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Creating Sacred Space for Mind, Body and Soul mingbird nest. On May 23rd while out for a walk Laura Jaquith Bartlett discovered a nest very near one of our trails. Peering into the nest she found two small eggs. Over the next 17 days we watched the female hummingbird remain faithfully upon the eggs. On June 9th the eggs cracked open and two very tiny hummingbirds emerged. This year’s hatchlings
getting ready to leave the
On June 30th it appeared that the two nearly full- grown hatchlings were ready to fly from the nest. The nest which was very spacious for two small eggs, and two newly hatched birds has been out- grown and the two can barely fit in the nest. It is beginning to show the growing pains of the two—as light comes through the holes. The nest is nearly flat and soon there will be nothing left (if previous nest sightings are any indication). As I reflect on this experience I wonder about the nests that we have built in our lives. Alton L. Collins Retreat The nests designed as only temporary places to hold what is about to be birthed (hatched) in or thing on this list that you would like to help with call, through us. Will we outgrow the nest and move on (forced out by design) or will we hold on to the last pieces of the nest thinking that somehow it is still providing us with the safety and security that it was In our spiritual lives I think that we do not recognize the times when it has come for us to fly on to the next phase of our lives and build a new nest to hold and hatch what comes next. Is the nest that you have been in still doing its job or have you outgrown it? If you have outgrown it, have you taken to flight as you were meant to do or have you remained holding on until the last ves- As you reflect on your own nests: past, cur- rent, future what have they provided for you? When did you know that it was time to fly? When have you held on too long? Is this one of those times? Why? May your flight be glorious and may the next nest give birth to something new in your Director, Alton L. Collins Retreat Center Creating Sacred Space for Mind, Body and Soul To remove your name from our mailing list, please click on the email link below Questions or Comments? Contact us at or call 503.637.6411 Our Mission:
Our kitchen, under the supervision of Chef Guillermo Reyes is proud to provide healthy, wholesome gourmet food. We make our meals from scratch using fresh ingredients (when possible we buy local, organi- cally grown foods). Our meals consistently receive great reviews from our guests. Each issue of our newsletter will include a recipe for your use and enjoyment. This month we offer to you… HUMMUS (serves 16)
3 Garlic Cloves (minced in food processor) 1 lemon (grate for zest, halve and juice the lemon) Add beans, tahini, lemon– zest and juice, salt, pepper, yogurt and balsamic vinegar to the garlic; puree all. 2 Cups Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (Slowly add oil to help smooth it out.) WISH LIST:
1 Cup water, as needed: If still too thick, slowly add water. (Be sure to run the processor until the mixture is smooth and creamy.) Assemble: Serve on platter, garnish with toasted almonds, capers and Kalamata olives quartered length-wise olives. Variations:
For garnish add minced flat-leafed parsley to garbanzo beans in
food processor, mix well. Add fine diced yellow and red peppers to
top of plated hummus.
Guillermo Reyes Chef / Food Service Manager
Have you been to visit our gardens? In addition to our main Leewood Garden, which is approaching 30 years old, this year we have broken ground for a small herb garden at the Center, with easy access for the kitchen, as well as growing some plants that enjoy a bit more heat (tomatoes and peppers) on our property across the highway. Our main garden has borne fruit like cherries and blueber- Leewood was the original name ries with summer squash, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes now coming in. We are still keeping our eyes peeled for beans and broccoli, and hoping our dangling peaches and plums will ripen up nicely so that they make it to the kitchen and your table!
Gretchen DoeringFood and Faith Program Coordinator
Time to Grow is the capital campaign of the Oregon-Idaho United Methodist Church which has set out to raise money for our camp and retreat ministry as well as mission outreach in Mississippi and Guatemala and to support our on-gong efforts of providing quality ministry in our conference by the addition of a development office and staff. With over one-half of a million dollars pledged we are on our way to reaching the goal of at least $5 million. The plan for the funds designated for use at the Alton L. Collins Retreat Center is for an addi-tional sleeping wing (18 rooms—36 bed capacity) which would also create more meeting spaces for us to accommodate more groups simultaneously. If you would like to know more about this campaign please email our director, Todd Bartlett at the following email address or call him at 503.637.6411. Visit us at: for more about our ministry OR experience our hospitality in person at 32867 SE Hwy 211 Eagle Creek, OR 97022


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