Power-on: turn the power switch to the ON position and the
power indicator lights up. In case of non-video, it will be The Tester is a type of product that summarizes views of black or colorful screen (it varies according to the difference first-line safety engineers and it is developed specially for of the decoder chip). After accessing to video, images can technical personnel to debug the front camera conveniently. It has below functions, on-site access to camera images Power-off: turn the power switch to the OFF position
and providing temporary 12V power supply for the camera. It owns distinctive look and wearing design and the Access to audio and video: insert 3.5MM plug of audio
treatment for flexible paint on the surface becomes more and video lines directly into audio interfaces, connecting the humane. The product is built in 18650 lithium battery, other end to the camera. In case of power-on, you can providing powerful and reliable power supply for the device, observe video image directly. The audio is built in amplifier, along with the function that it will shut down automatically so it can be directly connected to the monitor or other audio without video signal for 3 minutes. All the master controls 1. Wristband 2. Screensaver lenses
suppliers, and then you can hear the sound from the use ultra-low-power decoder chips and MCU, providing 3. 3.5 Inch TFT Screen
eight hours of long working time. It is a practical tool for 12V Emergency Power Supply Output: insert the
security project commissioning and maintenance 5.12V output indicator 6. Universal USB charging port
matching power switch wire into “12V OUT” and 12V output 7. 12V emergency
8. 12V emergency power supply
indication lights up. At this point, it will provide the camera emergency power. The actual maximum output current of FEATURES:
9. Power Switch 10.
12V is 500mA. The output has over-current, over voltage ·3.5-inch TFT display screen
·PAL / NTSC Automatic Identification
Charge: the Tester uses the 18650 lithium battery. When
·12V/500MA Emergency output
the electric quantity of the battery is less than 10%, the ·Audio and video input
The main function of Security Tester is to show the front power light will flash, the device can hold about one hour. At ·USB Universal Charging Interface
camera image, being convenient for debugging the this time, you should charge it as soon as possible. Please ·3 minutes’ non-video automatic sleep, access-video-to-
camera’s focal length, focus and angle position. insert the matching charging cable into the USB interface At first, please tie the wrist strap to the wrist or fixed and the other end into the matching charger. According to USB compatibility, you can also use high-quality cell phone Do not arbitrarily demolished, the machine is not user charge (do not use low-quality cell phone charger), or use can self-repair device. Once demolition to open the the computer’s USB interface to charge for the equipment; during charging, the charging indicator light is at the blinking PACKING LIST
state, when it is full, the indicator will be always light. Parameters
Transport and storage
The transportation process should be handled with care to avoid the rolling collision, fall. It should be stored in well-ventilated, dry environment. No using in a bad situation and environment, Clean softly, dry cloth should be used to wipe dirt. Use TFT screens are more vulnerable products, do not Do not put up on the front and rear windshield department, so as to avoid direct sunlight leading to Cautions
Ease complies with local electrical Rules of Use. Do not use in very wet areas. If it is wet, please immediately disconnect the power supply. Moisture will damage the system, it also may cause danger.



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