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Commercial Block L-III , Koyla Bhawan : Koyla Nagar Web site : http:/ , email :- Under jurisdiction of Dhanbad Court only.

TENDER NO : PUR/540000/RC/Med/GR- F / 58 /09-10/ Dt -15-07-2009
REQUIRED AMOUNT OF EARNEST MONEY – 22,854=00 ( Please see clause no.11 & 13) C.R.NO……DATED………. TENDER ENQUIRY
If this Tender Document has been downloaded from our website ……………………………. Part-III envelope(Clause 9[c] bearing required Bank Draft for the requisite Tender Fee must be enclosed along with the tender ……………………………. otherwise their offer shall be rejected out rightly without any ……………………………. reference. However, the contents of the tender documents available for sale in our office shall be deemed as authentic .The responsibility of errors & omissions in the downloaded documents will be with tenderer Sub: Notice Inviting Tender to conclude Rate Contract for 2(Two) Years for purchase of
1. Sealed tenders are invited in duplicate only from the proven manufacturers or their
exclusively authorised sole selling agents authorised by their manufacturer to offer against this
tender. for supply of medicines to various Hospitals & Dispensaries of BCCL as per
specifications as Annexure – “A”.

Only Manufacturers who are having valid drug licence of manufacturing for all the items quoted by them & and have manufactured these items under valid licence issued by competent drug licencing authority & and other provisions as applicable under Drugs & cosmetics Acts and rules 1940 revised up to date for preceding last three years or more . the requisite renewal of licence is to be done by manufacturers from time to time as required as per law of the country and is sole responsibility of the concerned firm. b) Manufacturers who are having valid G M P Certificate as per current revised Schedule-M of amended Drugs and cosmetics acts & Rules 1940. (Documents to be submitted) c) Manufacturers who are manufacturing on loan licence or marketing through some other source is also eligible if they produce copy of valid loan licence or marketing duly attested d) Manufacturers who are supplying imported items must have requisite import licence and other relevant documents as applicable in imports as per provisions of Govt rules. 2. The offers are to be submitted before the closing date and time as mentioned above. 3. Tenderers may be deposited in person by the tenderer in the Tender Box kept at Tender cell, Purchase Department, office of the CGM(MM), Bharat Coking Coal Limited , Commercial Block , Level –III , Koyla Bhawan , Koyla Nagar , Dhanbad or sent by post or courier to the above address . Bharat Coking Coal Limited , however , do not take any responsibility for loss of tender in transit. A tender which has not been received on the due date and before the time of opening of the tender , the same will not be considered. No relaxation in this respect will be entertained. 4. Tenders sent through telegram ,telex ,Fax or E-Mail will not be considered. 5. Tender documents/forms purchased by one firm are not transferable to another firm. 6. The tender document is divided into the following parts: i) Annexure ‘ A’ - Generic names of medicines with specification ii) Annexure ‘ B’ - Commercial terms without price. iii) Annexure ‘ C ’ - Check List (Additional Check List Also Enclosed) 7. ( a ) The offers are to be submitted in three parts. The first part “Part- I i.e. Techno-commercial offer ” should contain the detailed Technical and commercial terms of the offer . However, this should not contain the price. The envelope should be sealed super scribed with the tender number and the date of opening and must mark Part I (b) The second Part “Part-II i.e. Price Bid” should contain the details of price only. The envelope should be sealed super scribed with the tender number and the date of opening and must mark Part II. ( c ) “Part – III” [ Applicable for those tenderers who will down loaded tender documents In this case