Signs of neuromuscular disorders that must not be missed

NeuroFlash 1
NeuroFlash 2
Neurologic disease in women
• WHIMS (estrogen or estrogen/progest) NeuroFlash 3
Women and epilepsy
NeuroFlash 4
NeuroFlash 5
Advances in Neurosurgery
• Microdialysis – cerebral metabolism NeuroFlash 6
Neurology and the Military
NeuroFlash 7
Lifestyle factors in Alzheimers Disease
NeuroFlash 8
• Failure of adequate trials of 2 tolerated and • Epilepsy Surgery seizure free (1 year) NeuroFlash 9
Drug Induced Reversible Encephalopathy
• Tacrolimus, cyclosporine, sirolimus, MTX, interferom, rituximab, bevacizumab, sorafenib, sunitinib, fingolimod, IVIG • Cyclophosphamide, cytarabine, doxorubicin, etoposide, • Cocaine, ampetamines, TCA, SSRI, midodine, fludrocostisone NeuroFlash 10
Neurologic Heavy Metal Disorders
NeuroFlash 11
Neurologic Autoimmune Encephalitis
• HA, fever, behavior change, psychosis, movement disorder, NeuroFlash 12
Sleep disorders in children
• Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, Prader-Willi


Life to me is like a sailing boat; not a fancy one, but one with dark or white sails to indicate surrender or victory. It could get attacked on all sides by blasts of piercing winds, turgid torrents of gushing water enough to sink it. But all through it still stands firm in its hold on the ocean. My life is relative to this kind of sailing boat. The last time I’d not seen my parents for lon

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************************This is an Exercise************************* Treatment and Prophylaxis :* Introduction Most patients with uncomplicated human influenza, especially adolescents and young adults,can be treated symptomatically and need no specific intervention. In the elderly, however,treatment with antiviral drugs is a good option. These drugs should further be consideredfor high-risk

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