5th World Congress of Inflammation

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Immune Response
Genomics/New Technology
Signalling – 1
Capturing RNA splicing events for novel target Activation of the nitric oxide -cyclic GMP identification and expression profiling in rheumatoid polarization immunoassays for high throughput pathway in sildenafil -induced analgesia Gene delivery to synovium with lentiviral vectors Effects of PPARγ ligands on NF-κB and AP-1 activation pathways in IL-1β-treated chondrocytes The integrin linked kinase (ILK) regulates Expression analysis in articular cartilage via LPS acts via IL-6 to modulate the expression and inducible nitric oxide synthase expression and response in patients with previous acute anterior phosphorylation of annexin 1 in cell lines derived nitric oxide production in an NFκB-dependent from the microglia of the neuroendocrine system Inhibition of autoimmune diabetes in rats by Adenoviral overexpression of murine oncostatin M Plasmin triggers expression of proinflammatory mycophenolate mofetil is associated with induces inflammation, proteoglycan depletion and genes in human peripheral monocytes via AP-1 and osteophyte formation in murine knee joints Inflammatory bowel disease
Signalling 2
Relationship between bradykinin, eicosanoids IgE regulates the intensity of mucosal inflammation Identification of THR-66 of Irak as a functionally and nitric oxide in bothrops jararaca venom critical residue conserved in Irak family members Insights into the role of nitric oxide inhibition Histone acetylation and inflammation of the bowel TIS11B is a potential regulator of tumor necrosis in the anti-inflammatory effects of a chalcone Nitric oxide production is greatly enhanced in Evaluation of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) Inhibitors of nuclear factor κB (NF-κB) activation inflamed joint of juvenile rheumatoid patients family of inhibitors in the dextran sulfate (DSS) block edema and cytokine production in the rat Methotrexate therapy reduces nitric oxide SB-265610, an IL-8 antagonist, is a potent inhibitor A novel role for the NFκB pathway in the reslution of levels in synovial fluid of rheumatoid arthritis of PMN chemotaxis and is effective in the rabbit POSTER SESSION
5th World Congress of Inflammation

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Rheumatoid Arthritis - 1
Cytokines - 1
Neurogenic inflammation
Selective use of map kinases in activation of Thrombin stimulates platelet endostatin release via Peripheral effects of neuropeptide Y and related utility of the skin suction blister as a peptides on inflammatory paw edema in the rat Protease-activated receptor-2 is involved in Pro-inflammatory activity of SP-A through inhibition preprotachykinin-a gene deletion protects mice urate (MSU) crystals by well differentiated of LPS-induced IL-10 production by murine against acute pancreatitis-associated lung injury N Vergnolle, K Chapman, P Andrade-Gordon, MD Intravenous targeting liposomal corticosteroids PAR-1 activation causes COX-2-dependent, PGE2 Membrane interleukin -1α produced in human Comparison of anti-histamine activity of ReN1869 to inflamed joints as a novel treatment of –independent Cl- secretion in intestinal epithelial gingival fibroblasts prolongs survival and stimulates and fexofenadine in healthy male and female Endogenous DNA and induction of arthritis Expression of protease activated receptor-2 (PAR2) Cerebral malaria in Plasmodium yoelii nigeriensis Effect of Nerve growth factor (NGF) on cell in primary human gastrointestinal myofibroblasts infected mice: correlation between hypothermia and accumulation in skin: a primary role of neutrophils and stimulation of prostaglandin E2 synthesis the production of pro -inflammatory cytokines Workshop 12
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Workshop 14
Rheumatoid Arthritis - 2
Cytokines - 2
Inflammation NO
Lipid bodies in synovial leukocytes from joint The mitogen and stress-activated protein kinase-1 Markers of endothelial dysfunction are reduced by disease patients. Evidences in rheumatoid production and NFκB activation in human The cyclopentenone prostaglandin, 15DEOXY Apolipoprotein AII has an antiinflammatory effect Local and systemic effects of nitro-prednisolone ∆12-14 PGJ2, ameliorates murine collagen IL-17 blockade suppressed joint destruction in Enhanced activation of the glucocorticoid receptor chemotaxis after treatment with leflunomide in Role of GM-CSF in murine arthritis models An in vitro and ex vivo analysis of BIRB 796 BS, A P38 MAP kinase (MAPK) inhibitor, on neutrophils The role of nitric oxide on modulation of citric acid induced cough by aerosolized lipopolysaccaride POSTER SESSION
5th World Congress of Inflammation
Workshop 15
Respiratory - 1
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Workshop 18
Interleukins and adhesion molecules in ARDS Extracellular annexin 1 promotes calcium Differential antinociceptive effect of cyclooxygenase dependent apoptosis of human neutrophils inhibitors in various animal models of nociception Oral tolerance prevents the development of Induction of enterocyte apoptosis by Giardia UR-8880, a new imidazole derivative as potent, Anti-leukocyte elastase activity in airspaces during airway hyperreactivity and TH2-associated causes epithelial barrier dysfunction in human selective and orally active COX-2 inhibitor allergic responses in prototypic murine models dna and polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMN) Allergen sensitization prevents upregulation of Induction of apoptosis in RAW264.7 cells by Phospholipases involved in arachidonic acid release S100 proteins in inflammation and atherogenesis & metabolism during acute resolving inflammation Enhancement of the analgesic effect of the µ opiate Lipoteichoic acid from Staphylococcus aureus experimental bleomycin-induced lung injury Bright LDS-751 fluorescence defines viable cells fentanyl by the nsaid dexketoprofen trometamol induces rapid leukocyte adhesion in vivo among neutrophils studied by flow cytometry Workshop 19
Respiratory - 2
Workshop 20
Special Symposium 10 Cathepsins
Comparison of the inhibition by salbutamol- Anti-inflam matory activity of an aqueous extract of NO and salbutamol of the bronchoconstriction Lafoensia pacari in murine toxocariasis Role of lysosomal cysteine proteinases in antigen presentation to CD4 T cells .
gp91phox knockout mice have a protracted acute orchestrate mucipare metaplasia in allergic inflammatory response. Has NADPH oxidase an Tissue specific expression of cathepsins and antigen In vivo effects of ONO-6818, an orally active Clinical evaluation of Zafirlukast, a leucotriene Effect of P.alliacea and marine sponges extracts on receptor antagonist in treatment of bronchial Cysteine proteases in antigen presentation and models Reversible cathepsin S (CATS) inhibitors block invariant chain degradation both in vitro and in vivo Abstract 10/05 Inhibition of cathepsin S blocks invariant chain processing and antigen-induced proliferation in vitro, and reduces the severity of collagen -induced arthritis in vivo PL Podolin
5th World Congress of Inflammation

