Laura graciotti


Place of birth: Ancona, Italy


February 1999 Pavia University, Pavia, It Ph.D. in Physiopathology Thesis Title: “Muscular dystrophy in mdx mouse. Studies of skeletal muscle, myocardium and neuromuscular junction ”. Advisor: Prof. Andrea Corsi July 1992 Urbino University, Urbino, IT, Degree in Biology Thesis Title: “Plastic phenomenon of motor innervation consequent to dorsal rhizotomy”. Advisor: Prof. Riccardo Cuppini July 1986 Ancona High Level School of Chemistry, Ancona IT Diploma in Industrial Chemistry


August 1999 – at present: Research Associate Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona IT. Nov 1995- Apr 1996: Research Assistant department of Cellular Biology, Max Planck Institute, Munich DE. 1994 and 1997: Research Assistant Laboratory of Molecular Biology, MRC, Cambridge UK. 1993: Research assistant Department of Physiology Faculty of Medicine University, of Birmingham UK.


1994-1996 fellowship “Human and capital mobility” sponsored by UE, European Commission grant. 1996-1999 PhD Fellowship sponsored by Italian Government, Ministry of Education, Italy. RESEARCH EXPERIENCE

From the beginning my principal interest was toward the study of physiopathology of striated muscle. In
particular I was interested in tissues remodeling after different kind of damage, not only direct to muscular
cells but also to the related tissue such as nerve and vessels.
Several aspect of muscle physiopathology was investigated using many different approaches such as
physiological measurement in living animal, cellular and molecular biology, morphology by the use of optical
and electron microscopy (TEM).
As a student and immediately after I was focused on motor and sensory innervations of skeletal muscle with
a particular emphasis on neuromuscular plasticity and microcirculation remodeling. By altering sensorial
feedback we proved that motor innervations and microcirculation were modified in order to restore muscle
Subsequently Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy became the main topic of my research. I was interested in the
understanding the role of dystrophin lack in muscular damage genesis.
Skeletal and cardiac muscle damage and regeneration in dystrophic mdx mice was studied.
In particular the role of satellite muscle cell was evaluated in skeletal muscle regeneration of dystrophic
mice. Cardiac muscle was studied in order to elucidate the phenomena that lead to cardiac myofiber
degeneration. In particular was of my interest the understanding of a possible common pathogenetic
mechanism in skeletal and cardiac muscle. We ended up in demonstrating that cardiac muscle has a
peculiar molecular defects arising from lack of dystrophin that suggest different pathogenesis in respect to
skeletal muscle.
Alterations due to dystrophin lack was also investigated in nervous tissue. Hippocampus of mdx mice show
alteration in term of cellular and synaptic composition that underlies other muscle unrelated pathogenetic
On the other side I develop other scientific interest related to the cellular biology of mesothelial and
mesenchimal cells.

Animal colony breeding and maintenance.
Surgical techniques in small animal.
Protein Biochemistry, enzymology chromatography and immunological methods.
Morphology: histology, histochemistry, immunohistochemistry using optical and Transmission Electron
Microscopy technique.
Cell Biology: primary and tumor cell culture preparation and maintenance, cell motility and invasion studies;
cytochemistry and immunocytochemistry; transfection; flow cytometry.
Molecular Biology: extraction and purification of DNA, RNA and miRNA from tissues, cells and biological
fluids. DNA cloning. PCR and Real Time PCR. miRNA expression profiling. DNA sequencing.
Recombinant protein expression and purification.
- Practical courses of General Pathology for Medicine and Dentistry Students. - Supervisor of student in thesis preparation for degree and PhD. - Member for General Pathology exams commission of the Ancona, University Medical and Dentistry School.

Member of Department of Clinical and Molecular Science Council as elected representative.


2011- ECDL certification (European Computers Driving License) Competent with most Microsoft and Macintosh programs and internet navigation. LANGUAGES


Arts, sports mainly sailing and tracking, travels, bricolage, cooking.


Antonio Domenico Procopio, MD Full Professor of Experimental and Clinical Pathology Polytechnic University of Marche - Ancona, Italy Phone +39 0712206241 Fax +39 0712206240 Dott Murray Stewart: Laboratory of Molecular Biology MRC, Hills Road CB2 2QH, Cambridge, UK Phone +441223 402463 fax +44 1223 213556 Prof Olga Hudlicka: Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine Birmingham University, Edgbaston Birmingham UK.

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Several international meeting participation.



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