Parshas Tetzaveh  Rabbi Yehoshua Goldstein of Purim, Klal Yisrael renewed their acceptance of the Torah. The Ge- mara notes that even though the original acceptance of the Torah at T he Yom Tov of Purim is a very powerful day. It is said that Yom Kippur is comparable to Purim, implying that the loftiness of the day of Purim is greater than that of Yom Kippur itself. Let us try Har Sinai included an element of duress, this kabalah was bi’ratzon, to focus on some of the lessons of Purim, and thereby enhance our with entirely free will. Klal Yisrael’s realization of the koach haTorah and the overwhelming influence that it has on the world led to this enhanced acceptance of the Torah, and implanted the day of Purim The Gemara (Megilla 11a) quotes the introductions offered by several with a tremendous light of kabalas haTorah. of the Amoraim prior to their discussion of Megilas Esther. R’ Elazar introduced the topic of Megilas Esther with a verse from Koheles: The Gemara further quotes the introduction of Rav Masna, who cited a Ba’atzaltayim yimach hamekareh, which he explained as follows: due to posuk in Sefer Devarim describing the greatness of Klal Yisrael that the laziness of Klal Yisrael, who were not fully engrossed in Torah Hashem is close to us whenever we call out to Him (Megila 11a). study, Hashem’s protection of Klal Yisrael was weakened. It is interest- Harav Matisyahu Solomon points out that a careful look at the afore- ing to note that many years earlier Amalek, the ancestors of Haman, mentioned posuk reveals that in addition to the fact that Hashem’s also waged war against Klal Yisrael due to a rifyon, a laxity in Torah closeness to us is a reason why He hears our tefilos, our tefilos also bring Hashem closer to us. By crying out to Hashem and doing te- shuva, one comes to the realization that our aveiros bring about our At first glance, this idea would appear to contradict another Gemora in punishment and that teshuva and tefila have the power to remove the Meseches Megila. The Gemara mentions that R’ Shimon bar Yochai was tzarah. Ta’anis Esther reminds us that Hashem is close to us and asked by his students why Klal Yisrael were deserving of punishment at hears our cries when we daven and do teshuva with a complete heart, the time of Purim (Megila 12a). R’ Shimon bar Yochai in turn asked the as Klal Yisrael did in the days of Mordechai and Esther. In fact, Rashi students to offer their own explanation, and they responded that Klal notes that we read the Megila at night and repeat it during the day to Yisrael had sinned by deriving pleasure from Achashverosh’s party. R’ remember how Klal Yisrael davened by night and by day (Megila 4a). Shimon bar Yochai replied that this sin was only committed by those The reading of the Megila is not only to publicize the nes but also to who dwelled in the city of Shushan, and explained that the collective sin remind us that it was through the sincere fasting, tefilos, and teshuva of Klal Yisrael was that they had bowed to an idol in the days of Ne- of Klal Yisrael that they merited to be saved. vuchadnetzar. This appears to be inconsistent with R’ Elazar’s state- ment that the decree against Klal Yisrael was caused by laxity in Torah This may be related to the well-known halacha on Purim, kol haposhet yad, nosnim lo, anyone who stretches out his hand is given charity. In halacha this refers to a special concept of giving tzedaka on Purim. Harav Mattisyahu Solomon (in his Sefer Matnas Chaim) explains that However, in the sefarim it says that this also alludes to the idea that there is no contradiction at all. Klal Yisrael were in fact deserving of anyone who “stretches out his hand” in tefila to Hashem, will have his punishment because of their involvement in Achashverosh’s party and tefilos accepted on Purim. Perhaps, Purim was designated as a day of bowing to an idol. However, the power of intense Torah study is such extraordinary powers of tefilos, to help us focus on this very important that it can cancel the worst evil decree. Had Klal Yisrael learned Torah lesson of the power of tefila, learned from the miracle of Purim. with the proper intensity (i.e. sacrificing personal enjoyment for the sake of Torah), the gezeirah ra’ah could have been thwarted. R’ Elazar The Ribbono Shel Olam should help us utilize this special day of Purim felt that the message one must derive from the Megilah is the impor- to strengthen our commitment to Torah study and tefila with proper tance and power of Torah study, and the yeshuos that it can bring, by concentration, and we should be zocheh to yeshuos, bimheira be’yo- realizing what a perilous situation Klal Yisrael was placed in when their Rabbi Goldstein is the Rosh Chaburah of the kollel. Perhaps we can add an additional point. We find that after the miracle Unknown Sender Reuven arrives at Shimon’s home to deliver Mishloach Manos and no one is home. He leaves the Mishloach Manos between the doors un- marked, knowing that Shimon will return shortly and find the basket. O ne of the mitzvos unique to Purim is Mishloach Manos. The Poskim differ as to the reason for this mitzva: The Ksav Sofer (Teshuvos O.C. 141) rules that one cannot fulfill the mitzva by sending an anonymous Mishloach Manos. Although the rea- 1. To ensure that everyone has food for the Purim meal son of providing for the Purim meal has been met, no friendship or (Terumas Hadeshen; 111). In order to avoid embarrassing goodwill has