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New Drugs - 1
Chemokines – 1
Inflammation RA
Roles of human adult endothelial cell adhesion Molecular basis of selective cyclooxygenase-2 Treatment with Met -RANTES protects mice against Reduction of streptococcal cell wall (SCW) acute pancreatitis-associated lung injury induced arthritis in mice lacking IL-18 L A B Joosten UCB 34743, a novel anti-inflammatory agent Modultion of eotaxin formation and eosinophil Effects of 15deoxy∆12-14PGJ2 on a model of M.tb- events responsible for leukocyte recruitment posessing both H1 antagonist and 5 -lipoxygenase migration by selective type 4 phosphodiesterase induced by Bothrops jararaca venom Leukocyte activation and microvascular injury Pharmacological evaluation of BIRB 796, a Peptide AC2-26, derived from the N-terminus of Oral effect of a hyperimmune egg (HIE) product on after application of PAF in the rat mesentery selective inhibitor of p38 MAP kinase (MAPK), in anexin 1, prevents allergen-induced pleurisy in rats animal models of endotoxic shock, inflammation Bandeira-Melo, C; Silva, PMR; Pires, ALA; Silva, J; EO1428 , a potent inhibitor of cytokine secretion, Regulation of eosinophil chemokine responses by Oxidized low density lipoprotein regulates expression on FMLP- but not PAF stimulated is a new p38 MAP kinase inhibitor with systemic cathepsin S and cystatin C expression in human Workshop 25
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New Drugs - 2
Chemokines - 2
Tumour Necrosis Factor
Abstract W26/01now a poster, replaced by Inhibition of TNFα in volunteers by oral 104 – Serum chemokines correlate with disease The effect of steroid and protease inhibitors on hosphodiesterase type 4 (PDE4) inhibitor activity in patients with retinal vasculitis neutrophil deformability in patients with sepsis Pharmacological profile of ML3000: a new In vitro and in vivo effects of CAT-213, a human The TNF-α regulator tristetraprolin (TTP) - a novel gastric mucosa sparing anti-inflammatory drug therapeutic target in chronic inflammation Prevention of allergic inflammation by NCX- Probing the role of CC chemokine receptor The involvement of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor administration in patients with sepsis Substituted 4-[2-phenyl-2-(2-aminopyridin -5- Discovery and characterization of a novel series of Identification of novel endogenous tnf protecting YL)-ethyl]pyridine-N-oxides as potent and genes using macro-arrays for differential gene selective phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitors


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