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Depo – provera (injection every 3 months)

Implanon (small device injected under the skin in the upper arm - lasts 3 yrs)
Intra - uterine device (IUD/ copper coil lasts up to 10 years )

Intra - uterine system (Mirena - last 5 years )

The main points (LARC = long acting reversible contraception)

LARC methods have the best efficacy vs any other method eg the pill/ condoms.
All LARC methods are more cost effective than the pill at one year of use.
Age alone is not a contra- indication for any LARC method.
Younger women are more at risk of an unplanned pregnancy and should consider
changing to a non-user dependant method - “Fit and forget”.
This is an injection of a hormone called progesterone every 12 weeks,
It prevents ovulation, has a very low failure rate and will likely result in no periods whilst
on it.
However, it may cause irregular bleeding in some people and may delay return to
fertility by up to one year.
It may effect bone density ie calcium in bones / bone strength BUT there is no increased
fracture risk and the bone density returns to normal very quickly after stopping it.
(Adolescents and those over 40 years or those with significant risk of osteoporosis -
most at risk and possibly should avoid / not first choice)
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This white match-stick type shaped device is injected under the skin in the upper-arm.
It is very effective and extremely unlikely to fail.
It stops ovulation, lasts for 3 years and fertility returns as soon as it is removed.
It may cause irregular periods (up to 50% of people) , improves period pains generally
and is not associated with weight gain, mood changes or headaches.
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This is a small device inserted into the womb/uterus.
There are no hormones with this method,it is highly effective, last up to 10 years and
can be used for emergency contraception i.e. after intercourse where risk of pregnancy
is high / feared.
It prevents an egg being fertilized by sperm and the survival of a fertilized egg.
It works as soon as inserted, stops working as soon as it is removed .
It may cause period pains/heavy periods.
It may be necessary to have a test done first with the Doctor to make sure you have no
genital infection.
It can be used in teenagers, those who have no children, breast feeding and when
oestrogen hormone cannot be used.
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This small t-shaped device contains progesterone hormone which is inserted into the
womb / uterus.
It is very safe, effective and of huge benefit for the management of heavy periods.
It lasts for 5 years and prevents ovulation/ fertilization.
You may need to be tested before insertion to out rule a genital infection.
It can be used in any age group and in those who have had no children.
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It is always necessary to make an appointment with the Doctor to discuss
long acting contraception +/- examination to ensure you make the correct
There may be good reasons from a health and safety viewpoint to choose
one type over the others and your Doctor can help you with this.
Please note the links above for each method to get more information - The
Doctor / Surgery will have leaflets available also.
(The above information is based on data available in September 2013)


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