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These are all items we constantly need at Wawbeek and Respite Camp. Your help finding donations for these supplies to Wawbeek will help make sure that all our campers have a safe and happy camping session! If you have questions about these items or wondering about other items, please contact Ken Saville at Easter Seals. 1-800-422-2324 ext 108 or email at or visit our web site at
Higher priority marked in yellow
Outdoor programs/campouts
6-2 gallon water jugs for outdoor program
10- 5 gallon water coolers
12 family size ice chests for campouts and outdoor programs
Sleeping bags – summer weight, adult size-20
20 cots for camp out (foldable for storage)
4- 5 gal jerry cans- for emergency water supply at campfire sites
Tarps 10’ x 12’ or larger
Pudgy pie makers
Weiner/marshmallow extendable forks-6
Long handled hamburger turners
Dinner size paper plates- 5 cases heavy duty
Large glove style hot mitts
Heavy-duty aluminum foil for cookouts- family size
Crafts program
Construction paper- 8 ½ x 11 or 11x17
Crepe paper for decorations- all colors
Masking tape- need 75 rolls- used for everything
Scotch tape- 12 rolls
Rite dye for tie-dye- brighter the colors the better- need about 35
Paintbrushes for crafts- regular and with foam tops
Finger paints- all colors
Magic markers- use lots for everything- all colors-washaable & permanent
Fabric paint
Leather working tools
Leather for crafts- lacing, sheets, pieces
Lacing- leather or plastic
18 gal or larger Rubbermaid containers- use for everything to keep things clean and dry.
Copy paper- for camp copier- need about 20 cases for everything all colors
Tempera paint: large bottles
Paint tubes with sponge on top
White T-shirts to tye dye- all sizes
Popsicle sticks (craft sticks)
Sports/outdoor programs
Bike helmets youth and adults

Sidewalk chalk
4 person tents
Indoor camper programs
Games (Risk, Scattegories, Uno)
Etcha Sketch
Puzzles for younger kids
Children’s movies- DVD
Special event supplies- Carnival, Haunted house, Christmas, Easter, etc
General Camp needs
Digital camera
Hornet/wasp spray- camper safety
Oscillating fans on stands
All season mud and rain tires. LT225/75R16 load range E
Adult size manual wheelchairs

First Aid/nurses supplies

Sun screen-#30 or higher- #45 best- 35 bottles
Wet wipes- major need for personal care- any brand- need 20 cases

Otoscope with many disposable covers for exams
Blood sugar monitoring machine with lancets-100- and testing strips- 100
Hydrocortisone cream- 2 tubes
Motrin 1 large bottle
Benadryl allergy pills- 2 bottles
Claritin D allergy pills- 2 bottles
Visine allergy eye drops- 2 bottles
Cough syrup- 2 bottles
Advil 1 large bottle
Tylenol- regular 1 bottle
Liquid Tylenol-2
Tylenol Extra Strength gel caps
Tongue blades
Non latex powderless gloves- all sizes (can not have latex gloves due to major allergies)
kaopectate bottle- 1 bottle
Maalox bottle- 1 bottle
Milk of Magnesia- 1 bottle
Cough drops- 4 bags
Imodium- 1 box
Pepto Bismol tablets 1 box
Benadryl tablets 1 bottle
Claritin D tablets 1 box
Bacitracin Ointment foil packs 1 box:
Hydrocortisone cream foil pack x2
Solarcaine spray- 2 bottles
Ace wraps- various sizes


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