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City Way Medical Practice
Vasectomy Information Leaflet

General Information
Vasectomy is a safe, simple and very effective method of contraception for men. It should
also be considered permanent.
You will need to have two appointments. The first appointment will be for counselling and at
this appointment you will be given a date for your forthcoming operation so please bring your
diary with you.
The service is designed to take up as little of your time as possible as no further visits to the
clinic are needed following your operation, unless there is a particular problem, since the
follow-up tests are taken to the local hospital laboratory.

Suitability for Vasectomy
Any man over the age of 25 who has seriously thought about the implications of his decision
and is positive he has had all the children he will ever want. We strongly advise you not
to undergo vasectomy if you currently have any sexual or personal problem, as this is not a
good time to make such an irrevocable decision.
The vasectomy procedure must be seen as permanent. If reversal is a concern while you
are considering vasectomy, or if you think there is a chance you will change your mind in
later life as a result of changed circumstances, we strongly advise you to postpone the
decision until you are 100% sure that you want no more children under any circumstances.
For these reasons we give you (and if you wish, your partner) the opportunity to discuss with
the doctor prior to the operation all the implications of the procedure, and its permanency.
Before the Operation
If you are taking Aspirin, please stop taking it two days before the operation
You must inform us at least one week before if:-
You are taking Warfarin or have any blood clotting disorders.
You have previously had a heart valve replacement.
You have had previous problems with skin operations, for example excessive

The Operation

Please remember to wear a pair of supportive underwear (Swimming trunks are ideal). It is also advisable to have a light breakfast in the morning of the surgery. In essence, the operation aims to seal the sperm carrying tubes preventing them from getting in the fluid you ejaculate. Page 1 of 2 The actual operation is performed under local anaesthetic which works within seconds and lasts usually for up to twenty four hours. This anaesthetic is inserted into the skin of the scrotum itself and NOT into the testicles. Injection of the anaesthetic causes only mild discomfort for a few seconds followed by complete pain relief. It is possible that you will feel some discomfort or dull ache.
After The Operation

Full instructions on what to expect after the operation will be given to you before you leave
the clinic. You must bring someone to accompany you home and must not drive until the
next day.
You should remember that the area operated on needs to heal internally, so do not
be tempted to exert yourself too soon.
We recommend the following recovery times.
Days 4-7 - May return to work but no heavy lifting or exertion. Day 7 onwards - Back to normal, resume work, sport, etc. It is safe to resume a normal sex life as soon as you feel able. Semen Tests
We need two consecutive negative semen tests to confirm sterility. These may be taken to the laboratory. Most men will be 'all clear' after two tests taken twelve and fourteen weeks after the operation. A few men, however, take several more tests to clear all sperms. Do not worry if this happens to you, it is just a matter of time. Like any other surgical procedure your operation may fail. Fortunately, the technique we use has a very low failure rate of less than 1 in 100. You will be offered a redo if you so wish. The long term failure rate is less than 1 in 2000 Will there be any long-term effects?
Long term effects are extremely rare. Like any surgical procedure there is a small risk of
bleeding and infection. A small number of men may experience some short term discomfort.
A small painless lump may appear at the site of the operation and persist for a while. This
does not require any specific treatment and usually resolves spontaneously.
There have been reports in the press over the last few years of a possible link between
vasectomy and various cancers. We are pleased to confirm that there is no proof of a link with
any cancer.


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