the intending tenderer must enclose the requisite tender fee as Bank Draft from any schedule Bank drawn in favour of “BHARAT COKING COAL LIMITED” payable at Dhanbad in the “Part – III ” envelope. The envelope shall be sealed , super scribed with tender number and due date of opening and must mark “Part-III”. All the envelopes containing the tender shall be properly sealed. Envelopes stapled shall not be accepted . The name and address of the bidder must also be indicated on the envelopes. All these three sealed envelopes i.e. “Part – I ” [ Techno-commercial bid] , “Part- II ” [ Price bid] and “Part – III ” [ Requisite tender fee as indicated in the tender notice ] should be kept in a bigger envelope giving details of the tender No. and due date of submission and opening along with the name and address of the bidder. In absence of “Part-III” envelope offer shall be rejected out rightly without any reference for those tenderers who have down loaded the tender documents from our website. 8. Part - I (Techno commercial Offer) and “Part – III” (Tender fee) will be opened on the due date of tender opening in presence of the authorised representative of the attending bidders NOTE. a) Tenders not submitted in the above manner will not be accepted. b) If tender disclose their price in the techno-commercial bid(Part-I) , the offer will be re- sealed and will be treated as invalid offer by the Tender opening Committee. 9.The price bids i.e. Part- II of only those tenders whose Part- I is found to be techno-commercially acceptable to BCCL will be opened later on .Date and time of opening will suitably be intimated to such bidders whose offers are found techno-commercially acceptable. 10. Bharat Coking Coal Limited reserves the right to accept or reject any or all offers in part or in full without assigning any reason thereof. No dispute of any kind can be raised against this right of the buyer in any court of law or elsewhere. 11. Earnest Money:
a) An Earnest money of Rs. 22,854=00_in terms of Bank Draft of any schedule Bank
drawn in favour of Bharat Coking Coal Limited payable at Dhanbad must
accompany the Part I(Techno-commercial offer) otherwise offer shall be considered unresponsive. b) If it accompanies the Part-II(Price bid) , it will be presumed that tenderer has not
deposited the requisite Earnest money and their offer shall be considered unresponsive.
12. Security money – Successful tenderer are required to deposit security money in the form
of Bank Draft/Bank Guarantee of any schedule Bank of 10% of estimated value of the
off-take against the Rate Contract(value means F.O.R destination price) within 15 days
from the date of receipt of rate contract. Bank draft should be drawn in favour of
“BHARAT COKING COAL LIMITED” payable at Dhanbad .In case they fail to deposit the
same, the rate contract shall be cancelled and the case shall be processed to conclude rate
contract elsewhere and the firm’s performance is to be kept recorded for future dealings with
them. The security will be refunded to the firm within 30 days of satisfactory execution of
the contract(Execution of the contract means successfully completion of supply against the rate
contract). For unsatisfactory performance and/or contractual failure the security money shall
be forfeited. Please confirm the acceptance of this clause clearly.
13. State/Central Govt. Organization /PSU & Valid DGS&D/NSIC registered (for tendered
items) , firm shall be considered for exemption for submission of EMD/ Security money ,if
they can submit these documents after duly signed by Notary Public.
14. The bidders must give a declaration that they have not been banned or de-listed by any
Government or quasi-Government agencies or PSUs. If a bidder has been banned by any
Government or quasi-Government agencies or PSUs , this fact must be clearly stated and it
may not necessarily be a cause for disqualifying them. If this declaration is not given , the bid
will be rejected as non-responsive.
