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International Literature-and-Psychology Conference Participants will need to purchase lunch tickets on arrival, 120 for the four-day package. Lunches will be at the Conference Center. The city of Córdoba will pro- vide folders with tourist and practical information.
Evening reception sponsored by Department of Filosofia y Letras at the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Universitad de Córdoba, Plaza Cardenal Salazar, 3 ____________________________________________________________________________________ All papers will be given at the Facultad de Filosofia y Letras Robert Silhol, A re-reading of Freud’s "Metapsychology," "Repression," "The Peter L. Rudnytsky (Chair), Facts and Interpretations: The Quest for Truth in the Session 2A. Salón de Actos Literature in Spanish Jesús Sánchez-Garcia, Cognition of text, mind and body in the 20th century María Rosario Quintana, De lo psicológico a lo literario: el caso de un escritor Martin Sorbille (Chair), The Slaughterhouse: Echeverria and the anxiety of Session 2B. Aula Magna 20th century British fiction Lina Sierra Ayala, Times of peace and war: sequels and phobias in The Return Maria Jesús López Sánchez-Vizcaino, The waters of the mind: rhetorical pat- terns of fluidity in Woolf, William James, Bergson and Freud László Halász (chair), The psychology of the terrorist based on Doris Lessing’s Session 3A. Aula Magna Feminist psychoanalysis Alejandra Moreno Álvarez, Literary deconstruction of eating disorders in The Maria Aline Ferreira (Chair), Katharine Burdekin’s revisions of Freud Session 3B. Salón de Actos Poetic classics Joanne Craig, "They knew them selues, and both their persons rad": friendship Bagher Ghobary (Chair), Rumi’s psychological points on enhancing tolerance Claire Hershman, Desperate Trojan housewives Saundra Segan (Chair), Philoctetes and the transformation of the schizoid per- John Higgins, ‘You Freud, me Jane?’ – psychoanalysis in Hollywood Nancy Blake (Chair), "Che vuoi?": pleasure and the perverse symptom in the Session 5A. Salón de Actos. Greek myths Evangelia Diamantopoulou, “The excessive element of the hero in Nikos Egon- Eleni Karasavvidou (with A. Karakitsios), (Chair), "`Once the hunter’: an inter- cultural analysis of children's literature Session 5B. Aula Magna 20th Century literature of War Marta Fernández Morales, Shell-shock vs. battered woman syndrome: gender and mental disorder in Emily Mann’s Theatre of War Donald Vanouse (Chair), Issues in mourning concerning For Whom the Bell Evening reception by the city of Córdoba of Cordóba at Alcazar del los Reyes Cristianos. Appetizers, drinks, and flamenco recital.
____________________________________________________________________________________ 10:00 - 11:00 Session 6A. Salón de Actos French Literature Esther Hernandez Longas, L’ énigme de l’affaire Papin dans la littérature et au Nelly Kupper (Chair), Systems theory and the mother-daughter dyads in French Bernd Dietz, Kien’s Madness in Canetti's Die Blendung Aino-Maija Lahtinen (Chair), "Too much mystification?" – medical students’ responses to Thomas Mann’s The Black Swan Ana Altaras, Implicit Conceptions of artistic creativity Ivo Čermák (chair) and Martin Svanda, Poetry as a defense Keiko Kimura, Mourning and Creativity: Sylvia Plath's Work M. Luisa Pascual Garrido (Chair), Psychotic perception and literary construction of the self: some Plathian images of an ordered chaos Maria Dolores Martinez Reventos, Autobiographical writing as a selfobject Patrick Brady (Chair), From Disempowerment to Re-empowerment: The Ida Kodrlová and Ivo Cermak, Precursors to suicide in life and works of Sylvia Dianne Hunter (Chair), The Disquieting Hugheses Lunch (and luncheon meeting for organizers for 2006) ____________________________________________________________________________________ Andrew Gordon "Envy": Cynthia Ozick meets Melanie Klein Esther Sanchez-Pardo (Chair), Giving and receiving: gratitude and its routes in Session 9B. Salón de Actos Poetry and Creativity Camelia Elias, Portrait in pain: the psychology of inspiration in prose poems by Haifa AlSanousi (Chair), Exploring self waves and identity through words Session 10A. Aula Magna Modern and Postmodern Sherry Zively, Madness and Modernism: Al en Ginsberg’s "Howl" – Fifty Years Solange Leibovici, Hysteria and the postpostmodern novel Session 10B. Salón de Actos 20th Century British Fiction Karen Y. Lezama Morales, The portrait of a murderer: an approach to Eoin Teresa Gutiérrez Rodríguez (Chair), Personality theories and their application to the analysis of Abigail Morgan’s characters Fabio Troncarelli, Gegen die Wand between Masud Khan and Donald Win- Jim Swan (Chair), Virilio’s speed-up, Winnicott’s hesitation Session 11B. Aula Magna 20th Century American Literature Paula Martin Salván, "Our offering is language": speech and communication dis- Aleksandar Dimitrijevic (Chair) An inquiry into possible origins of psychoanalytic interest in Eugene O’Neill Session 12A. Aula Magna 20th-21st Century British Fiction Jorge Sacido-Romero, Don Quixote rides again: illusion and delusion in Con- Claire Kahane (Chair), Love in the 21st century: enduring, or otherwise Anca Cristofovici, Joyce Tennesson’s photographs: an aesthetics of aging Brooke Hopkins (Chair), Optical illusion in Wordsworth and Proust Walking tour of the city of Córdoba organized by the city of Córdoba of Córdoba Flamenco show at Tablao Cardenal, 14 per person.
____________________________________________________________________________________ Joanna M. Byles, Scenes from history: traumatic events and images in Murray Schwartz (Chair), Willing Shakespeare: life and transference Marie-France Rouart, Sex, Violence and the Sacred: A New Judas in 20th- Rainer J. Kaus (chair), Plea for tolerance: Lion Feuchtwanger’s novel The Jewess Bent Sørensen, Tourette in Fiction: Letham, Lefcourt, Hecht, Rubio, Byalick Isabel Jaen, Literary Consciousness: Fictional Minds, Real Implications Norman Holland (Chair), Don Quixote and the Neuroscience of Metafiction Tour of the Romero de Torres (a Córdoban painter museum).
8:30BANQUET: At Bodegas Campos (within walking distance of hotels) Guitar concert, sponsored by the city of Córdoba.


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SCHEDULE 1 PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES Where a Prohibited Substance (as listed below) is capable of being produced by the body naturally, a sample will be deemed to be positive where the concentration of the Prohibited Substance or its metabolites or markers and/or any other relevant ratio(s) in the athlete’s body tissues or fluids so exceeds, or deviates from, the range of values normally

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