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Management Briefing No.1

UK cross-border transfer of electronic patient information

Overview of management briefings
about information and IT-related matters Each home
action points for follow up and pointers to country has
contacts and further sources of countries. Each has its own developed its
own IM&T
strategy, to
Topic summary
support differing
This paper describes in brief some of the healthcare
similarities and differences between the going to enable cross-border transfer of ment
Topic explained
Prior to 1997 and devolution, the NHS in Home countries
differ in
Secretaries of State. Electronic patient Implications and issues
and information
transfer of GP records, for example, was standards. The reality was that while the information and technical standards, the and Develo
Out of hours and
emergency care
technology prior to 1997 meant that there are the primary
drivers for the
development of
summary records
, Trainin
Within Northern Ireland IM&T is more streamlined as the technology is based on a single system supplier as is the relationship with social care. 1 Office of Population Censuses and Surveys 2 Information Management & Technology Education
Meanwhile, Wales is developing its own The future
1) Are there any policy drivers for data The Scottish GP
record transfer
system is
available in 80%
of practices and
is being migrated
to new standards
that will be
compatible with
the English GP to
GP system
Examples of good practice
most of, if not all, patients in England. Related research and reading
p business north or south of the border? If a patient requires care in another home country the very least we can do is Contacts
and Develo
Supplementing that, wouldn't it be useful A home
countries group
to see the emergency care information if Author’s Biography
is working on a
technical hub to
allow the transfer
of patient
record transfer system that is available , Trainin
Disclaimer – the content of this paper is
the opinion of the author and does not
represent policy or strategy of the NHS in
general or NHS Connecting for Health in
Unfortunately this is not compatible with particular.
Practice (GP2GP) record transfer system promised for England. Education

and Develo

, Trainin


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CURRICULUM VITAE Peter G. Gulick, DO, FACOI, FACP, FIDSA (Office) Michigan State University, B318 West Fee Hall, East Lansing, MI 48824 (517) 353-3211 (Clinic) Ingham County Health Department, 5303 S. Cedar Street, Lansing, MI 48909 (517) 887-4302 (Clinic) Breslin Cancer Center, Ingham Regional Medical Center, 401 W. Greenlawn, (Home) 1839 Pine Knoll Road, Okemos, MI 48864, (517) 349-4

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