15 Your offer must be valid for acceptance for a period of 6(six)months from the date of
opening of the tender. The rate contract thus concluded will be valid for 2(Two)years from the date of acceptance of rates for RC. However , the rate contract may be extended for a further period of one year after mutual consent of both of us. 16 Copy of Non-Conviction certificate issued by the competent Drug Control administration should be given along with the quotation. 17 If supplies are to effected through authorized dealers , the principal company will have to undertake full responsibility of quality of medicine and appointed dealers will have to supply the ordered items strictly as per the terms and conditions stipulated in the order. No change of terms & conditions will be acceptable. The principal company should themselves quote preferably for their product rate , terms & condition etc even if the materials are supposed to be supplied through authorized dealers. 18 Medicines having 2/3rd potency at the time of supply will only be accepted. In the event of non liquidation of stock the firm will have to undertake the responsibility to replace the same with medicines having longer expiry period if informed before 3 months of expiry free of cost to the purchaser which means the supplier will have to bear all the expenses up to the destination site ie ex-works prices , excise duty ,sales tax , insurance , inland transportation charges etc as applicable will be borne by supplier to ensure free delivery. 19 A certificate that the rates quoted by the firm are the lowest Hospital supply rate applicable and the same are only applicable to other Govt. Hospital/ Hospital of Public undertaking should be given along with the quotation. 20 The rate of medicines approved in this tender shall be applicable to entire BCCL Hospital & dispensaries. Purchase order will be placed direct demanding officers on the same terms & condition applicable . List of DDO’s shall be mentioned in concluded Rate contract . 21 Tenders have been called in generic names of the product. Tenderers should quote the rate for these generic products as mentioned in annexure-A.Tab /Cap packing should be in strip pack and syrup /suspension to be in dispensable glass/plastic pack. No loose packing rate of tab/cap and liquid preparation will be considered at any cost. 22 Bharat Coking Coal Limited reserves the right not to make any procurement against this 23. Tenders of those tenderers who suo moto offer different prices or change the terms which
effects the quoted price of the firm within the validity of the offer shall be treated as invalid
offer ab initio and the action against such tenderer as per CIL rules / procedure will be taken.
. The tenderers are requested to go through all the Annexure and furnish specific replies to
each question raised therein.
(ii). Printed terms and conditions of the vendor shall not be considered. Tenderers are
requested to submit their offer complete in all respects maintaining serial number of items ,
terms and conditions as per tender documents along with all supporting documents failing
which offer may not be considered .
(iii) Firms who are manufacturer must submit their complete and valid NSIC/DGS&D / CGHS
registration certificate with the list of items. Other certificates like ISO-9001 etc may also be
enclosed if applicable & valid.
(iv). Normally no deviation is acceptable to our tender documents. Terms and Offers which are
in deviation are liable for rejection without asking back reference to the tenderers. Offers as
asked must be submitted complete in all respects.
(v). Self attested copies of orders received from subsidiaries of CIL/PSU’s/Govt Deptt’s for the
quoted items should be submitted along with the quotation in the Part-I(Techno-commercial
offer). List of past supplies with the details of order reference and the performance report if any
should be furnished along with the offer
(vi). The complete offer should be typed in the letter head of the tender(Hand written quotation
will be summarily rejected). If firm’s letter heads are not sufficient to accommodate technical
and pricing details preferably bigger papers may be used , such sheets alongwith other pages of
the offer should be signed and stamped by company’s authorized signatory.
(vii). All pages of tender documents should be signed including all enclosures with the tenders
except printed leaflets/catalogues and have company’s seal . This is must otherwise offer shall
be rejected
(viii). Erased and over written quotations will be summarily rejected unless corrections are
authenticated with the tenderer’s signature.
(ix). The quantity of items to be procured against this tender for Rate contract is not fixed.
The order will be placed on as and when required basis during validity period of RC.
(x).The tenderer must submit separate sheet in Part ‘I’ ( Techno-commercial offer)
indicating any deviation in their offer from the Technical and Commercial terms
(xi).Offer of those tenderers will not be considered commercially acceptable who did not
successfully execute previous order placed on them by BCCL despite giving commercial notice
and against whom penal action have been initiated for breach of contract.

(xii) Purchase Preference Policy as per Govt.of India’s office memorandum no. DPE
13(12)/2003-Fin.Vol II dt.18th July 2005 valid upto 31/03/2008 is applicable for any
Govt.Dept/PSU tender. It is applicable to contracts of value of 5.0 crore and above but not
exceeds 100.00 crore.
