Read this first before starting progesterone cream

Please locate the correct category for yourself and follow directions.

PHYTOPROLIEF is for PMS and Menopause Symptoms. It contains Phytoestrogens which “ can be useful because
they do occupy estrogen receptors so they can protect against excess estrogen.” - Dr. John Lee
PROLIEF is for teens,men,pregnant or lactating moms.
The cream is to be massaged into soft tissues of the body; neck, chest, abdomen, inside elbows. Alternate the
locations each day. Massage into neck one day, chest next day etc. Use 1 pump in the morning and 1 pump before
you go to bed. 1 pump equals 1/4 tsp. If you see RED (bleeding) that means STOP the cream. Start counting again
that day as day 1 of your cycle.
Category 1 Teens, Pregnant or Lactating Moms, Premenstrual &Premenopausal women
The above measurements should be used from day 12 through 26 of your cycle. Day 1 of your cycle is the
first day of your period. Stop on day 26. Then continue the following month on day 12 through 26. Continue using
as recommended.
Category 2 Menopausal women not using estrogen and postmenopausal women
The above measurements should be used for about 3 weeks a month. Discontinue use for 5 - 7 days a month.
Many women start on the 1st day of the month, because it is easier to remember. You may start at anytime and
count 25 days. Then stop for 5 days. Some women’s symptoms recur during their days off the cream. If this
happens, listen to your body and begin the cream again.
Category 3 Menopausal women taking a cyclic estrogen supplement:
The above measurements should be used for about 25 days a month then off for 5 days a month. If the goal is
to wean yourself off estrogen, cut your patch in half or if on pill, take it every other day. Continue lowering the
amount you are taking over a 6 month period until it is no longer needed. Continue using the progesterone for 24 to
25 consecutive days a month.
Category 4 Menopausal women taking an estrogen and progestin combination:
Women should stop the progestin (synthetics like Provera) immediately when progesterone cream is added.
The above measurements should be used 25 consecutive days. Take estrogen every other day. Discontinue use of
both estrogen and progesterone for the remaining 5 to 7 days a month. If you goal is to get off of estrogen, continue
lowering the estrogen amount you are taking over a 5 to 6 month time period until it is no longer needed. Continue
using the progesterone for 24 to 25 days consecutive days a month.
MEN : Take 1/8 tsp which is one-half of a pump every day. No need to stop.
Apply to face or soft tissue.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are using skin care moisturizers and lotions that contain petroleum or mineral oil, this can
reduce the effectiveness of natural progesterone cream. Please find a healthy skin care without the harmful
petroleum products. A natural, herbal, safe skin regime like Arbonne International offers allows the cream to provide
full benefits.
“If a woman has not been making progesterone for a number of years her body-fat progesterone is probably very
low. Since progesterone is fat-soluble, it is likely that during the first month or so, much of the progesterone that is
absorbed will be taken up by body fat. For these women I recommend using 2 oz of the cream each month for the
first 2 months. After that one ounce should be a sufficient monthly dose.
Since prevention or reversal of osteoporosis is a goal of progesterone usage, serial lumbar bone mineral density
(BMD) tests are helpful. If the BMD rises on one-half jar per month for 10 to 12 months, then one knows that the
progesterone dosage is sufficient. Since, individual needs vary, the correct dose is the dose that works.
Over the past 15 years, I have been struck by the fact that my patients on progesterone (and without estrogen
supplements) have been remarkably free of heart disease”
-Dr. John Lee What your doctor may not tell you about Premenopause


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