Aspirin vs. Omega 3’s for Blood Thinning
More and more people in the public are In fact, a study published in European benefits of omega 3’s. However, it’s that using any NSAIDs was associated
with a modest risk of a first-time heart in Finland over 2 years and the combined risk of a first heart attack was 40%
Omega 3’s naturally thin the blood. In higher with the use of any kind of
fact, the only contraindication to sup-
Additionally, another study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (1/7/04) linked aspirin usage in women to in-
A study published by the Journal of the creased risk of pancreatic cancer.
National Cancer Institute (June 1,
2005) suggests that long-term ibu-
of aspirin, the pancreatic cancer risk
profen or aspirin use might actually
RAISE the risk of breast cancer.
1-3 tablets/week led to 11% increased
7-13 tablets/week led to 41% in-
creased risk (are you in this group who
Teacher’s Study. The women were 22- takes one aspirin a day for “heart health”?) 85 years old and free of breast cancer >14 tablets/week led to 86% increased
when they enrolled in the study a dec-
Also, women who reported more than 20 years of regular aspirin use had an in-
creased risk of 58%. 88,378 women
**Women who took ibuprofen
were followed for 18 years and 161 cases 50% more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than those who did not Even in the journal Circulation (4/23/2002), **Women who took aspirin
heart attack (myocardial infarction) within daily for at least 5 years were 80% more likely to develop breast cancers trial of patients who received Omega 3’s (that were not sensitive to hormones estrogen or progesterone) than women ALA), there was a 41% reduced risk of
who were not regular users of aspirin. mortality (death) after 3 months of

treatment compared to the group who didn’t receive omega 3’s. They used 1g/ that was published in a reputable jour- day and the authors felt the study sup-nal. So my concern would be if I was Omega 3’s. 15 references were cited in that I would be substantially increasing this study as supporting a decreased risk my risk of something equally as bad. of coronary heart disease by consuming omega 3’s from the diet or supplements. **Anti-arrhythmic refers to protecting
the heart’s rhythm from getting “out of sync”. Abnormal rhythm is called ar-rhythmia/anti means against; arrhythmia happens during fibrillation. On TV
shows, you see heart patients get revived
with a de-fibrillator—removing the fibril-
lation by re-setting the heart rate. AED’s found in public places and airplanes are
that taking Omega 3’s would be 800%
more effective at preventing death due
to arrhythmia (
cardiac arrest) than if an
house and public place in the United States to instantly rev-vive a patient in According to the authors, the biggest re- duction in deaths would be for apparently healthy individuals to take the omega 3’s to reduce the burden of sudden death. It seems if Aspirin were going up against Omega 3’s in a heart protection fight, rin’s linkage to a 40% increased risk of heart attack, 86% increased risk of pan- creatic cancer & 80% increased risk for breast cancer!) I’d say omega 3’s clearly win by a knock out :-) So bottoms up little fishys!
Yours in Health, Dr. Erica


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