(xiii). As per Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) guide lines,no post tender negotiations may
be held except in case of Proprietary Purchase or for items with limited source of supplies
(negotiation in such case may be held only with L-1 / preferred L-1 vendor)
(xiv). If L-1 tenderer do not have adequate capacity to supply full quantity tendered,the
uncovered quantity order may be distributed to L-2 tenderer at L-1 rate.
Not withstanding anything said above, BCCL reserves the right to follow any guideline or
instruction received from the Government or any statutory bodies from time to time.
Encl: As above Yours faithfully
For & on behalf of Bharat Coking Coal Limited ANNEXURE- B
1.Part-I i.e. TECHNO COMMERCIAL OFFER should contain the following(but not the price of any item):- i) Name and address of the original Manufacturer along with full details of the contacts . persons, Telephone No, Fax No. , E. Mail address etc. ii) Details of order received giving the name of the buyer, their address and country, date of order and number/quantity item ordered and supplied. Specific details should be given regarding the item supplied with full address of the user , so that the same can be verified if felt necessary. iii) Details of collaborations, if any. iv)Details of quality control measures/stage inspections carried out .Accreditation of any approved std. quality control institute or organization may be indicated certifying the quality system of the bidder. v) Details regarding location of the works. The purchaser reserves the right to inspect the works of the bidder . What are the facilities they will provide to carry out pre despatch inspection in stages of manufacturing process , if buyer wish to do so. vi) A statement certifying that the bidder accepts all the commercial terms and conditions of Bharat Coking Coal Limited given in this bid documents without any reservation what so ever. 2.(A) PART II i.e. PRICE BID should contain the following:- i) Rate (Prices) must be quoted FIRM & FOR Destination basis with the following break up. a) Ex-Works Price b) Freight ,Insurance ,Packing & Forwarding charges on lump-sum basis. c) Excise duty if applicable( It will be payable extra on Ex-works price basis) d) Sales Tax(It will be payable extra as applicable. 2 (B) Rates of medicines to be quoted in following format. (a). Please confirm in the technical bid Part-I that the rate is not inclusive of sales tax otherwise the offer may be ignored. However if the rate is inclusive of Ex-duty they must indicate the applicable rate of Excise duty in the technical bid i.e. Part-I (b). The rate must be indicated both in figure and words. If there is difference between both, the amount appearing in words shall be taken for consideration. 2.( C )Detail evaluation of financial bids. In spite of mentioning that offers should be submitted by the tenderers on FOR destination basis as per clause 2(A)(i) above , in case a tenderer does not specify the basis of price or quoted on ex-works or FOR dispatching station basis , the price will be loaded to arrive at the F.O.R. destination price on the following manner.
3. VALIDITY:- The offer must be valid for acceptance for a period of 6(Six) months from the
date of opening tender. Offers will not be permitted to be withdrawn during this period.

4. ULTIMATE CONSIGNEE:- The materials may be consigned to any of the
Hospital/Dispensary of BCCL.
5. PRICE VARIATION: I) Only FIRM price shall be quoted .No price variation will be
allowed during the pendency of the contract excepting for price fall clause.
6 PAYMENT TERM;- 100% within 30 days of receipt and acceptance of the materials by the
consignee or from the date of receipt of Bill , whichever is later by the consignee.
