Da funk discography

Da Funk-Discography


Da Funk-Montparnasse | Monolog Recordings
Da Funk-Double Cream | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Back Yard | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Exhale | Inhale Music
Da Funk-Outside In | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Goin’ On | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Strict Rulin’ | Acryl Music
Da Funk-That’s Me | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Everything Changes E.P. | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Heat E.P. | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Fly With Me E.P. | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Through The Sky E.P. | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Sugarman E.P. | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Confusion (Incl. Remixes) | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Love Capsule | Mimosa Recordings
Da Funk-El Camino | Mimosa Recordings
Da Funk-Keep It On | Mimosa Recordings
Da Funk-From The Vault E.P. | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Devotion E.P. | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Dig Dis E.P. | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Catch The Wave E.P. | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Catch The Wave (The Remixes) | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Way To Go | Clubstar
Da Funk-Walking Tall | Plastic City
Da Funk-The Throwdown | Plastic City
Da Funk-Freedom Of Expression | Plastic City
Da Funk-La Luz | Plastic City
Da Funk-Nightfall E.P. | Cabrio
Da Funk-Liquid Garden E.P. | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Roasted | Traxx Recordings
Da Funk-Way To Go E.P. | Conya Records
Da Funk-Electronic Love | Pesto Music
Da Funk-Fast Forward/ Follow Me/ Walking On Clouds | Forensic
Da Funk-Madison & Marciano E.P. | 2 Delicious Recordings
Da Funk-Love From Above | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Goose E.P. | Cabrio
Da Funk-Zuckerberg E.P. | Pacha Recordings
Da Funk-Smokin’ Hawt | Forensic
Da Funk-After Hour E.P. | Society 3.0 Recordings
Da Funk-Caffeine | Dutchie
Da Funk-Love Has To Be Made | Aquamarine
Da Funk-Tollkirschen | Elevation
Da Funk-Vanguard E.P. | iRecords
Da Funk-Gloomy Scene | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Look Ahead E.P. | Justified Cause
Da Funk-Weekend Rubdown | Cabrio
Da Funk-Spearhead | iRecords
Da Funk-Gated Que E.P. | 2600 Records
Da Funk-Come On | Cabrio
Da Funk-Tranquilandia | High Definition
Da Funk-Gloomy Scene | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Chiquinquirá | Dutchie
Da Funk-Spice Run | Acryl Music
Da Funk-The Third Wave | Society 3.0
Da Funk-Tranquilandia | High Definition
Da Funk-Words To Say | iRecords
Da Funk-Need For Faith | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Clavia Aurea | Dutchie Music
Da Funk-Kasama | Highway Records
Da Funk-The Last Dance | Acryl Music
Da Funk-Rauchzeichen | Alma Soul
Da Funk-Hunter | Highway Records
Jimmy C-Hit That Shit (Da Funk’s Hit’em Funky Remix) | Inhale Music
Jay Clay-Sunrain (Da Funk Remix) | Acryl Music

Babak Shayan-Azadi (Da Funk’s Acryl Dub) | Pesto Music
Discouraged Ones-For Another Reason (Da Funk’s Club Dub) | Taboo Recordings
Edmund-Sweet Memories (Da Funk’s Never Forget Remix) | Connected Musik
Edmund-Listen To This (Da Funk’s Wild Card Remix) | Connected Musik
Marrocco-Trashed (Da Funk’s After Hour Dub) | Shove Music
The Girth-Behind The Moog (Da Funk’s Love At First Sight Remix) | Funkfield
The Girth-Behind The Moog (Da Funk’s Love At First Sight Dub) Funkfield

Cooccer-Art Of Sound (Da Funk’s Pop Art Dub) | Acryl Music
Agent Matteo-Tuesday Has Gone (Da Funk’s Wish It Were Friday Mix) | Acryl Music
Onur Ozman-Steadiness (Da Funk’s Blue Bar Mix) | Acryl Music
Lukas Greenberg-The Flash (Da Funk’s Lightning Strike Mix) | Plastic City
Spin Science-Bad Magic (Da Funk’s Road Less Travelled Dub) | Cabrio
Cue-Feel’s Good (Da Funk’s Lush Dub) | Dutchie
Ross Couch-Between The Darkness & The Light (Da Funk’s Let There Be Light Remix) Body Rhythm
Brother Nick-Back For More (Da Funk’s Tronik Dub) | Muak Music
Adam Jace-Manhattan (Da Funk’s Wildlife Conversion Remix) | Elevation
Erefaan Pearce-My Love (Da Funk’s True Love Dub) | Undertones
Costa Martinez Feat. Bahar-You Changed My Life (Da Funk’s Imagine Dub) | 2 Delicious Recordings
Mr. Moon Feat. Linda Cushma-Beautiful (Da Funk’s Diamond Dub) | 2 Delicious Recordings

