo and Christopher
Columbus. The poems of Ossian, which revolutionized world culture with the power of the
Romantic movement. The infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which still have the power to
sway extremist minds… This book is filled with amazing facts and reads like a novel, revealing in
an informative yet entertaining way all the lies, swindles and legends that make up official history.
Errico Buonanno, Rome 1979. His first novel, Piccola serenata notturna (Marsilio 2003), won the
Calvino Prize. He works as an editor for Marsilio.
Sironi, new edition 2009
- Preface by Academy Award Winner Ennio Morricone
A thoroughly entertaining and well-researched introductory essay on the Boss. The book contains
the original lyrics of more than one hundred songs from 1972 to 2009, with parallel-text translated
lyrics and detailed notes. A complete biography of Springsteen, a discography, videography and
bibliography, updated to his latest album Working on a dream.
Visit the website
Leonardo Colombati was born in Rome in 1970. His first novel, Perceber (Sironi 2005), was
hailed as one of the most significant events in contemporary Italian literature. His second novel,
Rio, was published in 2007 by Rizzoli. Mondadori published Il re (2009). He is editor at “Nuovi
Argomenti” and writes for “Il Giornale” and “Vanity Fair”.
Translation rights with Sironi
SCOMPARSO - Rizzoli, July 2010
An incredible journey of discovery involving Rome, Oxford, New York and Dubrovnik, on the trail
of two paintings by Michelangelo Buonarroti. In this book, Antonio Forcellino shares his
enthusiasm as an art lover and his sophisticated professional competence. Just as an art restorer
slowly removes the grime of time from darkened paintings, making them legible once more, by the
same token Forcellino reveals the hidden meanings inside masterpieces while at the same time
placing the masterpiece in its historical context with the ability of a novelist.
Antonio Forcellino is one of Europe’s greatest experts in Renaissance art. He has restored art
works of unquestioned value, such as Michelangelo’s Moses and the Arch of Trajan. He contributes
articles to the national press and is the author of Michelangelo Buonarroti. Storia di una passione
(2002), Michelangelo. Una vita inquieta (2005), Raffaello. Una vita felice (2006). He has
also written two novels, Oro fiamma (Rizzoli) and Lo strappo, with Brunella Schisa (Fanucci).
Rights sold to: Pre-empted in UK/US

AKBARI - Baldini Castoldi Dalai, April 2010

Imagine a child who was born in the province of Ghazni, in South-East Afghanistan. Assume his
lonely travels took him not only across his own country, but Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Greece.
After five years on the road, spent living on the streets and doing the most unusual jobs, following a
series of unbelievable ups and downs, hope and tragedy, the boy found a home and a family in Italy.
When this young Afghan political refugee, today 20, found someone prepared to listen to his story,
letting his words be photographed in all the anguish of bitter memories, that someone was Fabio
Geda and this book was the result.
Fabio Geda was born in 1972 in Turin where he still lives today. He works with troubled youths.
He writes on education for the monthly magazine “Linusand the daily “La Stampa”. He has
published the following novels: Per il resto del viaggio ho sparato agli indiani (Instar Libri 2007,
Feltrinelli 2009, selected for the Strega Prize, published in translation in France and Romania),
L'esatta sequenza dei gesti (Instar Libri 2008, winner of the Grinzane Cavour Prize).
Translation Rights with Baldini e Castoldi: Pre-empted in Brazil, Germany, Spain and Holland.
Mario Maffi, LA CULTURA UNDERGROUND - Odoya, December 2009
The beat generation and the Movement, personal and drug problems, politics, the Vietnam War,
pacifists, gays and feminists, ethnic minorities and radical dissent, experimental cinema and theater,
music in all its forms. Mario Maffi gives an overview of the social and cultural aspects of a whole
era, examining its roots and the deep-seated motivations of the individuals and groups of the time.
Mario Maffi teaches Anglo-American Culture at the Università degli Studi di Milano. Among the
many books he’s written, the most recently-published are New York. L’isola delle colline (2003),
Nel mosaico della città. Differenze etniche e nuove culture in un quartiere di New York (2006),
Tamigi. Storie di fiume (2008), Mississippi. Il Grande Fiume (2009; The French translation won the
French Prix Ptolémée de Géographie).
Valerio Massimo Manfredi, LA TOMBA DI ALESSANDRO - Mondadori, November 2009
The internationally acclaimed author of the Alexandros trilogy reconstructs one of the greatest
mysteries of history, combining serious science with the thrill of fiction. Alexander the Great's
legend begins while his body is still warm: after his death, his body did not decompose and
continued to emanate its natural scent. Following its journey on an enormous hearse - a temple on
wheels - it was conserved in a honey bath for nearly three years. It was brought to Alexandria,
crowning the city's claim as the beating heart of the Hellenic world. His tomb received visitors such
as Octavius Augustus, Caligola and emperor Septimius Severus, who "sealed" the sepulchre so that
the sleep of the hero would never be disturbed again. How can we explain, then, that four centuries
later, nothing was known about the tomb of Alexander? The hunt for the lost tomb began again in
the 1800's, when the first explorers who set off to find it were lost in an underground labyrinth
and the mystery continues today, as does the hunt.
Valerio Massimo Manfredi is professor of classical archaeology. He has carried out a number of
expeditions and excavations in many sites throughout the Mediterranean, and has taught in Italian
and international universities. He has published works of fiction, translated worldwide. He has
written and hosted documentaries on the ancient world transmitted by the major TV, and has written
films and TV series. He lives with his family in the countryside near Bologna.
Rights sold to: Greece – Psichogios; France – Lattès; Spain – RHM; Brazil – Rocco
Rizzoli, May 2010
Paola Maraone uses Sex and the City and other film references (and literary references as well) to
offer a series of ironic reflections on everything that a woman can still learn. For example, she can
learn that ‘with the money I spend on my wardrobe I could have bought a house”, that “they were
right—children really do change your life”, that “even if I can afford it, quitting my job isn’t always
a good idea”, and that “sometimes the sad truth is that he really isn’t that into you”.
Paola Maraone is a journalist for ‘Gioia’. She is the author of Ero una brava mamma prima di
avere figli
(Rizzoli 2009), Cineterapia—99 film che fanno bene al cuore (Sperling & Kupfer 2008)
and Da una lacrima sul viso—Come guarire i mali del cuore attraverso l’ascolto omeopatico delle
canzoni più deprimenti del pop italiano
(Kowalski 2006).

Simone Regazzoni, PORNOSOFIA - Ponte alle Grazie, May 2010
Simone Ragazzoni has analyzed from every possible angle and from top to bottom pop phenomena
such as Dr. House and the TV series Lost. Now, Simone Regazzoni once again lifts the lantern of
philosophy to cast a light on something that we tend to either relegate to the shadows as a private
obsession or subject to public condemnation. Pornography is a mass phenomenon, a pop
phenomenon. It is the duty of a philosopher to study it in a serious fashion.
Simone Regazzoni
(Genoa, 1975) teaches at the Catholic University of Milan and was a co-author,
under the collective pen-name of Blitris, of La filosofia del Dr. House (Ponte alle Grazie 2007). He
also wrote La filosofia di Lost (Ponte alle Grazie 2009), translated in Spain/Duomo and Brazil.
Translation rights with Ponte alle Grazie.
For rights informations please contact:
Alessandra Mele
Via degli Olivetani 12 - 20123, Milano - IT
tel +39/02/4818962
fax +39/02/48195108

Source: http://www.grandieassociati.it/mediafiles/files/GeALondon2010.pdf

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