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Services Provided
We focus on weaning, stabilizing, and rehabilitating the patient who would otherwise receive traditional hospital care.

Ventilator patients: Weaning or Chronic
 Medically stable patients requiring ventilation; each patient assessed for an individual  Patients requiring full or nocturnal ventilatory support-that have a prognosis for weaning  Long or short term placement  Facility wide oxygen and vacuum suction  Chest tube to water seal only **We do not take patients requiring non-invasive ventilation  Continuous or Bolus enteral feedings via peg, G-tube or J-tube  NG tube/Dobhoff consideration on a case by case basis  Traditional or elemental tube feeding formulas  Capable of providing all diets by mouth  Combination feedings – TPN while advancing tube feedings or 3 meals a day with a nocturnal tube feeding for nutritional support  All IV antibiotics provided – carve out may apply for third generation drugs  IV Fluids when appropriate for hydration  IV push drugs we can administer: Lasix, Morphine, Ativan, Bumex, Digoxin, Solu- medrol, Valium, D50, Toradol, Dilaudid, Demerol, Phenergan, Zofran  Other IV’s: Venofer, Pepcid, Reglan  Most IV access acceptable- peripheral, midline, picc, central lines, **Milrinone/Primacor drip or Dobutamin/Dopamine can be given if not being titrated because we do not do cardiac monitoring – Carve out would apply for this drug as well. **Unable to administer Chemotherapy or Blood products** Off Site services provided at local hospital affiliation:  Transfusions  Bronchoscopy  Picc lines  G/J tubes  Specialty studies that we are unable to do on site  Botox  Able to treat all types of wounds: Pressure, Surgical, Diabetic, Venous Stasis, Arterial,  All stages and thicknesses  Most current approved treatment options utilized  Surgical consultants  VAC when appropriate  Specialty mattresses/beds utilized o Equipped to accommodate bariatric patients  Positioning devices to prevent or treat pressure ulcers  OT/PT staff utilized for positioning/splinting  Weekly wound rounds – utilize the Wound Trakker computer program  Yearly wound competencies/preventative skin care for all licensed staff and nursing  Respiratory Therapy  Physical Therapy  Occupational Therapy  Speech Therapy  Restorative Nursing Program  Recreational Therapy o Own paratransit van o Portable ventilators o Community outings o Resident council o Spiritual support o Large lounges o Outdoor space o Phones available o TV’s o Hairdresser  Nephrologist consultants  Onsite dialysis at both facilities  Lab services available 24 hrs/day – 7 days/week  Accu checks on site  EKG’s on site  Radiology on site o Special Studies o Ultrasound o Doppler o Echo o EEG  Complex licensed lab at Warrington with the ability to check ABG’s, H&H, basic electrolytes (Clara Burke will also have this ability in the near future)  Pharmacy available 24 hrs/day – 7 days a week  Pyxis machine on site Physician Services: Consultative services including but not limited to:  Pulmonology/Critical Care Intensivist  Cardiology (Warrington)  Infectious Disease (Warrington)  Dermatology  Nephrology  Podiatry  Dental  Psychiatry  Psychology  Physiatry  Surgical  Pharmacy and Infectious Disease consultants provided through our servicing company **Any physician interested in seeing a patient can obtain temporary privileges End of Life/Terminal Care  Strong social services and pastoral care provided  Individualized pain management Care Conference: Interdisciplinary Team  Biweekly for the first quarter and then monthly  Entire team present with the family  PT/INR lab license  Outpatient dialysis unit on site  Bronchoscopy suite (surgical center) on site


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Monaldi Arch Chest Dis2001; 56: 6, 527–534 REVIEW Community-acquired pneumonia: role of atypical organisms R. Cosentini, P. Tarsia, F. Blasi*, E. Roma*, L. Allegra* ABSTRACT: Community-acquired pneumonia: role of nary radioimmunoassay (RIA) antigen detection is the atypical organisms. R. Cosentini, P. Tarsia, F. Blasi, E. Roma, method of choice for L. pneumophila se

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