7. In case of indigenous supplies , Tenderers are required to furnish the following
details/information in the techno-commercial bid Part-I for transferring the Money to the
supplier’s account through e-banking while making payment
a. Name of the Bank. b. Name of the Branch with complete address. c. Party’s Account Style. d. Party’s nature of Account. e. Party’s Account Number. 8.DELIVERY:- within 30-45 days of supply order . Delivery will be counted from the date of
receipt of the order. Failure to supply the material in time may attract penalty as per clause No.9
The bidder should confirm provision of proper packing of the goods to be shipped by them if
order is placed on them as is required to prevent their damage or deterioration during transit to their final destination. The packing shall be sufficient to withstand , without limitation , rough handling during transit . Packing case size and weights shall take into consideration , where appropriate , the remoteness of the goods final destination and absence of heavy handling facilities at all the points in transit. The packing , marking and documentation within and outside the package shall comply strictly with such special requirement as shall be expressly provided for in the order. 11. QUALITY CONTROL MEASURE
The bidder shall furnish details of quality control measures being adopted by him, including any International / Indian standard being followed. 12. PRICE FALL CLAUSE:
If the execution of the contract/supply order is delayed beyond the period stipulated in the
contract / supply order as a result of out-break of hostilities, declaration of an embargo / curfew
or blockade or fire , flood, acts of nature or any other contingency beyond the supplier’s control
due to act of God then BCCL may allow such additional time by extending the delivery period ,
as it considers to be justified by the circumstances of the case and its decision shall be final. If
and when additional time is granted by BCCL the contract/supply order shall be read and
understood as if it had contained from its inception the delivery date as extended. Further this
clause state that:
a) The successful bidder will , in the event of his having to resort to this clause by a registered letter duly certified by the local Chamber of Commerce or statutory authority , the beginning and end of the causes of the delay , within fifteen days of the occurrence and cessation of such Force Majure Conditions. In the event of delay lasting out of Force Majure , BCCL will reserve the right to cancel the contract and provisions governing termination of contract , as stated in the bid documents will apply. b) For delays arising out of Force Majure , the bidder will not claim extension in completion date for a period exceeding the period of delay attributable to the causes of Force Majure and neither BCCL nor the bidder shall be liable to pay extra costs provided it is mutually established that Force Majure Conditions did actually exists. c) If any of the force majure conditions exists in the place of operation of the bidder even at the time of submission of bid, he will categorically specify them in his bid and state whether they have been taken into consideration in their quotations. 14. INSPECTION & TESTS.
i) Should any inspected or tested Goods fail to conform to the specifications, the purchaser may
reject them and the supplier shall either replace the rejected goods and make all alternatives
necessary to meet specification requirements free of cost to the Purchaser.
ii) The materials will be inspected on arrival at site by the consignee, which will be considered
as final. This shall in no way be limited or waived by reason of the Goods having previously
been inspected, tested and passed by the Purchaser or its representative’s i.e. third party prior to
the dispatch of the Goods.
iii) Nothing in these documents shall in any way release the supplier from any warranty or other
obligations under this contract.
The time and date of delivery of stores stipulated in Purchase order shall be deemed to be of the essence of the contract and delivery of the stores must be completed by the date specified . No materials should be supplied beyond the specified delivery period, unless specific approval has been obtained from the purchaser. In the event of failure to delivery or dispatch the stores within the stipulated date/ period in
accordance with the samples and/or specification mentioned is the supply order, and in the event
of breach of any terms and conditions mentioned in the supply order. Bharat Coking Coal
Limited reserves the right:
a) To recover from successful tenderer, as agreed liquidated damages, a sum not less than
0.5% (half percentage) of the price of the stores which successful tenderer has not been able to
supply (for this purpose part of a unit supplied will not be considered) as aforesaid for each
week or part of a week during which the delivery of such stores may be in arrears limited to
10%. Where felt necessary the limit of 10% can be increased to 15% at the discretion of Head
of the Materials Management Division .

b) To purchase elsewhere, after due notice to the successful tenderer on the account and at the
risk of the defaulting supplier the stores not supplied or others of a similar description without
cancelling the supply order in respect of consignment not yet due for supply or

c) To cancel the supply order or a portion thereof, and if so desired to purchase the store at the risk and cost of the defaulting supplier and also d) To extend the period of delivery with or without penalty as may be considered fit and proper. The penalty , if imposed shall not be more than the agreed liquidated damages referred to in clause(a) above. e) To encash any Bank guarantee which is available for recovery of the penalty or f) To forfeit the security deposit full or in part. g) Whenever under the contract a sum of money is recoverable from and payable by the supplier, BCCL shall be entitled to recover such sum by appropriating , in part or whole by deducting any sum or which at any time thereafter may be due to the successful tenderer in this or any other contract with Bharat Coking Coal Ltd. or any subsidiary of Coal India Ltd. Should this sum be not sufficient to cover the full amount recoverable, the successful tenderer shall pay BCCL on demand the remaining amount. The supplier shall not be entitled to any gain under this clause. The supplier must confirm the acceptance of this Penalty clause which will not be altered. PRICE- FALL CLAUSE.