been generated since the recipient does not know who those in need, it is a mitzva to give to both rich and poor peo- sent it. In the above scenario, the Mishloach Manos should either be ple alike (Teshuvos Chasam Sofer O.C. 196). marked or else Reuven should inform Shimon before Purim is over that 2. To create a spirit of friendship and unity in contrast to Ha- man’s claim to Achashveirosh that the Jews are “scattered and Mishloach Manos that the Recipient Cannot separated” by their disagreements. (Manos Halevi) In light of these reasons, a number of interesting questions arise: Reuven sends his diabetic friend Shimon a candy basket for Mishloach Hagaon R’ Chaim Kanievsky shlita (quoted in Sefer Birur Halacha O.C. Reuven sends Mishloach Manos to Shimon who declines to accept it. 2; 695) rules that Mishloach Manos is not fulfilled by sending sweets to a diabetic who cannot eat them for medical reasons. His reasoning The Rema (O.C. 695:4) rules that the sender fulfills his obligation even if seems to be that neither objective mentioned above is accomplished. the recipient declines the offer. The Chasam Sofer (Teshuvos O.C. 196) Since the recipient cannot eat the Mishloach Manos, it neither provides suggests that this scenario only satisfies one of the reasons mentioned for his Purim meal nor generates friendship and goodwill. Harav Yeho- above for Mishloach Manos. While offering the Mishloach Manos alone shua Neuwirth shlita also maintains that Mishloach Manos cannot be generates friendship and goodwill whether the recipient chooses to ac- fulfilled in this way and provides support to his ruling from the Chayei cept it or not, the fact is that it does not serve the purpose of providing Adam. The Chayei Adam (155:31) writes that sending a simple Mish- for the recipient’s Purim meal. (Even if the recipient declines because he loach Manos to a wealthy person is not a fulfillment of the mitzva. The has plenty of his own food for the meal, the Chasam Sofer says it still gift must be appropriate for the status of the recipient. (The Biur Hala- defeats the purpose of avoiding embarrassment to those in need.) The cha 695 quotes this Chayei Adam and concludes that one should ad- Chasam Sofer therefore concludes that the Rema’s scenario only satisfies here to his ruling l’chatchila.) R’ Neuwirth concludes that in order to the reason of the Manos Halevi, and questions on what basis the Rema fulfill Mishloach Manos the gift apparently must provide joy to the par- follows this opinion and ignores the Terumas Hadeshen. The Mishna Berura (695:24) quotes the Chasam Sofer’s objection to the Rema’s According to Harav Yitzchak Zilberstein shlita (in a letter printed at the ruling, thus implying that he accepts the Chasam Sofer’s premise that end of Nishmas Avraham vol. 1), however, the mitzva of Mishloach Mishloach Manos must be sent in a way that satisfies both the reasons of Manos is fulfilled by sending sweets to a diabetic. In his opinion Chazal the Terumas Hadeshen and the Manos Halevi to properly fulfill the only required that one send something that is appreciated by people in general. The fact that the particular person receiving it cannot enjoy it because of his individual circumstances is immaterial. He further argues that the recipient does appreciate the Mishloach Manos even in such a Reuven brings a package of Mishloach Manos to his friend Shimon’s case since he can share it with others. To illustrate his point he asks home and is informed that Shimon is out of town for Purim. Does Reuven rhetorically, “Would anyone suggest Mishloach Manos is not fulfilled by fulfill his obligation by leaving the Mishloach Manos with Shimon’s wife or sending a dairy Mishloach Manos to someone who ate meat on Purim afternoon and will be unable to enjoy it on Purim?” The author of Nish- mas Avraham writes that he discussed this issue with Hagaon R’ It seems that neither objective of Mishloach Manos is accomplished in this Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt”l and he sided with R’ Zilberstein. case and the mitzva has therefore not been fulfilled (see Moadim U’z- This discussion regarding foods the recipient cannot eat for medical manim Purim 186). Being that Shimon is completely unaware of what reasons may also relate to a similar situation where Mishloach Manos is happened, no feelings of goodwill or friendship were generated and Mish- sent to someone who will not eat it for halachic reasons. For example, loach Manos one doesn’t know about cannot provide for his Purim meal. has one fulfilled Mishloach Manos by sending non-cholov yisrael or (See Aruch Hashulchan 695:16, reaching the same conclusion for a dif- non-yoshon foods to a person who does not eat them for halachic ferent reason and implying that the mitzvah would be fulfilled if Shimon is reasons? The dispute mentioned above may apply in this case as well. made aware of the gift on Purim; see also Moadim U’zmanim Purim 186, suggesting that perhaps the mitzva is fulfilled since the intention is to (Please note: No practical halacha should be concluded from this arti- give Mishloach Manos to the family as a whole and not Shimon alone). Of course, if Shimon is returning home on Purim itself and will notice the Mishloach Manos, Reuven has fulfilled the mitzvah. Rabbi Rokach is a full-time member of the kollel.

Source: http://www.cckollel.org/parsha_encounters/5769/tetzaveh.pdf


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