Agora pricelist 2010-1

IVF or ICSI outcome Consultation (taken within 6 weeks of treatment) No charge
Early Pregnancy Scan (including scan photo and report) TREATMENTS
All treatment cycle costs listed below include a nurse’s consultation, all monitoring ultrasound scans, medical, nursing and embryological support during each treatment cycle, theatre costs and an early pregnancy scan. In cases of failed IVF or ICSI cycles, there is no charge for follow-up consultation with the doctor if this is taken within 6 weeks of treatment failure. Anaesthetic fees (full sedation) and the cost of medication and blood tests are not included. These will vary from £800 – £1600 per cycle depending on protocol used and dose and duration of drugs administered. Follicle Tracking (full cycle)
Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
plus donor sperm (Cost determined by importing centre) plus HFEA fee (per cycle of IUI using donor sperm) IVF Cycle
£ 104.50
ICSI Cycle
£ 104.50
Donor Sperm Cycle
Donor sperm (Cost determined by importing centre) Plus treatment (see under IUI, IVF and ICSI for additional costs of treatment cycle plus HFEA fees) Ovum Donation Cycle (at the Agora)
£ 104.50
Surrogacy cycle (at the Agora)
£ 104.50
Additional procedures for IVF, ICSI, ovum donation or surrogacy cycles
Extended Culture to Blastocyst (following ET on day 2 or 3) Embryo freezing (including 1st year storage) Additional sperm freeze (within 3 months of initial freeze) Sperm storage (partner/donor sperm per additional year) Embryo thawing and transfer (of your own embryos)
£ 104.50
Embryo thawing and transfer (of donor embryos)
£ 104.50
Interrupted cycles (if cycle interrupted for clinical reasons)
Monitoring for treatment cycle at the Lister Fertility Clinic or Overseas Clinic
Consultation including clinical examination and pelvic ultrasound EARLY PREGNANCY
Early Pregnancy Scan (including scan photo and report) BLOOD TESTS
PCOS screen (FBC, FSH, LH, Oestradiol, PRL, Testo, SHBG, A’dione, DHEAS, FT4, TSH, fasting BG & Fertility Screen 1 (FBC, LH, FSH, Oestradiol, HIV, Hep B, Hep C, Rubella, Chlamydia swab) Fertility Screen 2 (FSH, LH, Testo, PRL, HIV, Hep B, Hep C) Fertility Screen 3 (FBC, FSH, LH, Oestradiol, PRL, FT4, TSH, Prog, HIV, Hep B, Hep C, Rubella) Miscarriage Screen (FBC, ACA, LA, Thrombophilia screen, male & female chromosomes) Ovarian Reserve Screen (FSH, LH, E2, Antimullerian hormone) Endocrine Profile 1 (FSH, LH, Oestradiol) Endocrine Profile 2 (FSH, LH, Oestradiol, PRL, TSH, FT4) Endocrine Profile 3 (FSH, LH, Testo, SHBG) Endocrine Profile 4 (FSH, LH, Oestradiol, Prog) Oncology Screen (CA 125, CEA, CA 199, AFP, BHCG, LFT, FBC) Biochem, Haematology, Electrolytes, Lipids Progesterone, LH, E2 (Cetrotide profile)


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