i)The prices charged for the stores supplied under the contract by the supplier shall in no event exceed the lowest price at which the supplier sells the stores of identical description to any other organization till validity of the contract. ii) If at any time during the said period the supplier reduces the sale price of such stores or sells such stores to any other organization at a price lower than the price chargeable under this contract, the supplier shall forthwith notify such reduction or sale to the consignee concerned under intimation to CGM(MM),Bharat Coking Coal Limited , Commercial Block , Level –III , Koyla Bhawan , Koyla Nagar , Dhanbad. and the price payable under the contract for the stores supplied after the date of coming into force of such reduction or sale, shall stand correspondingly reduced. The above stipulation will not , however apply to exports by the supplier. The bidder should confirm their acceptance of the above clauses ANNEXURE- “C”
( To be filled by the Tenderer duly signed and stamped ) 1. Whether the tenderer is a Manufacturer 2. Whether the tenderer is a exclusively authorized marketing outlet of a manufacturer 3. If the reply against(2) above is yes, then indicate name & full address of the Principal. 4. In case of (2) above whether the Principals Authorization as Exclusive Authorized Marketing Outlet is enclosed with the offer 5. Acceptance of 6(six)months offer’s validity period as per clause No.3 of Annexure B of NIT 6. Whether quoted prices are FIRM as per clause No.5of Annexure ’B’ of NIT 7 Whether Price quoted is on FOR destination basis as per NIT 8 Whether rates are quoted as per given specified format 2 (B) 9 Whether Payment terms as per clause No.6 of Annexure 10. Whether Liquidated damages & Risk purchase clause as per clause No.9 of Annexure ’B’ of NIT accepted 11.Whether acceptance of Price fall clause as per clause 12 12. Whether receipt of Tender fee/demand draft for tender fee enclosed 13. Whether banned or delisted by any Govt /Quasi Govt /PSU 14 Whether GMP certificate as required enclosed 15 Whether import licenses /other documents enclosed (for imported items.) Yes/No/NA 16 hether Supply order copies of CIL/Other PSU/Govt deptt. enclosed NOTE: NON -ACCEPTANCE OF ANY OF THE TERMS & CONDITIONS MAY LEAD TO REJECTION OF OFFER/THE OFFER MAY BE TREATED AS UN-RESPONSIVE. SIGNATURE OF THE TENDERER WITH SEAL & STAMP ADDITIONAL CHECK LIST FOR COMMERICLA TERMS
Commercials Terms as per NIT
Required to be confirmed
strictly as per NIT only.

