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Media Release
HONG KONG, 9 June 2011
Tricor, Equiniti and Link Market Services
Form Global Share Alliance
Tricor Investor Services Limited, Hong Kong’s leading share registration and investor services provider and part of the Tricor Group (“Tricor”), announced today that they have formed a strategic alliance with Equiniti, a UK company, and Link Market Services, an Australia-based firm, to deliver top-notch securities market and investor-related services offerings to globally This strategic relationship brings together leading share registration services providers in each jurisdiction to become the Global Share Alliance. Together, the Global Share Alliance represents more than 30 million shareholder records worldwide. The Alliance is committed to providing premium client services with local knowledge and expertise, while demonstrating Tricor Investor Services Limited and associated companies provide services to more than 730 public listed companies whose shares, warrants and REIT units are listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. In addition, Tricor’s client portfolio also includes more than 580 companies listed in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, over 35% of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as a significant share of multinationals and private enterprises operating Under the alliance, clients will have access to world-class services from each of the Global Share Alliance members. Clients of all three firms will benefit from professional support in planning and executing global corporate actions as well as combined management Commenting on the alliance, Mr. Julian Chow, Tricor Group Managing Director, said: “We
are excited by this strategic alliance with Equiniti and Link Market Services as this will further strengthen Tricor’s already strong global servicing network. This alliance will augment the premium service offerings to shareholders and listed clients across markets and will enhance cross-border transactions by investors.” Mr. John Parker, Equiniti’s Managing Director, said that the Global Share Alliance is an
important step towards the goal of developing strategic alliances across all the markets in which our clients operate. Parker indicated that the sharing of market intelligence and client communications under the alliance would ensure the delivery of the most efficient service Mr. Philip Muhlbauer, Link’s CEO, said: “The establishment of an agreement is an exciting
proposition for all companies with global aspirations. The Global Share Alliance will enable companies to benefit from market leading technology and a focus on a premium delivery of services, previously unavailable in the market at a global level.” For more information, please contact:


About Tricor Group (“Tricor”)
Tricor Group, a member of The Bank of East Asia Group, is a global provider of integrated Business, Corporate and Investor Services. As a business enabler, Tricor provides outsourced expertise in corporate administration, compliance and business support functions that allows clients to concentrate on what they do best - Building Business. Tricor has built its reputation and professional expertise through the acquisition of certain practices from major international accounting and professional firms in Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Brunei, Dubai UAE, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Labuan, Macau, Mainland Press Release: Tricor, Equiniti and Link Market Services Form Global Share Alliance (9 June 2011) China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the United Kingdom, as well as through organic For more information on Tricor, please visit
About Equiniti Limited (“Equiniti”)

Equiniti Limited is the UK’s leading provider of share registration, retail investor services and employee share plans, acting for 54 per cent of the FTSE 100 companies and 40 per cent of the FTSE 250. Equiniti is responsible for 17 million shareholder accounts and over 3 million employees. It is part of the Equiniti Group, which is also a leading specialist provider of pensions administration and payments services. The Equiniti Group serves over 1,700 clients, has combined revenues of over £300 million, and makes payments totalling over £11 billion per annum to pensioners, dependents and annuitants in over 180 countries worldwide. For more information on Equiniti, please visit
About Link Market Services Limited (“Link”)

Link Market Services Limited is Australia’s leading share registry and financial services provider, managing over 10 million account records, over 1,000 ASX securities and over $500 billion in investments. Link is dedicated to the provision of premium service, utilising innovative technology and industry expertise to deliver tailored best practice solutions and value to clients, employees and investors. Link’s suite of services are comprehensive, incorporating core registry and capital market services, as well as various specialist functions including the provision of employee plan solutions, company secretarial services, shareholder analytics and communication solutions. Link provides services to over 80% of the S&P/ASX 100. For more information on Link, please visit Press Release: Tricor, Equiniti and Link Market Services Form Global Share Alliance (9 June 2011)


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