Live at Bi-Lo Center,Greenville,SC November 8th 2012 (AUD SHOT 94 min.) 01.I Am The Sea/The Real Me/02.Cut My Hair/03.The Punk And The Godfather/04.5:15/05 Drowned/06.Bell Boy/07.Doctor Jimmy/08.The Rock/09.Love, Reign O'er Me/Band Introductions/10.Baba O'Riley/11.Pinball Wizard/12.Behind Blue Eyes/13.Who Are You/14.Won't Get Fooled Again/15.Tea & Theatre Live at KFC Yum! Center,Louisville,KY November 3 2012 (AUD SHOT 136 min.) 01.Shackled And Drawn/02.Hungry Heart/03.Wrecking Ball/04.Death To My Hometown/05.My City Of Ruins/06.Streets Of Philadelphia/07.Because The Night/08.She's The One/09.Growin' Up/10.Open All Night/12.Darlington County/13.Waitin' On A Sunny Day/14.The River/15.The Rising/16.Badlands/17.Land Of Hope And Dreams/18.Rocky Ground/19.Born To Run/20.Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)/21.Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out Live at The Riviera,Chicago,IL October 31 2012 (AUD SHOT 196 min.) DISC 101.Blind Man In The Dark/02.World Boss/03.Larger Than Life/04.Gameface/05.Fallen Down/06.The Other One jam/07.Kind Of Bird/08.Captured/09.Thorazine Shuffle DISC 201.Are You Experienced?/02.Freedom/03.One Rainy Wish/04.Up From The Skies/05.Crosstown Traffic/06.Bleeding Heart (Peoples, Peoples, Peoples)/07.Angel/08.Castles Made Of Sand/09.Stone Free/Third Stone From The Sun jam/10.Rainy Day, Dream Away/Still Raining, Still Dreaming w/ Chris Neal On Saxophone/11.1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)/Machine Gun jam/1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)/12.Bold As Love/13.Happy Birthday (Jimi-style)/14.Sco-Mule w/ Chris Neal On Saxophone/15.Little Wing w/ Chris Neal On Saxophone Live at Gibson Amphitheatre,Universal City,CA June 28 2012 + CMAC,Canandaigua,NYAugust 11 2012 (AUD SHOT 97/89 min.) DISC 1*Gibson Amphitheatre,Universal City,CA June 28 201201.I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near)/02.Trouble Man/03.Kid Charlemagne/04.Same Thing/05.I Heard It Through The Grapevine/06.Love Is Strange/07.If You Don't Know Me By Now/08.What A Fool Believes/09.Hey Nineteen/10.Love T.K.O./11.Piece Of My Heart/12.Lowdown/13.Takin' It To The Streets/14.Reelin' In The Years/15.Peg/16.Pretzel Logic/17.Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)/18.Them Changes/19.People Get Up And Drive Your Funky Soul DISC 2*CMAC,Canandaigua,NY August 11 201201.Sweet Soul Music/02.I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near)/03.Trouble Man/04.Kid Charlemagne/05.Miss Sun/06.I Heard It Through The Grapevine/07.Love's Gonna Live Here/08.If You Don't Know Me By Now/09.What A Fool Believes/10.Hey Nineteen/11.Piece Of My Heart/12.Lowdown/13.Takin' It To The Streets/14.Reelin' In The Years/15.Lido Shuffle/16.Peg/17.Pretzel Logic/ Live at Olympijskiy Stadium,Moscow,Russia October 28th 2012 (AUD SHOT 105 min.) 01.Intro/02.Fireball/03.Into The Fire/04.Hard Lovin' Man/05.Maybe I'm A Leo/06.Strange Kind Of Woman/07.The Battle Rages On/08.Contact Lost/09.Guitar Solo/10.Wasted Sunsets/11.The Well-Dressed Guitar/12.The Mule/13.Lazy/14.No One Came/15.Keyboard Solo/16.Perfect Strangers/17.Space Truckin'/18.Smoke On The Water/19.Goin' Down/Hush/20.Bass Solo/Black Night


Microsoft word - semester final 2010 jan june.doc

Premier University Department of English Language & Literature (DELL) Semester Final Result (Jan – June 2010) 1st Semester, B.A. (Hons) in English, Batch-16, Section – A Students’ Name of Students Course Codes 101 102 103 104 105 Marks ---------------------------------- Chair DELL Premier University Department of English Language & Literat


School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Abstract Hydrocarbon refrigerants have economic, environmental and performance ad-vantages over nonflammable refrigerants. The Mobile Air Conditioning Societyclaims flammability too dangerous for hydrocarbons to replace R12 in car air-conditioners. This report describes four ignition tests. The results, hydrocarbon data andcrude assumptions

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