Important Compounds & Discoverers
Morphine . Friderich Sertumer (Germany, 1805) Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloro Ethane (DDT) Paul Muller (Germany, 1939) based compounds, hydrocarbons, and their derivatives Ozone . Christian Friedrich Schonbein (1840) Carbon Monoxide (first prepared) . JMF de Lassone (France, 1778) Carbon monoxide (first identified the composition) diamond, gr aphite an damorphous carbon.
specimens is formaldehyde.
Common Organic
Common name . Chemical name
Chiefly biogas contains meth-
ane while LPG (Liquefied pe-
troleum gas) contains butane.
Soaps are produced by the sa-
ponification of fats with alkali
Application of some common
organic compounds
ars is fructose (C6H12O6).
11. Amides
Aldehydes and ketones
Non-stick kitchenware arecoated with teflon and potas- Alkyl halides
Alkaline solution of coppersulphate and sodium citrate is Acetylene or Ethyne is the sim-plest member of alkyne family.
Turpentine is an essential oilwhich is an important solvent Nitro compounds
10. Amines
parent element in the periodic table”.
Properties of Beta rays:
strongly as -particles can.
Artificial transmutation: The
Properties of gamma rays:
alpha ( ), beta ( ) an d Properties of alpha rays:
Radio carbon dating: is the
The main cause of radioactive
disintegration is the instability of
the nucleus.
Group Displacement law:
“The emission of an -particle by the emission of a -particle results discovered by Irene Curie &
Important Processes
F. Juliot.
MacArthur Forrest process (Cyanide process) . Ag Carter process . basic lead carbonate (White lead) Common Name
Chemical Name
Chemical Processes
CHROMATOGRAPHY: The modern and most
effecive method to separate different components SUBLIMATION:The conversion of substance di-
rectly from solid to vapour state.
Camphor, Iodine etc. undergoes sublimation. OXIDATION:The process of loss of electrons in
ELECTRO PLATING:The deposition of the metal
PASTEURIZATION of milk is the process by
which milk is exposed to a high temperature from
62.80C - 65.50C for 30 minutes to destroy certain micro - organisms and to prevent or arrest fer- The method used to obtain alcohol from molas- ses is called fermentation.
Bessemer Process : Removal of impurities from
molten metal by blowing air through the molten Gun powder Nitre Potassium nitrate (KNO ) charge in a Bessemer converter. Used to remove carbon and phosphorus from steel; sulphur and Bosch Process : Production of hydrogen by the
catalytic reduction of steam with carbon monox-
Haber Process : The process in which Ammonia
is prepared by combining nitrogen and hydro- Contact process:Preparation of sulphuric acid.
Alumino thermic process : Preparation of chro-
Cyanide process : Used for the extraction of
Salts & Colours
used to indicate the degreeof hardness of minerals.
Chlorination means the ad-dition of a small quantity of assimilate atmospheric nitro-gen directly.
The animals get their nitro-gen supply in the form ofproteins from plants whichin turn get their nitrogensupply from the soil in theform of nitrates.
Ammonia (NH3) is a com-pound of nitrogen. It can bemanufactured by combiningnitrogen and hydrogen at lowtemperature under high pres-sure.
Air pollution caused by au-tomobiles can be reduced byusing lead free petrol anddesign alternations in auto-mobiles.



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