Intercourse: Technique, enjoyment, orgasm 1. Why was I unable to have sex the first time we tried? 2. Why do I force him out just before orgasm? 3. Why does the semen flow out of the vagina after intercourse? 4. Are we following the correct technique for sex? 5. How can my wife and I enjoy sexual pleasure at the same time? 6. What is the cause of too much pain during intercourse? 8. Does the first sexual intercourse lead to pain and bleeding in 9. Is it possible to determine when a woman last had sex? 10. How can I give pleasure to my circumcised wife? 14. How do I convince my wife to have anal or oral sex? 15. Is vaginal discharge after sex normal? 16. Do women reach climax the same way as men? 18. When is the sexual drive at its peak in men and women? 19. Why are men more enthusiastic about sex than women? 20. What is the cause of so much heat and dryness during sex? 21. How should one maintain sexual hygiene? 22. Should I use any anaesthetic gel to have less painful sex? 24. Why is there vaginal bleeding after sex? 25. Does circumcision interfere with friction during intercourse? 26. How should I react to my partner’s moves after marriage? 27. I am scared of the pain, how should I handle it? 28. I am unable to have sex due to the fear of pain, what should I do? 30. Is there an alternative to latex condoms? 31. Do contraceptive pills adversely affect one’s sex drive? 33. Can a woman get pregnant if semen is inserted mechanically? 34. When can we have sex after IUD insertion? 35. Is it normal to have sex during pregnancy? 36. Does tubectomy lead to loss of sex drive in women? 37. Will having sex during pregnancy lead to problems in delivery? 38. Why am I not enjoying sex after delivering my child? 39. Can pregnancy occur after shallow penetration? 41. Why have I lost the desire for sex after delivery? 42. When can we have intercourse after a caesarean? 43. Why is sex not enjoyable after my C-section? 45. Can masturbation lead to weakness or side-effects? 46. Will excessive masturbation lead to problems in future? 47. Can wet dreams or masturbation lead to leg pain? 48. Is it okay to fantasize about masturbation and sex? 49. Is it normal to find masturbation more satisfying than sex? 50. Will I contract an STI if I have sex with a married woman? 51. Can sex at the age of 10 lead to AIDS? 52. Can sexual relations with multiple partners lead to AIDS? 53. Can oral sex with an infected woman cause AIDS? 55. The girl I had sex with tested positive for AIDS, am I infected 56. Can I get calcium deposits in my bladder through 57. Can a person with bone tuberculosis have sex? 58. I have ankylosing spondylitis. Will having sex aggravate the 59. Can a hernia operation lead to impotence? 60. Does a kidney transplant affect libido? 61. Can kidney failure lower sexual desire? 62. Is disc injury a cause for my erectile dysfunction? 63. Does brain surgery affect sexual activity? 64. Does yoga help improve the sex drive? 65. Why is my partner not getting an erection after surgery? 66. Why do I get a headache after sexual activity? 67. Can I have sex while suffering from chicken pox? 68. Why has my wife lost interest in sex after breast cancer 69. When can I resume normal activities after appendix 70. Does a back problem affect a man’s erection? 71. What is the reason for scanty periods and a burning sensation 72. Can obesity affect one’s sexual life? 74. Why does my partner get rashes after having sex with me? 75. Can a person with a low sperm count have normal sex? 76. Can a kidney transplant patient have sex daily? 78. Can one have a normal sexual life with an enlarged 79. How do I deal with the absence of sex due to my wife’s 80. How do I deal with a husband not interested in sexual 81. Are sex-change operations done better abroad? 82. Why does my husband like to have sex only once a month? 83. I am sexually attracted to my mother, what should I do? 84. Why do I have a negative opinion about sex? 85. Why is my wife reluctant to have sex even after a year of 86. How do I overcome premature ejaculation? 87. How can I get rid of the obsession of having a threesome? 88. I am scared to have sex but want a baby, what do I do? 89. How do I discourage my husband from indulging in cyber 90. Is sex reversal a normal sexual fantasy? 91. How should I overcome the feeling of guilt about visiting a 92. My husband lacks sexual interest and ejaculates prematurely.
94. How can I control my sexual fantasies? 95. How should one tackle erectile dysfunction? 96. How can one deal with erectile dysfunction and premature 98. What is the cause for difficulty in ejaculation? 99. What is the cause for delayed orgasm in men? 100. Will looking at sex sites affect my health? 101. Does indulgence in sex affect one’s concentration? 102. Can stress cause erectile dysfunction? 103. Is my wife frigid or just infertile? 104. Why is my wife disinterested in sex? 105. How can I control my excessive desire for sex? 106. Why do I feel the desire for sex all the time? 110. How can one deal with homosexuality? 111. How can I get rid of my homosexual urge? 112. People make fun of my homosexuality, what should I do? 113. Can drugs for headache cause reduced sex drive? 114. Are food supplements helpful in delaying ejaculation? 120115. Are there drugs to increase the sexual urge in women? 116. Can I have sex with my wife after taking rabies vaccine? 117. Do testosterone injections help increase the sex drive? 118. Does Uvox-100 have an adverse effect on one’s sexuality? 119. Does the consumption of tea/coffee affect the sex drive? 120. Are there any sex stimulants for women? 121. Can you name some sex lubricant for use by elderly people? 122. Does xylocaine help in improving one’s sex life? 123. How can I make sex an enjoyable experience for my wife and 125. How can I improve my sexual performance? 126. What is the cause of fluctuations in erection? 127. How can I increase the libido of my wife? 129. How can I increase the sexual desire of my wife? 130. How should I handle my colleague’s physical attraction towards 131. Why are newly married men anxious about sex? 132. How can I get rid of the guilt feeling due to indulgence in 133. I am not sexually attracted to my wife, what is wrong with 134. How can sexual performance be improved in middle age? 135. Is it normal to urinate after ejaculating? 136. Why am I getting so many erections every day? 137. Is it possible to have sexual intercourse after a sex-change 138. Why do I get pain in the testicle if I don’t have sex for a 139. What is the reason for an oversized clitoris? 140. Are sexual thoughts and eroticism sinful in old age? 141. Is it normal to have a high sex drive? 143. Why is my wife not responding to my sexual needs?


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Pregnancy Frequently Asked Questions Which over the counter medications are safe during pregnancy? Tylenol® , Robitussin®, saline nasal spray, regular strength Sudafed® and Benadryl® are safe in pregnancy. Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin® or Advil®) or naproxen (Aleve®). What should I do if I have a sore throat? Try gargling with warm salty water, increasing fluids an


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