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Marinated prawns and scallops tossed in lemon grass, King prawn with thai basil, chilli and lime Thai spiced king prawn hot pot with lime & chilli King prawn in x.o chilli hot pot (golden sand) King prawns stir ‘w’ diced chicken fried dry onions, x.o paste Steam dumplings
‘w’ glass noodles served in a hot pot Eggplant stuffed with seafood mince coated ‘w’ ginger Southern China country style double cooked duck. First steamed ‘w’ Asian spices than pan fried to release the orient flavours, top ‘w’ crushed soya bean gravy on poached baby bok-choy Stir-fry lamb with mint, mirin and Asian greens Lamb with lemon grass, chilli and fish sauce Dried fried crispy pork chop tossed in dry garlic San choi bao (2 lettuce wraps per serve)
From the Tanks (please check with staff for availability on the seafood)
Dinner Entree
Crispy duck pieces with shallot, cucumber and peanut hoi sin sauce wrapped ‘w’ Pekinese pancake Fish cake with asian greens with ginger and shallots Fried shredded beef, carrot and onion tossed in a tangy chilli sauce wrapped ‘w’ Pekinese pancake Rice/ side noodle
was established in late 2002 in Manuka Canberra, a renowned dining spot for locals, tourists and government officials. Ginseng first won “Best Chinese Restaurant Southern NSW”
Shredded duck and jelly fish tossed in chilli, sesame oil, per person 2.2
in the ACT Restaurant and Catering Awards in 2004 and has consecutively won this award for small 5.8 large 7.8
the Last five years (2009). Ginseng Manuka has also won the prestigious award “Best Chinese
Rice noodle with bean sprout & soya sauce small 5.8 large 5.8
entree 12.8
main 18.8
Deep fried lightly battered squid tossed in garlic, chilli, Prawns and duck fried rice with thai chilli paste Prawns and chicken fried rice with lettuce and shallot In 2008, Ginseng@Manuka opened a sister restaurant Ginseng@Hel enic at the Hel enic Club
of Canberra. The Ginseng family were proud to become partners with one of Canberra’s most
respected clubs. Ginseng@Hel enic strives to provide the same level of service, food
4 for 15.8
expectation and value for money that Ginseng@Manuka is renowned for. With a culmination
Almond flake crumbed king prawn served on crisped lettuce of traditional Chinese and western influence Ginseng@Hel enic offers a modern Chinese menu
entree 17.8
Ginseng@Hel enic also offers traditional Chinese “YUM CHA” meaning “Drink Tea” on Saturday
Deep fried light battered whitebait tossed in garlic main 23.8
From the Roast ( roasted daily )
and Sunday mornings and Monday lunchtime. Yum Cha is a great opportunity for family, friends and work mates to get together and experience a variety of traditional handmade dumplings, desserts and chefs specialty tasting plates that has been past down from 4 for 20.8
Noodle soup
There is always a selection of live seafood from around Australia, which is prepared using a Vegetables
variety of Asian spices, sauces and vegetables coming together to produce an appetising Chicken or beef with vegetables noodle soup main. We wil be sure have a dish to match your taste needs. House Mains
Bean curd with asian vegetables in ginger and shallots (g) Bean curd with eggplant in chilli vinegar hot pot Shredded duck, pickled cabbage and mushroom with rice vermicelli noodle soup We cater for groups of up to 250 people and can customize a banquet/menu to suit any Poached mix greens in sesame, peanut, light soya sauce budget and size. We can also cater to any special dietary requirements.
Fried tender shredded beef fillets ‘w’ carrot, onion, Baby spinach with shiitake mushroom sauce Seafood in ginger and shallot noodle soup Chinese broccoli with shiitake mushroom sauce Come and enjoy an award winning culinary experience and be pampered by our food.
Stir fry noodle
Sliced tenderloin beef fillets wok-tossed ‘w’ leek and Snow peas, in wasabi infused sweeten soya sauce Duck on baby bok-choy with shiitake mushroom sauce Sliced tenderloin beef fillets in honey pepper glaze Chicken with ginger & shallot in hokkien noodle Shredded duck, picked cabbage and mushroom in hokkien noodle Sliced beef tenderloin beef fillets tossed ‘w’ prawns and scallops in garlic, pepper, mushrooms and dark Prawns, lime sweet chilli and coriander on rice noodle


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