World Greyhound Racing Federation 2000 Conference - Sydney 'Methodology update - Frozen Semen, Kooled Semen and Progesterone Testing in Australia' PROFILE OF SPEAKER AND SYNOPSIS
Consultant to Sports & Entertainment Services - Vietnam ORGANISATION
Superintendent, Belmont Veterinary Hospital BIOGRAPHY - - Refer to Greyhound Racing and Technology.
'Application of New Technologies to Greyhound Racing Management' Frozen Semen, Kooled Semen & Progesterone Testing in Australia
The efficiencies of Breeding Technology that we now embrace are due largely to
the tireless and committed work of Richard & Sharyn Conole. As little as ten
years ago studmaster responsibility was low as bitches were presented on the
13 th or 14 1h day for breeding. This attitude still exists with some old school
studmasters today but many have been made aware of the essentials of
progesterone monitoring and taking control of the breeding - eliminating as
many variables as possible that might result in a missed conception.

We must question the validity of the rules that control our breeding industry in
the light of the technology that is widely adopted today. They were formulated
without the reasonable foresight of future developments and as such are
destined to change to embrace new breeding methods.

Breeding in the Greyhound industry should not be singled out and penalised
with obstructive rules compared to breeding with show dogs and agility dogs.
These rules at present prevent us from embracing fully the benefits of new
technology for the betterment of the breed.

Over the past two years we have produced dozens of showdog litters from sires
all over Australia with bitches that never left home.

The Carnelot Farms system has been successful with a network of operators in
Brisbane, Newcastle & Melbourne, all trained from the source at College Station,
Texas USA.
Australia's summer climate and inevitable transport delays affect the normal
progression of the oestrous cycle in many bitches that have been transported
long distances for breeding. Often these bitches so sent do not fail pregnant or
go off season before mating. Trainers should not be penalised because they
breed greyhounds and not *show dogs". They should have the option of Kooled

Methodology & Technology exists but Regulations prevent.
High quality extender to protect & nourish the semen
Efficient Transport method
Precise Progesterone monitoring of the Bitch
Good communication between Stud, Vet & Owner of the bitch
Aspects of Implementation of Kooled Semen Approval Proven Technology & Methodology already
* Progesterone Testing
Secure & Temperature efficient Transport System
Document path from Source to Breeding overseen by regulatory authority
DNA Confirmation available
We need to avail ourselves of the efficiencies Kooled Semen provides for wider
marketing of stud dogs in Australia and NZ.
Trials we have conducted with the extender of Camelot Farms has shown
excellent motility and viability after day 3 (recommended to use by day 2 ) and
with a 33% reduction in motility by day 5.

World Greyhound Racing Federation 2000 Conference - Sydney We have accepted and utilized the technology of FS in Australia based on the Camelot
Farms system of semen preservation (SPS). This technology allows
Preservation of the gene pool by allowing the stud dog to sire puppies when he is no
longer able to do so

Ability to breed the dog when his performance is not up to par
Ability to breed the same sire on several occasions on the some day & in
different locations

Increased marketing potential for the stud dog in locations where he will never

The ability to prove the stud dog before he retires to stud
Less time & travel costs for the brood bitch
Ability to test semen quality before breeding
Provide insurance against loss of stud dog reproductive services
Ability to keep the dog reproductively active when not being used for

Ability to achieve more than one breeding from one collection
Positive control of reproductive diseases
The more we use the SPS of Camelot Forms the more it becomes evident that the
regulations governing its use in Australia were not determined with this latest
technology in mind.
At Belmont Veterinary Hospital we have at times collected very rich semen samples
capable of being split 6 -7 times yet still satisfying the 100 million normal living
sperm requirement for insemination.
If we package this in 7 vials, only one or two are used for insemination here in Australia
-the rest is tipped down the sink - An unacceptable waste of resources with our valuable
stud dogs - you never know when you might not have them.

The premature loss of Golden Currency without leaving a larger legacy to our breeding
gene pool should be insured against by legislation that enables us to have more freedom
in the frequency of collections and in the splitting of semen. The responsibility for the
ethical and physiological management of these stud dogs should lie with the Studmaster
(competition in an open market) and the attending Veterinarian.

Frozen Semen - some current difficulties
Transport company catastrophes
Lost paperwork
Opening shippers to look inside because of lost paperwork
Shipper failure/ transit damage
Loss of liquid nitrogen
Thawing of contents
2. Difficulty in providing service by trained operators at the time when needed
by all studmasters
Multiple operators per facility
The key that unlocks the gates to the proven technologies and methods of the SPS &
Kooled Semen is Progesterone Testing

Without that we would have no idea when a bitch will ovulate and breeding a dog & bitch
in the same location can be nothing but a best guess. Breeding at a distant location or
overseas becomes impossible without the guidance of Progesterone testing.
At Belmont Veterinary Hospital we have had successful pregnancies from
matings on day 6 of season to day 43 (9 pups).

What is Progesterone / How is it Measured?
Progesterone is a hormone that rises as the bitch's heat or cycle progresses and as it
rises to a certain level ovulation or egg release is triggered. There are complex laboratory
assessments to assay this hormone but at times it is difficult to interpret the units of
measurement from one laboratory to the next.

The Camelot Farms system has been based on the Ovucheck / Date to Mate
Progesterone Test kit which provides an in house assessment within one hour of blood
sampling. Further developments with this kit in the New Year will enhance its
functionality and usability, providing even greater pinpointing of ovulation and an
assessment of when a bitch has progressed too far in the season to be bred. The exact
detaiI is of these enhancements are beyond the scope of this synopsis except to note
that technology is developing to further enhance accuracy in our breeding controls.

World Greyhound Racing Federation 2000 Conference - Sydney We do not want to be penalised because we breed greyhounds and not some
other breed by not having access to these new technologies of Kooled semen.
We do not want to be tipping the semen of our valuable stud dogs down the
sink because splits are not allowed - this is abusing - not using eff iciencies
afforded by new technology.

Our Breeding Industry will prosper with the adoption of vital regulatory

Dr John F Newell B.V.Sc. 591 Pacific Hwy Belmont NSW 2280


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