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Procyanidin B-2, Extracted from Apples, Grows Hair in Clinical Trials
New Health & Longevity, May 11, 2005 Subject: New Procyanidin Hair Growth Breakthrough In this special report, you will discover the all-natural botanical secret from Japan that outperforms the
leading hair growth drug in laboratory tests- plus the surprising results that might just be the missing
of the hair loss puzzle…
Eighth Annual EHRS Conference
Marburg, Germany
September, 2000

Late in 2000, Japanese researchers presented their findings to the international community on the hair grow-
ing effects of apple polyphenols- specifically one known as procyanidin B-2. The researchers had spent years
testing over 1,000 botanical extracts for hair growth properties. They identified two successful compounds- one from chardonnay grapes, and one extracted from unripe apples. "Hair Loss Conference Reveals Major Discoveries." - www.hairlosstalk.com, September 2000
A year before the landmark Marburg conference, tests were conducted on mouse and human skin cells. Here is what the cell culture tests revealed: The procyanidin B-2
fraction clearly outperformed
the grape extract, and nearly
doubled the hair growth ac-
tivity of minoxidil.
"Procyanidin B-2 purified
from apples," stated the re-search team, "shows the highest activity of more than 300% relative to controls." Promising results, indeed.
Next came the in vivo mouse
studies. Lab mice were
shaved, then treated with procyanidin B-2, procyanidin C-1 (also from apples), minoxidil, and placebo. Results
of these tests showed "extensive hair growth" for both procyanidins B-2 and C-1, as well as minoxidil. After
toxicology and safety tests, it was time for human trials. Investigation of topical application of procyanidin B-2 from apple to identify its potential use as a hair
growing agent
, Phytomedicine, 2000:
In a double-blind placebo-controlled trial, nineteen men with male pattern baldness were studied with a daily
topical application of a 1% procyanidin B-2 solution, extracted from apples. Ten other balding men served as
controls, receiving a placebo solution. After 6 months, the study concluded: • The increase in number of total hairs and terminal hairs in the procyanidin B-2
group subjects was significantly greater than controls
78.9% of subjects showed an increased mean value of hair diameter
• "Procyanidin B-2 therapy shows promise as a cure for male pattern baldness."
Procyanidin B-2, Extracted from Apples, Grows Hair in Clinical Trials (continued)

"Apple Juice Ingredient May Stop Hair Loss" - www.stophairlossnow.com
“The promising hair growth therapy we've been waiting for is finally here…”
The new prototype procyanidin B-2 formula has just been released for public sale, under the brand name
Poly-GROTM Procyanidin B-2. Based on the original Japanese study formula, it's been improved
with meticulous attention to the clinical research results. In addition to procyanidin B-2, Poly-GROTM Procyanidin B-2 is further enriched with B-3 and C-1 procyanid-
ins- then concentrated to 400% strength. If you've tried everything to stimulate new hair growth, this may be the most important research report you'll ever read. Because. There are 3 Ways You Can Benefit Right Now
from this Important New Research:
1. You can boost your current hair growth program with apple procyanidin capsules- Apple
PolyTM Booster
If you're currently using a topical solution like minoxidil or another preparation, and it's
working for you, great! Stay with it- and add the oral procyanidin power of Apple PolyTM capsules- the first true "hair vitamin," to accelerate your results. No matter how good your current formula is, it will be that much better when you boost it from the inside, with the richest procyanidin formula in the world- Apple PolyTM 2. You can replace your old hair growth formula with Poly-GROTM Procyanidin B-2- If what you've
already tried isn't working, discover the latest science in hair growth with this brand new prototype formula,
available now for the first time- with 400% more apple procyanidins than the lab formula- plus more procya-
nidins B-3 and C-1.
3. You can rapidly increase your hair growth results with the Poly-GROTM Ultimate When you want
the absolute best chance at new hair growth, you need to get these procyanidins on your scalp, and inside
your cells, as quickly as possible. We've combined our most powerful hair growth solution ever into an af-
fordable combination package- Poly-GROTM Ultimate. How much faster will you see results when you are
promoting hair growth from the outside in, and the inside out?
The top hair growth sites are raving about procyanidin B-2..
"Hair Loss Conference Reveals Major Discoveries." - www.hairlosstalk.com
"Apple Juice Ingredient May Stop Hair Loss" - www.stophairlossnow.com
"Procyanidin Oligomers, the All Natural Minoxidil," - www.answers4hair.com
"Another Study Showing Benefit of Procyanidin B-2" - www.hairsite5.com
Imagine for a moment how it will feel to actually look in the mirror and see new hair growing. Just think how excited you'll be to see those first oh-my-gosh signs of beautiful new hairs. That's the moment when you jump up and down and shout for joy. Poly-GROTM Procyanidin B-2 is not expensive, just $47 for a one month supply. Boost your results by tak-
ing procyanidins internal y as well. It may be the missing piece of the puzzle you need to stimulate new hair growth. Order the new Poly-GroTM Procyanidin B-2 formula today
Call (308) 247-2583 or visit www.applepoly.com/pb

Source: http://www.applepolyphenols.com/docs/Procyanidin%20B-2%20Grows%20Hair%20in%20Clinical%20Trials.pdf

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