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Blooms come along rapidly after you plant
an Amaryllis bulb –– some within 21 days.
Care of the Bulb After Planting
Place the newly-potted bulb on a sunny window sill in a cool room (55-65° F). Water only when the top layer of soil in the container feels very dry to the touch. If the soil is kept overly moist, the bulb may rot. As the roots develop and fill the container, the top layer of soil will dry more quickly and the frequency of watering should be increased accordingly. In approximately 6-7 weeks, flower buds will emerge. They may appear before, during or after the development of foliage, depending on which hybrid is grown. Once growth begins, rotate as the genus Hippeastrum, but the name “Amaryllis” is the pot regularly to prevent the plant from leaning so firmly established that it will continue to be used.
toward the light. If the amaryllis has been grown in a Inexpensive American hybrids come in white, vari- warm room the flower stalk may require staking to be ous shades of red, scarlet, pink and white marked with held upright. Care must be taken not to damage the red or pink. Named Dutch hybrids are magnificent in bulb when inserting a stake into the container. For size and color. The latest on the scene are the South longer lasting flowers, move the plant out of direct African hybrids, which often bloom naturally between sunlight and keep it in a cool room after the blossoms Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bulbs are sold by many garden shops and plant suppliers either in a containerready to grow or as a bulb.
After Flowers Fade
As soon as blooms wither, remove flowers with razor Watching the flower stalks shoot up and
blade or sharp knife flush with the stalk. DO NOT cut the buds expand and open will keep
off flower stalk or any of the foliage (see figures 2 and your entire family in suspense.
Planting the Newly Acquired Amaryllis Bulb
cut if off where it emerges from the bulb, being careful half (pointed end) is protruding above the soil and thebottom half is below ground (see figure #1). Afterpotting, water thoroughly.
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After Danger of Frost Has Passed
Forcing the Amaryllis to Flower Again
After the last frost, plunge the potted amaryllis into After the bulb has been subjected to a 4 month cool the ground so pot rim will be level with the surface of dry period, carefully scrape the top pad of soil out of the soil, first placing some gravel at the bottom of the the container, replace it with fresh medium, water drainage hole to guarantee good drainage. The thoroughly, and repeat the process described above plant should be placed in an area which receives starting with “Care of the Bulb After Planting.” direct morning sunlight and partial shade during theafternoon. While the plant is outdoors, check the Propagation of Amaryllis
soil each day to see if watering is needed and regularly apply a water- soluble chemical fertilizer at the strength and frequency recommended on the attached to the “mother” bulb (seefigure 4). When the bulbs are 1/ Before the First Frost
Before the first autumn frost, bring the plant back indoors. By this time the foliage may have com- the fingers or a sharp knife and potted separately.
pletely yellowed. If so, cut off the yellow leaves, (Smaller offsets should not be detached.) Off-sets withhold water allowing the soil to dry completely, cared for exactly as described above will usually store the bulb in its container in a cool dry room (40- flower in 2 or 3 years. The best time to propagate the 45°F), and do not water for about 4 months. If the amaryllis is after the 4 month cool dry period.
foliage is still even partially green, continue to growthe plant in a sunny window sill watering when With careful handling, an Amaryllis bulb
necessary until all the leaves are completely yellow.
should bloom indoors for years to come!
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