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Each tablet contains 5mg of glibenclamide. Such hypoglycemic episodes are nearly always promptly relieved by the intake of sugar. The occurrence of Properties:
hypoglycemic episodes must be immediately reported to Glibenclamide, the active ingredient of Euglumide tablets, is an oral hypoglycemic agent belonging to the sulfonylureas. It lowers raised The treatment of diabetes requires regular checks until blood sugar and reduces or eliminates sugar excretion in the urine. optimal control is achieved, or when changing from one Euglumide 5 mg is used to treat certain forms of diabetes. product to another, or when tablets not taken regularly. When situation of unusual stress arise ( e.g. emergency, Indication:
surgery, febrile infections ), a temporary change to insulin Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus ( type II, maturity-onset diabetes mellitus ) , if the metabolism cannot be satisfactorily controlled by a suitable diet, exercise or weight reduction alone. Warning:
This drug could be useful in certain cases of diabetes Dosage and Administration:
mellitus, it should not be used except under continuous Initial stabilization on Euglumide must be undertaken by a strict medical supervision and should not be dispensed It is recommended that treatment be started with half a tablet of Euglumide (2.5 mg ) taken immediately, before breakfast. Drug interactions:
If necessary, the dose is increased in increments of 2.5 mg Drugs which may potentiate the hypoglycemic action of Euglumide preferably at one week intervals, until the blood sugar is controlled. As a rule the maximum effect is attained with 3 tablets Beta-receptor blockers, bezafibrate, biguanides, per day, in exceptional cases with 4 tablets daily. chloramphenicol, clofibrate, coumarin derivatives, The maximum single dose is 2 tablets of Euglumide and should not fenfluramin, MAO-inhibitors, pentoxifylline (high be exceeded. It is to be taken before breakfast, if excess is needed, it dosage, parenteral ), phenylbutazone, phenyramidol, phosphamides salicylates, sulphinpyrazone, The dosage scheme can be adjusted according to the dietary habits sulphonamides and tetracycline compounds. Drugs which may attenuate the hypoglycemic action of Contraindications:
Abuse of laxatives, corticosteroids, nicotinic acid (high - Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus ( type I, juvennile diabetes ). dosage), estrogens, gestagens, phenothiazine derivatives, - Diabetic coma, diabetic decompensation ( i.e. keto-acidosis ). - Severe renal impairment, hypersensitivity to glibenclamide. Side effects:
In some patients, skin rash or fever may develop. Rarely, Compliance to diet and regular tablet intake are of utmost importance to preserve the efficiency of treatment and to avoid constipation, diarrhea and anorexia may occur. The simultaneous intake of alcohol might lead to an unwanted Presentation:
potentiation or attenuation of the hypoglycemic action of Euglumide. Hypoglycemic reactions may be provoked by overdosage of glibenclamide and interacting drugs or improper Storage:
Hypoglycemic manifestations are: headache, irritability, restlessness, profuse sweating, insomnia, tremors, impairment of performance Produced by:
Chemipharm Pharmaceutical Industries
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