Submission of Security-Money(Exemption allowed for State/Central Govt. Organization /PSU& GS&D/NSIC registered for tendered items, Notarized copy of above registration is required for claiming exemption). Declaration that the tenderer is never banned or delisted by To be confirmed any Govt. Organization or PSU’s Jharkhand High Court in case of any legal disputes (B) Price must be on” FOR Destination(ultimate consignee) (C) Pl. confirm that price in your price bid is given” with break up as under without mentioning the price :- For Imported items price will be on FOR Delivery port and If applicable then to be must be firm. (Discount against FOB price attracts custom duty etc.)Pl. confirm the chapter no of custom duty under which item is covered along with rate of custom duty and Validity of offer for period of 6 Months Payment Terms: 100% within 30 days of receipt and acceptance of the materials by the consignee or from the date of receipt of bill, whichever is later by the consignee for indigenous items(as per NIT). Delivery Clause of supply within 30-45 days of order Pl confirm all other commercial terms as per NIT. Submission of self attested Order copies for NIT Items Have you submitted tender fee or proof of payment of tender fee in part I as indicated in Annexure-B Have you carefully prepared and signed with name & Designation and stamped the company’s seal on all the Have you enclosed a blank format of price bid as quoted
by you(Without Price) along with your offer with the
confirmation that price bid have been carefully prepared
and signed on all pages of the price bid
Have you accepted to furnish the import documents from To be complied your principal Have you submitted the requisite EMD or have enclosed proper document notarized as per NIT for exemption in submitting EMD Have you sought any deviation in commercial or technical To be confirmed parameters Indicate List of enclosures with the offer TECHNICAL CLARIFICATION
Submission of GMP certificate as per revised schedule “M” Valid Drug Manufacturing License of last three years for all Valid loan License/Marketing right if product manufactured ANNEXURE -A
SL. Code No Name of the medicine
(1) Diuretics & anti diuretics
6.107 Frusemide 20mg spironolactone 50mg tab. (2) Urinary anti-infective and anti-spasmodic
6.202 Nalidixic acid 300mg/5ml syrup 50ml bottle 6.203 NFT Tab.(Nitrofurantoin-50mg. Tab) (3) Local vaginal drugs
(4) Drugs acting on uterus
6.402 Methylergometrine maleate 0.2 mg/ml inj amp. 6.403 Methylergometrine maleate 0.125mg tab. 6.404 Oxytocin 5 i.u. per ml inj 2ml amp. 6.407 Ritodrine hcl 10mg/ml 5 ml inj. amp. (5) Anti-Infective preparations
11.101 Acyclovir 3% opthalamic oint tube 11.104 Ofloxacin 0.3 % eye drop 5 ml ph. 11.107 Latanoprost 50mcg( 0.005%)2.5ml Eye Drop (6) Anti-Inflammatory and anti-allergic preparations
11.201 Betamethasone Sod.Phos. 1% with Neomycin E/E drop 11.203 Flurbiprofen 0.03% w/v eye drop 5ml ph. 11.204 Tropicamide 0.8% - phenylophrine 5% 11.208 Prednisolone Acetate 0.1 % eye drop 11.209 Trypan Blue Inuj. (0.8mg/ml) 1ml amp 11.210 Keterolac Trometamol Eye Drop 5%, 5Ml Vial (7) Anti-Glaucoma
11.301 Betaxolol 0.5% w/v eye drop 5ml vial. 11.302 Bimonidine Tratrate 2 mg / ml 5 ml ph 11.304 Pilocarpine inj. (intraocular) 0.3% ml vial. 11.305 Timolol maleate 0.25% drop 5ml ph. 11.306 Timolol maleate 0.5% drop 5ml ph. (8) Mydriatic and cycloplegics
11.401 Atropine sulphate 1% eye drop 5ml ph. 11.402 Atropline sulphate 1% oint 3gm tube 11.403 Homatropine hydrobromide 2% drop 5 ml (9) Ocular diagnostic & others
11.503 Fluore-stain strips box of 500 strips 11.504 Methyl cellulose 0.7% eye drop 10ml ph. 11.507 Polyvinyl alcohol 1.4 % povidone iodine 0.6% eye drop 10 ml ph
(A) All commercial terms of the NIT schedule must be accepted in toto. In case you
deviate on any of the commercial terms of the NIT, that must be pointed out specifically.
(B) In case if the opening date of the tender falls on Holiday or on Saturday , the tender
shall be opened at 3 PM on immediate next working day.
(C) This tender is fresh invitation to tenderers.
(D) For imported items relevant clauses of BCCL shall apply
(E) Venue of tender opening:- OFFICE OF CGM(MM) ,KOYLA BHAWAN, DHANBAD


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