Fabien Kamb-Rotation (Da Funk’s Greenwich Remix) | Acryl Music
Fabien Kamb-Stay Down For A While (Da Funk’s Keep Your Head Up Mix) | Body Rhythm Black
Mustafa-Aqui Se Faz, Aqui Se Paga (Da Funk’s Redux Vocal) | Staff Productions
Afterwork-Creamy & Tasty (Da Funk’s Cherry Acid Dub) | Pacha Recordings
Rulers Of The Deep Feat. Pierre Ravan-Look Inside (Da Funk’s Central Zoo Dub) | Peppermint Jam
Elastic Sound-True Romance (Da Funk’s Back To The Future Dub) | Deepology
Daniel Kyo-Synecdoque (Da Funk’s Wayfarer Remix) | Ready Mix Records
Cosmic Belt Feat. Ella Story-Do You Feeel Alright (Da Funk’s Hacienda Dub) | Glidelslope Music
Sebastian Davidson, Ferdy & Edwin-The Zound Of Muzik (Da Funk’s Four Seasons Dub) | Ready Mix
Fruitroom & Florito-All This Time (Da Funk’s Estrella Dub) | Society 3.0 Recordings
Solar Sides Feat. DJ Pippi-Searching For The Light (Da Funk’s Candela Dub) | Modern Electrics
Karol XVII & MB Valence-Voices (Da Funk’s In My Head Remix) | Acryl Music
Krummstoff-In A Fog (Da Funk’s Sternenmeer Remix) | Low Flow Records
Dima Promo-On The Edge (Da Funk’s Reflection Dub) | Support House
Krummstoff-Am Fremdenbaumpark (Da Funk’s Himmelblau Remix) | In Deep Records
Tuccillo-Eclipse (Da Funk’s Penumbral Lunar Remix) | Pacha Recordings
Paul Eaton-Kewl Sownd (Da Funk’s Star Brigade Dub) | Disclosure Project
Paronator-September (Da Funk’s Freefloater Dub) | Brown Eyed Boyz
Pablo Fierro-Hold Me Back (Da Funk’s Won’t Stop Remix) | Stratoshpherik
Pete Moss-Stitches (Da Funk’s Valverde Remix) | Recline
Igor Dorohov-It’s Jazzy Thing (Da Funk’s Brown Sugar Remix) | Society 3.0 Recordings
Groove Department-Mai Thai (Da Funk’s New York, New York Remix) | Ready Mix Records
Nivek Tsoy-Feeling Loose (Da Funk’s Madrugada Remix) | I Records
Craig Stewart-Make Me (Da Funk’s Numb Soul Remix) | Acryl Music
Valentin Huedo-Alone (Da Funk’s Ponderosa Remix) | Extremely House Music
Jevne-Following The System (Da Funk’s Punto Rojo Remix) | Eighth Dimension
Ian Pooley-So Good (Da Funk’s Holding Heaven Remix) | Smoke N’ Mirrors
Body Crash Feat. Oppeniender-Complete (Da Funk’s French Kiss Remix) | Pacha
Sachrias & Aslak-Strömsö (Da Funk’s Rakkaus Dub) | Cromarti
Deep Active Sound-Near The Beach (Da Funk’s Days Of Perception Remix) | Society 3.0
Onur Ozman-He Was Young (Da Funk’s Young At Heart Remix) | Ready Mix
Thomas Dieckmann-The Mission (Da Funk’s New Thoughts Of Mind Remix) | UM Records
Tim Andresen-Whatcha Want (Da Funk’s Fancy Some 909 Dub) | Deep Wit
Underset-Moon Rover (Da Funk’s Solitude Remix) | Hope
Ko.Bro-I Am Here (Da Funk’s Soft Spoken Dub) | Deepology
Claes Rosen-Starlight (Da Funk’s Fade Away Dub)
DJ Mixes / Compilations


Acryl Music Pres. In The Night Vol. 1, Mixed & Compiled By Da Funk

Acryl Music Pres. In The Night Vol. 2, Compiled By Da Funk
Acryl Music Pres. In The Night Vol. 3, Compiled By Da Funk
Acryl Music Pres. In The Night Vol. 3, Compiled & Mixed By Da Funk (iTunes Exclusive)
Da Funk | Zürich, Switzerland | Dutchie Worldwide 005
Acryl Music Pres. In The Night Vol. 4, Compiled By Da Funk
Ready Mix Records: Already Mixed 06, Compiled & Mixed By Da Funk

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