Tips from Toni Hasler,
Natascha Badmann’s
Red Bull is definitely more than just a party drink. The
original energy drink also has a lot to offer for athletes. What’s
in it, how does it work and how can it be used effectively
for sports? Toni Hasler, trainer and nutritional counsellor,
provides the answers.
There is no doubt for Toni Hasler: suppliers. Consequently, Red Bull can an athlete’s performance: the ultimate “Red Bull fills vital gaps in every be put to optimal use by the organism drop in the level of blood sugar results in athlete’s nutritional plan.” He should during athletic performances.
triathlete, Natascha Badmann, as RED BULL BEFORE, DURING
you have to refuel regularly to maintain AND AFTER SPORT
the effect until the finish, although it rance athletes. Toni Hasler is also a Optimal use of Red Bull as part of an can actually work to your advantage professional nutritional counsellor.
athlete’s diet varies, depending on when taken in the end phase,” explains the discipline. Athletes whose sport Toni Hasler. Mixing it with water and WHAT’S IN IT?
demands resiliency and coordination consuming it at regular intervals over The contents of the silver-blue cans need nourishment which stimulates a longer period of time will level out have given rise to a few discussions and enhances concentration, whereas the effects of sugar. Alternatively, and rumours. The composition is endurance athletes rely especially on the energy drink works like an added in fact not at all obscure: caffeine, ample energy reserves. A combination boost—and if timed properly, it will taurine, carbohydrates and vitamins of the two is ideal for athletes who play carry you right to the finish. (B6, B12) are the main ingredients and ball sports, team sports or compete in “Sport is both exertion and relief; the essential components of performance tournaments, athletes who have to per- right proportion is the key to success.” factors. Firstly, caffeine (one can contains form precise sequences of motion for Toni Hasler knows what it means to about as much caffeine as a cup of longer periods of time, be it shooting a take on and cope with an iron man or filtered coffee) stimulates circulation ball through the hoop or performing a cycle race. Regeneration also means and the brain, leaving you feeling alert series of jumps on the snowboard.
and ready to perform. Secondly, taurine, The first and most important rule, depots. This is where Red Bull can the substance which has contributed to however: Red Bull is not a substitute also be of service – not only after the myth about Red Bull, is an amino for an adequate intake of fluids! Endu- acid which is actually produced by rance athletes in particular should mix and after training sessions.
their energy drink with water (a 1:1 ratio). rably broken down during endurance It is generally known that the intake of sports. Thirdly, carbohydrates, which staple foods should occur four hours For further information contact: Toni Hasler describes as the “super prior to major competitions involving Toni Hasler Sports Coaching fuel” in the human motor. Thanks to endurance. In contrast, a marksman, or chess player who consumes the Telephone +41 34 445 5808 nolactone, the energy value of a can energy drink ten minutes before the start of Red Bull is 135 kcal. Lastly, the B will benefit from the vital kick. Bear in Brochures/nutritional information vitamins aid metabolism, namely in mind that a brief surge of sugar during for athletes: Red Bull Communications, the distribution and use of energy a competition has a negative effect on


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